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Current Topic: Health and Wellness

What do women want?
Topic: Health and Wellness 5:40 pm EDT, Aug 14, 2003

Men have eagerly embodied their reputation as the sexually enthusiastic half of the population, and yet this study seems to suggest that women, deep down, are really thirsting for more. But, according to one of the study's coauthors, Northwestern psychology department chairman J. Michael Bailey, the study really just reinforces what we already know: Men are sexually simple, and women are not. "I think it really shows us how much we don't know about women more than it shows us what we do know," he says.

Interesting article about sexuality and the different means of arousal for the various gender roles.

What do women want?

Reuters | Your Body May Be Worth More Than $45 Million
Topic: Health and Wellness 12:13 pm EDT, Jul  3, 2003

] Even an overweight, out-of-shape body could bring
] millions when broken down to its valuable fluids, tissues
] and germ-fighting antibodies.

] But it does lay to rest the old concept that the human
] body, when broken down to its basic elements, is only
] worth pocket change.

Woohoo big guys count too!

Reuters | Your Body May Be Worth More Than $45 Million

Boy 'pregnant' with twin brother
Topic: Health and Wellness 1:10 pm EDT, May  2, 2003

] A seven-year-old boy who was admitted to hospital with
] stomach pains was actually "pregnant" with his twin
] brother.
] Doctors at Chimkent Children's Hospital in Kazakhstan
] originally believed Mourat Zhanaidarov was suffering from
] a cyst.
] But during surgery, they discovered he was in fact
] carrying the dead foetus of his twin brother.
] The foetus had developed into a tumour but was found to
] have hair, nails and bones.

Boy 'pregnant' with twin brother

Ebola outbreak caused by dumbass eating dead infected gorilla meat
Topic: Health and Wellness 2:11 pm EST, Mar  5, 2003

Ebola is tiny, and we still have NO IDEA where it actually comes from or how it survives.

Ebola outbreak caused by dumbass eating dead infected gorilla meat

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