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Current Topic: Home and Garden

Home Stickers
Topic: Home and Garden 10:20 am EST, Nov 29, 2009

These people have some cool wall stickers that are nice and big!

Home Stickers

Rare Tea Catalogue
Topic: Home and Garden 11:40 am EST, Nov 30, 2008

I was looking for a certain tea accessory and found this site. It seems to have a large variety of products and teas that you couldn't pick up just anywhere.

Rare Tea Catalogue

After the Tragedy, the Tidying Up
Topic: Home and Garden 2:56 pm EST, Jan 27, 2008

The phones were quiet Wednesday morning at the narrow office of Bio-Recovery Corporation, in a sign-less brick building opposite Calvary Cemetery in Long Island City, Queens. Every so often, a dot-matrix printer with a bad ribbon ticked off a bulletin from somewhere in the region — “*Overturned Auto* Linden Blvd and Kings Highway” — but these weren’t the kind of calls that Ron Gospodarski and Manny Sosa were waiting for.

In the bluntest terms, they were waiting for someone to die. Mr. Gospodarski, the president of Bio-Recovery, and Mr. Sosa, his only full-time employee, spend much of their time cleaning up trauma scenes, places where people have been killed, or killed themselves, or just died in a messy way. After the police have left and the body has been removed — or, as Mr. Gospodarski put it, “the big part is gone” — is when they go to work, cleaning up whatever is left.

On Jan. 1, a new city law took effect that requires first responders to tell the often-shocked people at a home or another trauma scene about clean-up methods, and to refer them to a Web site for information about financial aid and about companies like Mr. Gospodarski’s.

Owing, perhaps, to a certain voyeurism in human nature, Bio-Recovery has had much attention from the news media. Nevertheless, when people need help, they often think they must tackle the grim cleanup themselves, and Mr. Gospodarski hopes the new law will change that.

“All I wanted from our perspective, honestly, was to make the city agencies inform people that there’s people out there who can help them — if they choose,” he said.

His company, which also cleans up mold, human waste and the like, used to advertise in the Yellow Pages. But the work is hard to describe. “We listed ourselves under housecleaning,” he said. “And to this day, we get calls, people saying, ‘Do you do housecleaning?’ And I say, ‘What kind of housecleaning do you mean?’ ”

I had no clue this type of buisness existed. I have wondered in passing what happens in these situations once the investigation is over. It is good to see that people can reach out for help in the clean up process.

After the Tragedy, the Tidying Up

How to Eat Chocolate
Topic: Home and Garden 10:39 pm EST, Nov 24, 2007

We suggest bringing the truffles to a cool room temperature in order to taste the “true” flavors of the spice, flower, root, herb or liqueur. Vosges products are all natural and use organic ingredients as often as possible.

First... read the story. Each Vosges exotic truffle comes with a story. This sets the stage. It allows you to paint the picture through your imagination, to conjure up the expectations as to how the chocolate will taste and the where you will transcend.

See... there should be a glossy shine to the truffle, this shows a good temper: a tight bond between the cocoa butter and the cacao mass.

Lick... the spice on top of the truffle. We always like to do this on the spice truffles because it gives us a hint of that is to come, a teaser.

Snap... quality chocolate should always be dry to the touch. If the chocolate is stored at ideal conditions, between 63-65 degrees Fahrenheit, when you take a bite you should hear a crisp, ringing snap breaking through the outside to reach the creamy ganache inside.

Taste... we always like to taste the truffle in two bites. In the first bite you are just getting to know the truffle and in the second, you delve deeper, searching out the flavors and nuances. You become immersed into the experience of the chocolate, your mouth and the sensation. The taste should have a long, lingering finish that is layered with its perfumed notes.

MMMMMM Chocolate

How to Eat Chocolate

Tetris cooking timer
Topic: Home and Garden 2:32 pm EDT, Jul  8, 2007

1. Fun to watch graphics

Count the number of blocks as they fall down in various shapes. It's more like a sandglass than a timer!
The number of blocks piled at the bottom indicates the time passed .

