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Current Topic: Technology

The Captioned Telephone
Topic: Technology 9:22 pm EST, Jan 24, 2008

Ideal for people with some degree of hearing loss, the Captioned Telephone works like any other telephone with one important addition: It displays every word the caller says throughout the conversation. CapTel users can listen to the caller, and can also read the written captions in the CapTel's bright display window.

This is cool technology for people who have difficulty making telephone calls due to the inability to hear. If cost is an issue people can apply to get this phone free of charge.

The Captioned Telephone

Anna. Evolution. Revolution.
Topic: Technology 3:39 pm EST, Jan  3, 2008

Anna is a chatbot designed to pass the Turing Test - having a human judge incapable of telling that the bot they are chatting to is not human. The most formalized Turing Test is the Loebner Prize contest, which Anna finished seventh in 2002. Anna is a fork of ALICE, which won the competition in 2000 and 2001. Alice is designed to be a general web-bot, however, whereas Anna is really more of a general conversationalist bot, but tailored to the competition. Anna is written in a special, easy-to-learn interpreted language, called AIML.

Wow and all these years I had no idea...... I'm a bot.

Anna. Evolution. Revolution.

PhreakNIC art contest entries
Topic: Technology 10:02 am EDT, Sep 18, 2007

In this free contest, your task is to design a poster for PhreakNIC, an educational conference held in October of each year. For more information see the website.

PhreakNIC art contest entries

Silly airlines with their silly rules.
Topic: Technology 10:09 pm EDT, Sep  7, 2007

Compare and contrast.

One of these things is not like the other. One is a uniform women we required to wear by a company to be employed. The other is a college student who is a little trampy, as really we all are from time to time :-)

I really don't think Southwest has a leg to stand on here.

I concur

Silly airlines with their silly rules.

Blinkenlights Arcade
Topic: Technology 10:12 pm EDT, Jul  6, 2007

This video is rad!! They are playing video games and showing short videos using the lights in highrise buildings!!

Blinkenlights Arcade

Keep track of your DVD collection!!
Topic: Technology 11:25 pm EDT, Jun 20, 2007

Keep track of your entire DVD collection

DVD Profiler can manage any size collection. Extensive data collection, filtering and reporting features specific to DVD, and unique to DVD Profiler.

Put simply, DVD Profiler is the best way to track your DVD addiction!

I was looking for a way to make a list and organize our growing DVD collection and Wilpig turned me on to this program. You just put in the UPC and all the info pops up. You can even use it to keep track of who you loan movies to or movies you have ordered. Another helpful feature is that it also has a mobile program so you can access you collection information from your cell phone where ever you are.

Keep track of your DVD collection!!

Hacker's Photobooth!
Topic: Technology 11:36 am EST, Feb 19, 2007

Some hackers at Outerz0ne this weekend setup a home-built photo booth.

This was definately and awesome project. I am sure we will see it again :)

Hacker's Photobooth!

Lights out on Edison's bulb?
Topic: Technology 9:13 am EST, Feb 10, 2007

The incandescent light bulb, perfected for mass use by Thomas A. Edison in the late 19th century, is being supplanted by fluorescent lighting that is more efficient and longer lasting.

Last month, California Assemblyman Lloyd Levine announced he would propose a bill to ban the use of incandescent bulbs in his state.

And Thursday, New Jersey Assemblyman Larry Chatzidakis introduced a bill that calls for the state to switch to fluorescent lighting in government buildings over the next three years.

"The light bulb was invented a long time ago and a lot of things have changed since then," said Chatzidakis, a Republican from Burlington. "I obviously respect the memory of Thomas Edison, but what we're looking at here is using less energy."

Many states encourage their residents to replace their incandescent bulbs through a federal program supported by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

If the bulb's demise is on the horizon, Jack Stanley isn't ready to flip the "off" switch just yet.

"It's a convenient target. It's easy to see and easy to critique," said Stanley, curator of a museum that celebrates Edison's inventions in the town that has borne his name since the 1950s. "But think about the benefits and compare them to the drawbacks and your argument is already made."

Edison perfected the process of making the long-burning filaments used inside incandescent light bulbs so they could be mass produced.

Fluorescents, which create light by heating gases inside a glass tube, were developed in the early 20th century and sold publicly by the 1940s. They are generally considered to use more than 50 percent less energy and last several times longer than incandescent bulbs.

However, the mercury vapor inside fluorescents can damage the environment if the bulbs are broken, leading some states to require businesses that use large quantities of fluorescent lights to recycle them.

"It's a 19th-century invention that was perfected in the 20th century," he said. "That's part of the evolution of all inventions."

Lights out on Edison's bulb?

Baudburn's upcoming wedding
Topic: Technology 5:28 pm EST, Feb  9, 2007

Even though I wasn't invited (sniff), I still have to say that this is one of the most amazing wedding websites I've seen. The photography is amazing.

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials, Baudburn!

Elonka :)

I agree whole heartedly!! They are absolutely gorgeous!!

Baudburn's upcoming wedding

A must for the information junkies
Topic: Technology 10:51 am EST, Jan 28, 2007

All day WOW sessions don't leave much time to display essentials like e-mail messages, or stock quotes. This handy backlit LCD display plugs into an extra USB port and gives you all kinds of useful data nuggets while your main display is busy with boring essentials like 3D graphics. Now the new model offers some incredible new features like monitoring of eBay auctions, streaming IRC chat and updates on the latest posts in your favorite forums. Plus if you've got some programming talents you can even code your own custom apps for Pertelian

I could see this coming in handy for many people here

A must for the information junkies

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