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Current Topic: Health and Wellness

Drug Ads Raise Questions for Heart Pioneer - New York Times
Topic: Health and Wellness 1:11 pm EST, Feb  7, 2008

A Congressional committee, concerned that the Lipitor ads could be misleading, has said it wants to interview Dr. Jarvik about his role as the drug’s pitchman.

Some of the questions may involve his credentials. Even though Dr. Jarvik holds a medical degree, for example, he is not a cardiologist and is not licensed to practice medicine. So what, critics ask, qualifies him to recommend Lipitor on television — even if, as he says in some of the ads, he takes the drug himself?

And, for that matter, what qualifies him to pose as a rowing enthusiast? As it turns out, Dr. Jarvik, 61, does not actually practice the sport. The ad agency hired a stunt double for the sculling scenes.

“He’s about as much an outdoorsman as Woody Allen,” said a longtime collaborator, Dr. O. H. Frazier of the Texas Heart Institute. “He can’t row.”

I don't know about that, but I hope they crush Jarvik for being so goddamned unethical. Direct patient advertising is the biggest load of bullshit already, much less with him purporting to be a cardiologist (which is what the ads infer). He may as well just be another actor.


Drug Ads Raise Questions for Heart Pioneer - New York Times If Your Bra Doesn't Fit, Go Shopping
Topic: Health and Wellness 4:15 pm EDT, Jun 27, 2006

Women's unwillingness to take their bosom by the reins could stem from an unwillingness to celebrate one's sexuality, at least as it is defined by the D cup stereotype — does anyone over 30 want to be the Hooters girl, as it were? It could be that we're slightly afraid of our boobs— after all, over time they do seem to develop a mind of their own — or it could be we don't like what larger-than-average (though not that much larger than average) breasts invite: attention, whistles, shade.

Ha! "Shade"! :-)

For girls because [alas!] no pictures for the boys: A quick, funny read about the latest Oprah-catalyzed brain hemorrhage.

-janelane, Hooters girl If Your Bra Doesn't Fit, Go Shopping

Mixed Results on a New Beauty Fix - New York Times
Topic: Health and Wellness 11:02 am EST, Dec  1, 2005

The barbed suture lift, nicknamed the thread lift, is a quick outpatient procedure in which doctors thread serrated plastic sutures through the fatty layer beneath the face and use them to hoist sagging tissue. The idea is to pull the skin taut, so the face looks smoother and more youthful.

Egads!!! Check out the graphic!!!


Mixed Results on a New Beauty Fix - New York Times

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