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Current Topic: Computers

Topic: Computers 7:45 pm EST, Mar  6, 2003

] 06/06/02 Here is my first case mod. It was inspired by
] the design of Clive Barker's Puzzle Box from the
] HellRaiser movies. I've changed it a bit because although
] I think the design is beautiful, I'm not comfortable with
] all that evil stuff.
] It is a Pentium III 1 Gig Machine with 512 Meg Ram and a
] 24x CD Burner. I'm running Windows 2000.
] I've included a Corona bottle to give an indication of
] scale. Each panel is 10 inches square.
] I've added captions so you could know what my process
] was..

coolest case mod i've ever seen


Clueless Mailers: The Latest Ugly Trend in Spamming
Topic: Computers 11:55 pm EST, Dec 27, 2002

Um... Wow...

I just looked for this on memestreams and couldn't find it because it didn't have the keywords I was looking for. So, I figured I'd write something useful here.

This is a very fucking cool graph of the relationship between people who have been known to send SPAM. It's kind of scary!

Clueless Mailers: The Latest Ugly Trend in Spamming

Wired 10.12: God Is the Machine
Topic: Computers 2:15 pm EST, Nov 20, 2002

Tommaso Toffoli, a quantum computer researcher, puts it best: "In a sense, nature has been continually computing the 'next state' of the universe for billions of years; all we have to do — and, actually, all we can do — is 'hitch a ride' on this huge, ongoing Great Computation."

Wired 10.12: God Is the Machine

Red Hat Removes Flags
Topic: Computers 3:38 pm EST, Nov  6, 2002

After being castigated over removing Taiwan's flag from KDE files in order to make its product acceptable to the government of the People's Republic of China, Red Hat has decided not to display any countries' flags, period.

"'Red Hat as a global company respects the rights of all open source users. To avoid potential political inflammation, we feel it is best to not display any flags at this time.'"


Props to Red Hat for taking small steps towards ending nationalism. Take away all the flags and what are you left with? No symbolism to shroud yourself in, no image to associate with, just software.

/me likes this concept.

Red Hat Removes Flags

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