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Current Topic: Local Information

99x is back on FM
Topic: Local Information 10:10 am EDT, Apr 28, 2009

99X, the biggest rock station in Atlanta in the 1990s, is back on the FM dial today after 15 months online only, this time at 97.9.

Ha! That whole HD radio thing didn't quite pan out, did it?


99x is back on FM

R.I.P. Greg Abbott, DramaTech's Artistic Director
Topic: Local Information 9:46 pm EST, Dec  3, 2006

Many past and present members of the Georgia Tech community were stunned to learn of the sudden death of Greg Abbott, artistic director for DramaTech Theater and LCC professor, on December 1st. He devoted over two decades to the students of the university, sacrificing several nights a week to direct student dramatic productions, hold after-hours classes, and meet with different groups of students in addition to teaching. He changed the course of many lives for the better and brought an unrivaled devotion and talent to directing. Mr. Abbott passed away of a heart attack, and his survived by his wife, two teenage children, and the hundreds of young adults he mentored over his career. Greg, your kindness and unwavering support will never be forgotten. R.I.P. - Man dies driving to brother's funeral - Oct 25, 2005
Topic: Local Information 1:17 pm EDT, Oct 25, 2005

FLORENCE, South Carolina (AP) -- Crystal Chockley thought something was wrong when her brother-in-law didn't show up for her husband's funeral.

Hours after burying Perry Harrell, she found out why. Larry Harrell died in a car wreck on his way to the funeral Saturday.

Darwin sure is hitting this family hard.

-janelane - Man dies driving to brother's funeral - Oct 25, 2005 - Hot coffee thwarts carjacking - Oct 21, 2005
Topic: Local Information 11:06 am EDT, Oct 21, 2005

BLUFFTON, South Carolina (AP) -- A would-be carjacker got a different kind of jolt from his intended victim's morning cup of coffee, authorities said.

The suspect tapped the car window Wednesday morning with a gun and motioned the driver to get out, Chief Deputy Roy Hughes said.

But the driver -- who had just bought a cup of hot coffee -- slammed the car door into the carjacker's legs, threw the coffee at his neck and face and wrestled him to the ground, Hughes said.

Sounds to me like the muggee already had a couple of cups.

-janelane, "A-mer-ica....fuck ya!" - Hot coffee thwarts carjacking - Oct 21, 2005

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