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Georgia to get new tags


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Georgia to get new tags
Topic: Local Information 7:27 pm EDT, Sep 18, 2006

Fans of Georgia's current license plates might feel a little blue when they see the new tag design unveiled by the Department of Revenue.

The new plates will take the place of the white tags with the phrase "Georgia ... on my mind" at the top and the gray and white plates centered on a green drawing of the state surrounded by a huge peach symbol.

Instead, the plates will feature white letters on a dark blue background that also includes the state's emblem. The plates will still contain a reference to the state's Web site, with the top banner reading A peach serves as the "o" in "gov."

Besides the design, there will be a few other changes to the new tags. Because of new technology, the plates will be flat instead of having embossed letters, though tags issued early might still have the numbers and letters pounded into them.

Another innovation that might not make the first set of plates is a bar code that will help police officers and state troopers get some information from the plate simply by passing a scanner over it.

The state still isn't sure what information the bar codes will contain.

"We've got to look at what the requirements are from the law enforcement standpoint and then, also, we've got to look at the privacy issues," Willey said.

Georgia to get new tags

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