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Current Topic: Society

Speech also flopped in ratings
Topic: Society 1:32 pm EDT, May 26, 2004

] Monday's address was not carried by the broadcast
] networks for the simple reason the White House did not
] request the time. If it had, the networks probably would
] have obliged. (Asking for network airtime is sort of like
] prom season, you don't really want to pop the question
] unless you're sure of the answer in advance.) But the
] nets wouldn't have been happy about making room for Bush,
] at least not the ad sales guys. Finishing up the crucial
] spring sweeps period when all-important advertising rates
] are set, the networks were likely in no mood for a
] 45-minute primetime preemption Monday night, and the
] White House certainly understood that, which may have
] been one reason they shied away. (Why antagonize the
] media during the middle of a downward polling trend?)

The bit I caught, I listened to on NPR. Actually, I was glad I only caught the last 10 or less minutes, which gave me more of time to listen to the NPR commentary on my drive.

Speech also flopped in ratings

News and Information | News
Topic: Society 12:37 am EDT, May 24, 2004

] We declared war on terror. We declared war on terror --
] its not even a noun, so, good luck. After we defeat it,
] I'm sure we'll take on that bastard ennui.

Jon Stewart rocks. Great commencement speech.

News and Information | News Starbucks on the Fly [Special] May 14, 2004
Topic: Society 9:50 am EDT, May 14, 2004

] TMF: Coffee and coffee drink-vending machines are big in
] Japan but haven't yet caught on here. Buy, sell, or hold
] the possibility that we might see Starbucks vending
] machines?
] Schultz: That is a buy.

(Howard Schultz, chairman of Starbucks) Starbucks on the Fly [Special] May 14, 2004

BBC NEWS | Business | Moscow 'has most billionaires'
Topic: Society 6:48 pm EDT, May 13, 2004

] The Russian capital Moscow now boasts more billionaires
] than any other city in the world, according to a survey
] by Forbes magazine.
] The study also estimates that a quarter of Russia's
] wealth is now concentrated in the hands of just 100
] people.

Sent to me by warday with the comment "I love capitalism!"

BBC NEWS | Business | Moscow 'has most billionaires'

The New York Times Business:World Business:War and Abuse Do Little to Harm U.S. Brands
Topic: Society 7:36 pm EDT, May  9, 2004

] For a variety of reasons, American companies that sell
] globally say that they have so far experienced little if
] any disruption from discontent over the war in Iraq. For
] the most part, consumers around the world seem as likely
] to be influenced by economic conditions as by politics.
] And, in a display of the growing sophistication in
] marketing big American brands in global markets, many
] people see products originating from the United States as
] firmly rooted in their own home nations.

It is by this that the rise of the global corporate nation-states will begin. :)

The New York Times Business:World Business:War and Abuse Do Little to Harm U.S. Brands

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression
Topic: Society 12:20 am EDT, Apr 14, 2004

Successful free speech examples of the year are nifty.

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression

Yahoo! News - New Intel Chips Ensure Better Security
Topic: Society 12:15 am EDT, Apr 14, 2004

] Today, security tasks such as handling the keys that
] unscramble data are typically processed like any other
] task. As a result, it's possible that an errant program
] can alter, intercept or damage jobs that are supposed to
] be secure.

Intel releases cell phone chip with DRM. The spin is fascinating. While this is bad, it won't be unsurmountable, it can't be. Its the step they have to take if the industry at large thinks DRM is the Way to Go.

Yahoo! News - New Intel Chips Ensure Better Security

false identities
Topic: Society 11:50 am EDT, May 23, 2003

The link is an actual banner ad. It is not a parody.

Look at it, though. "24/f" from "Beverly Hills" with a username of "Hot Babe" -- is it a 14 or 47yo male?

false identities

Super Bowl Ads
Topic: Society 5:54 pm EST, Jan 27, 2003

I knew the internet wouldn't let me down. I am one of those heathens, who failed to watch the Superbowl. Used to be, one could go to adcritic in near real-time and watch the ads. Now AOL? Why not. I don't think the premise of a commercial event where people go out of their way to specifically watch the advertisements needs to be addressed.

Super Bowl Ads

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