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The Silver Comet Trail


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The Silver Comet Trail
Topic: Recreation 12:10 am EDT, Sep 11, 2007

Suggested Trips, sorted by distance

5-mile round trip
Park at Mavell Road Trailhead. Travel West on Trail to Heritage Park/Concord Road Trailhead. Then travel back to Mavell Road. A scenic route and great family outing.

10-mile round trip
Park at Floyd Road/Silver Comet Depot. Ride West to Powder Springs. Go left off Trail and have lunch at one of the restaurants in downtown Powder Springs. Look around the town, then return.

20-mile round trip
Park at Floyd Road/Silver Comet Depot. Ride to Hiram Trailhead. Turn right on Seaboard Drive and go about 1/2mile to the shopping area. There are many restaurants, fast food and otherwise. Then return to Floyd Road.

40-mile round trip
Park at Paulding County Chamber of Commerce. Ride West to Rockmart and end of trail in Rockmart. Stop in Rockmart for lunch at Frankie’s Restaurant, then return.

80-mile round trip
Park at South Cobb Drive Trailhead. Travel to Rockmart, have lunch/dinner and return.

The Full Monty
The complete trip on the Silver Comet Trail and Chief Ladiga for an end-to-end trip (106 miles each way/ 211 miles round trip)

* Start at South Cobb Drive
* Travel to downtown Rockmart (Riverwalk area)
* Use these directions to travel on back roads to Silver Comet Trailhead in Cedartown:
o Starting From Rockmart Riverwalk Trailhead
o Turn Right from Trail onto unmarked street 0 2
o Turn Right on Church Street .1 mile
o Bear Left onto Morgan Valley Road (Caution: oncoming cars on Church Street have right-of-way)
o Cross 278 at traffic light 0.5
o Intersection of Morgan Valley and Stringer Roads, 2.3
o Intersection of Morgan Valley and Bethlehem Roads, 3.3 mi
o Kathy's Quick Stop Good Place to Stop 1.9
o Intersection of Antioch (Cason) a nd Runyon Loop (Hampton) Roads 0.9
o Intersection of Cason and U.S. Hwy 27 By-Pass
o Stop Sign 6.1
o Turn Right onto Main Street (U.S. 27 Business)
o Left at Stop Sign 0.6
o Turn Left onto Canal Street (Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.)
o Turn Right onto East Avenue At Stop Sign 4.4
o Turn Right into Martin Trailhead Gravel Lot, Go to end and under underpass
o From Martin Trailhead travel West for 8.25 miles, to unmarked Hardin Road, just before the Esom Hill Trailhead.
* To Bypass the unpaved and impassable bridges of the Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama follow these directions:
o Turn South on (unmarked) Hardin Road at Esom Hill Trailhead Entrance (that is left if you are coming from Cedartown, and right if you are coming from the Esom Hill Trailhead entrance)
o Go .2 miles to unmarked Esom Hill Road (U.S. Post Office on left)
o Turn right, go 6/10 miles to Georgia-Alabama State Line (Cleburne County, Alabama); Road becomes County Road (CR) 49>
o Go 3.8 miles, angle right on CR 70
o Go 6.2 miles (over the mountain at 3.7 miles from turn) to Seaboard Drive on Left (there is a sign for biking there)
o Go .1 mile, road crosses Trail. The Trail is 8 feet wide at this point and paved
o Turn right to go toward Piedmont, Alabama
o From there the Trail is paved all the way to Weaver, Alabama (outside Anniston)
* From the end of the Chief Ladiga Trail in Weaver turn right and go approximately one mile. There are several motels and restaurants available at that point.
* Repeat in reverse to return to South Cobb Drive!

The goal is to be able to do the Full Monty!! Wahoo 106 miles each way!!

The Silver Comet Trail

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