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Current Topic: Games

Video Details : Super Mario Hamster
Topic: Games 4:12 pm EST, Dec 15, 2006

Super Mario Hamster!

Heh. The game looks more like Montezuma's revenge. Really neat.

Video Details : Super Mario Hamster

Fear of Girls� - Google Video
Topic: Games 3:34 pm EST, Dec 13, 2006

True Love is but a 2 Broadsword away.

Gamer humor.

Fear of Girls� - Google Video

Your very own little crop of victim figurines?
Topic: Games 1:35 pm EST, Nov 25, 2006

Remember playing with all those little green army men when you were a kid (before they had to be taken off the market because of parents who didn't realize you shouldn't give them to two-year-olds)?

Ever stage your own mock riots with them?

Didn't want to have your army mean fleeing the giant mutant Pooh threatening to destroy the city?

Now there's hope! Now you can get your very own crop of fleeing victims figurines!

Your very own little crop of victim figurines?

RE: Hundreds to compete for rock, paper, scissors title.
Topic: Games 1:51 pm EST, Nov 11, 2006

woofus wrote:
I expect Nanochick to pick me up on her way to this. We know how to cheat at this game. It has a prize of $10,000 Canadian. I am going to ask for mine in all dimes. What does that covert to in dollars, like $20.00 or something I think.

Yes....we are going to this damnit:) And they say cheaters never prosper...

RE: Hundreds to compete for rock, paper, scissors title.

Spicy Pixel
Topic: Games 12:45 pm EDT, Aug 17, 2006

MorphGear is an application for Windows Mobile and Windows Desktop capable of hosting and executing MorphModules. Originally released commercially in 2000, it became Open Source in 2004.

I'll have to play with this at some point.

Spicy Pixel

Kick Ass Kung Fu
Topic: Games 11:25 am EDT, May  3, 2006

Kick Ass Kung Fu lets players fight onscreen enemies using real kicks, punches, head-butts or by wielding any improvised weapon they choose. A video camera captures their movements from one side and superimposes a two-dimensional silhouette of them onto a computer screen. A computer then translates the silhouette's moves into real-time computerised kicks and punches, enabling a player to take on virtual opponents.

Kick Ass Kung Fu

9 year old argues with his mother on a Xbox Live Clan Match over Chocolate Milk. - Google Video
Topic: Games 9:58 am EST, Jan 25, 2006

There's lots of ways to describe this video, Strange, Scary, "WTF?!!" This video is about some 9-year-old arguing with his mother about Chocolate Milk while playing Xbox Live, and forgetting to turn his Headset off.

Uploaded by: Jared Ward

This video may entertain you. Plus it does make a nice topic of discussion

9 year old argues with his mother on a Xbox Live Clan Match over Chocolate Milk. - Google Video

Fake or Foto?
Topic: Games 11:55 am EST, Dec 27, 2005

Take a look at the ten images below. Some of them are photographs
of real objects or scenes, others are created by computer graphics
(CG) artists. Test your ability to tell which among the array of
images are real, and which are CG. If you want a closer look, click
the image to see a larger view of the picture. Once you've decided
what's what, click either CG or REAL to begin the tally of your
score. Work through each of the ten images. When you've finished,
you'll be prompted to get your score.

Fake or Foto?

Topic: Games 8:29 pm EST, Dec  1, 2005

Fun java game...

I survived 133.7 seconds


RE: Chess Knight Action Puzzle
Topic: Games 2:11 pm EDT, Sep 28, 2005

Elonka wrote:
Fun little time-waster . . .

This is like crack. I cant stop.... even as I type I'm seeing knight patterns.....

L shape everywhere.

RE: Chess Knight Action Puzzle

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