2. Unique set/start buttons

Once you have set the timer, it can easily be started just by turning around the body .

3. Mode change-over switch

Press the mode change-over switch to display the exact time passed.
An easy-to-read display with large digital numbers can be read even at a distance.

unique and entertaining way to keep track of when your dinner will be ready :)

Tetris cooking timer

Pick your own
Topic: Home and Garden 10:04 pm EDT, Jul  6, 2007

This is the one web site that lists all of the known pick your own fruit and vegetable farms in almost every state in the U.S. and 5 other countries, as well!

Why pick your own?

The quality is much better than any store or farm stand, when you choose the fruit and get it right from the plant. It looks and tastes better. The produce is healthier, too, because it is fresher and you can choose organically grown farms. The costs are usually substantially less; the farmer doesn't need to pay labor to pick, and he has no packaging or shipping costs. If you plan to can or preserve any jam, fruit or vegetables, this is the best way to get the quantity, quality and price you want. And finally, it's fun!

If you like to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables check this site out. A friend turned me on to this when she gave me some blueberries that she had gotten on one of these trips and they were the best blueberries I have ever tasted. The site also has tips on picking and directions on how to preserve it or can it.

Pick your own

the original sushi pillow by Cindy and Mel
Topic: Home and Garden 8:00 pm EST, Jan 27, 2007


the original sushi pillow by Cindy and Mel

Knife Rack
Topic: Home and Garden 8:50 am EST, Feb 25, 2005

] This "voodoo" knife rack, which depicts a human form
] pierced by your knife collection in many strategic
] locations, is the best kitchen thinggy I've ever seen.

Umm. Wow. I could see some people I know owning this and loving it.

Knife Rack

A Man, a Can, a Plan : 50 Tasty Meals You Can Nuke in No Time
Topic: Home and Garden 6:17 pm EST, Jan 18, 2005

] Bound in the kind of thick, stain-proof pages usually
] employed for preschool boardbooks, this cookbook dumbs
] down basic recipes to inventive new lows. Rather
] than saute or simmer, readers are instructed to "dump"
] and "nuke" ingredients, as in a recipe for Sweet and Sour
] Meatballs, which requires a can of crushed pineapples, a
] can of sloppy joe sauce and a pound of frozen precooked
] meatballs. Other recipes not for the faint of heart
] include Slab O'Ham with Redeye Gravy (essentially
] microwaved slices of canned ham in a coffee/pork sauce
] gravy) and Hot Slam Dunk, a dip that calls for
] mayonnaise, sour cream, canned artichoke hearts, spinach
] and a few other ingredients to be microwaved together for
] several minutes. (The authors award "Extra credit" to
] those who pour the mixture into a hollowed-out loaf of
] pumpernickel.)

I bought this book for a friend recently and thought it might be interesting to some of the cooking challenged people here. It is part of a series of books by men's health that are so dummy proof that it even has pictures of the ingredients that you need to get at the grocery. It also gives you the nutritional info and helpful tips. Check it out, you can preview some of the pages on amazon.

A Man, a Can, a Plan : 50 Tasty Meals You Can Nuke in No Time

Father's Attempt To Teach His Daughter A Lesson Backfires
Topic: Home and Garden 12:59 pm EST, Nov 28, 2004

] Kevin Winson, 46, had called police to his home after one
] of his daughters came home intoxicated. However, his
] attempt to teach his 16-year-old daughter a lesson took a
] bizarre twist.

] When police arrived at his home, the girl informed the
] police that she was afraid, because of what her father
] was hiding in their home.

] The young girl led police to a crawl space where her
] father was keeping a stash of guns and hundreds of vials
] of illegal drugs.

Father's Attempt To Teach His Daughter A Lesson Backfires

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