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Current Topic: Economics

The Hays Files: Shades of recession
Topic: Economics 7:51 pm EDT, Apr  7, 2003

As expected, the second big economic shoe dropped this week and hit with a resounding thud: another big job loss in March and an even bigger one in February than was previously announced. Add that to news this week of a downturn in manufacturing and what do you get? Two important recession signals flashing the same message: Danger Will Robinson!
Here's what matters in trying to figure out where the economy is heading, the four main indicators of recession:

1. Employment - the number of jobs created each month
2. Industrial output -- mainly manufacturing
3. Personal income -- think monthly paycheck
4. Business sales -- wholesale and retail

The Hays Files: Shades of recession

Young at the Wrong Time
Topic: Economics 11:43 pm EDT, Jun 11, 2002

Until very recently, one of the most striking things about our economy was how common it was for young people to make a lot of money quickly. For nearly 20 years, except for a year or two in the early 90's, a college student has been able to gaze out of his dorm-room window and see a well-traveled path to millions. His ability to imagine himself getting very rich very quickly was an ingredient in the modern money culture. ...

That's what 27-year-olds did, strike it rich.

This youthward shift in moneymaking has had all sorts of strange social effects. ...

It would hardly be surprising if the pursuit of passion led ambitious young people to rethink the whole idea of success.

The comment about "a couple years in the early 90's" is a huge understatement which seriouly marrs the observation here. However, some of the conclusions are reasonable regardless.

Young at the Wrong Time

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