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Current Topic: Humor

Topic: Humor 2:50 am EST, Jan  8, 2002

One extra cool present for a friend....$55
First class rate for sending package to friend using either fed ex or UPS....$45
The realization that both services could give a shit about whether your package gets there in one piece or not after getting a call saying your gift was destroyed in this accident, and the realization that you just blew $100....priceless:)


Mac Boxes Make Nice Couches
Topic: Humor 12:46 am EST, Jan  8, 2002

and why is this news I ask you?

Mac Boxes Make Nice Couches

College finals from Hell
Topic: Humor 2:37 am EST, Dec 14, 2001

So, I should be sleeping right now, seeing as I have my last final for this semester in, oh, 6 and a half hours (translation...8AM final), but I just finished studying, and I decided to surf the web for a bit before sleeping as to ward off nightmares created from hours upon hours of studying Virology (can ya tell from that run-on sentance that I have had massive amounts of caffein this week). Anyway...humor is always good, so in honor of finals week, I bring you College Finals from should read them all, but if you just browse, do check out Medicine, Public Speaking, Biology (of course), and Engineering....some of my personal faves. Political Science is pretty damn funny too.

College finals from Hell

Topic: Humor 2:30 pm EST, Dec 10, 2001

Here is a bit of science humor for you. I should really do a spoof of this with one of my organic chem lab write ups. It would definitly fit. Have fun!


The first human cloning company.
Topic: Humor 12:04 am EST, Nov 30, 2001

Now there is no doubt about it....this is humor. This is the link to Clonaid's site...go read about the other services they offer such as insuraclone, ovulaid, and clonapet. WOW...somebody is hogging all the crackrock. The humor is that this is a real company.

The first human cloning company.

Topic: Humor 11:46 pm EST, Nov 19, 2001

Pong like you have never seen it before

PONG : Weird News: The Wolf Files
Topic: Humor 11:48 pm EST, Nov  5, 2001

"The 17-year-old high school student from Ann Arbor, Mich., won first place at an after-school costume party at Community High School. He came dressed as a vagina.
With all due respect to witches, ghosts and goblins, school administrators found Silbereis' vagina costume just a little too scary, even for Halloween. School officials suspended him Wednesday for the rest of the week. " : Weird News: The Wolf Files

When a pumpkin has too much to drink.....
Topic: Humor 9:42 am EST, Oct 31, 2001

Alcoholic Pumpkin....special for Halloween:)

When a pumpkin has too much to drink.....

the 2002 demotivators® collection
Topic: Humor 5:00 pm EDT, Oct 25, 2001

Check out the new collection, now available for next year!

"For longer than most can remember, motivational speakers, authors and publishers have inspired and delighted us by championing the idea that within each person exists virtually unlimited potential.

At Despair, Inc., we agree wholeheartedly- and helping others to unleash their hidden potentials remains our singular obsession.

Think about it- what hidden potentials exist within YOU?

Perhaps you're a wholly reasonable person, with the potential to become an irrational fool? Perhaps you're a team player, with a potentially argumentative loner lurking about inside you? Or perhaps you're a dreamer, within whom lives a potentially disillusioned grouse, simply waiting to take flight on the wings of bitterness?

For the first time, one company has stepped forth with tools for unleashing such hidden potentials. No matter who you are, you have the potential to be so very much less. And with the transformative powers of our Demotivators® products, you will be.

"Whether you're a pessimist, underachiever or a chronic failure, I personally offer my unconditional* guarantee that Demotivators™ will truly inspire you to new lows!"

the 2002 demotivators® collection

h4x0r.jpg 500x375 pixels
Topic: Humor 9:01 am EDT, Oct 18, 2001


h4x0r.jpg 500x375 pixels

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