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Current Topic: Elections

2004 Election Calendar
Topic: Elections 6:55 pm EST, Jan 27, 2004

Chronological list of state primaries, caucuses, and conventions, with hyperlinks to the nitty-gritty on each one.

2004 Election Calendar

Where Democratic presidential candidates stood on tech in 2000
Topic: Elections 11:46 am EST, Jan 27, 2004

] Just in time for today's New Hampshire primary, here's a
] candidate scorecard. It rates members of Congress on how they voted
] on technology-related legislation and awarded them a score
] of 0 to 100.

Other information on how recent candidates stand on technology can be found at, in the "infrastructure/technology" category.

Where Democratic presidential candidates stood on tech in 2000

VoteMatch Quizzes
Topic: Elections 2:55 pm EST, Jan 23, 2004

Okay, *this* is what I was looking for! I've been searching high and low on the web so that I could meme it.

This webpage contains multiple 20-question quizzes on the issues. For example, the "Presidency 2004 Quiz" asks you where you stand on 20 different issues, pro and con, strongly or moderately or not at all. Then at the end you can compare your own answers against the answers of the major candidates, and see which candidates most closely match your own views.

Note: If you don't want to sign up for an account, just click on "Don't save" and it'll let you in without registering.

VoteMatch Quizzes - Senate Candidates on the Issues
Topic: Elections 2:49 pm EST, Jan 23, 2004

] Select a state, then click on a Senator's name to see
] their Senate votes and other quotes:

This is an incredible site. It starts with a map of the United States -- you click on which state you're interested in. It then lists all the current senators for that state, as well as their opponents. You can then click on each name, and get a list, by issue, of how that individual has voted in the past. Or, if not how they've voted, what their "on the record" stance is.

For example, look under "Abortion" and see the last half-dozen abortion-related issues, and whether that person voted yes or no. There are over 20 other categories as well: Budget, Welfare, Homeland Security, Education, Environment, etc.

Good stuff! - Senate Candidates on the Issues

Online Learning: Political Parties, Candidates, and Campaigns
Topic: Elections 2:39 pm EST, Jan 23, 2004

] This chapter investigates America's two-party system and
] its role in American politics. It traces the historical
] development of political parties in the United States,
] examining the role of minor parties and the reasons for
] the emergence and persistence of the two-party system.
] The chapter also discussed the effects of this system on
] policy and coalition formulation.

Here's a one-page description of America's two-party system. Or, if you think you already know this stuff, click on "Multiple Choice Quiz" on the lefthand side of the page, and prove it. :)

Online Learning: Political Parties, Candidates, and Campaigns

World's Smallest Political Quiz
Topic: Elections 5:33 pm EST, Jan 22, 2004

This is one of the quizzes out there that can give a quick indicator of how your views are identified: Left, right, centrist, etc. It doesn't have very many questions, and is somewhat skewed based on the questions it has chosen, but it's a quick place to start.

If anyone knows of other more thorough surveys of this type, especially including options for opinions on current issues, please meme them? I'd be interested in taking a look.

World's Smallest Political Quiz

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