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Current Topic: Home and Garden
Topic: Home and Garden 10:57 pm EST, Nov  3, 2005

Some of these are funny in a very grim dumb bureaucratic sorta way.

Eat your heart out, Tokyo!
Topic: Home and Garden 1:32 pm EDT, Sep  1, 2005

Losing the city of New Orleans is certainly devastating and tragic... The builders of that city must not have read the three little pigs.
But, Hell, I'll bet the Japanese must be damn jealous. They've been dreaming of something like this to happen to them for decades. We've managed to one up them. We need to follow through though, and waste no time in building NEO-ORLEANS. There will be people living in Hovering Shanties above the Toxic Gumbo! Voodoo priests commanding armies of Aquatic Zombies! Mardi Gras will look like something out of Waterworld, and there will be Psychedelic Cajun Drugs! There will be Mutants speaking Creole! They will rename the SuperDome, Thunderdome!

New Orleans was great, but I think NEO-ORLEANS will be fantastic!

Russian Researchers Claim to Have Solved Mystery of Crop Circles - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM
Topic: Home and Garden 3:31 pm EDT, Aug  5, 2005

A group of researchers in Russia claim they have solved the mystery of crop circles, the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reports. According to them, plants bend as a result of microwave emissions caused by lightning strikes

Everyone was wrong... It wasn't aliens, or pranksters...
It must have been the radio active dwarves.

Russian Researchers Claim to Have Solved Mystery of Crop Circles - NEWS - MOSNEWS.COM

Tiny Humanoid Creature Found In Chile
Topic: Home and Garden 12:45 pm EDT, Apr 15, 2005

] CONCEPCION, Chile -- On October first of 2002, while
] vacationing in the Southern Chilean city of Concepcion,
] a group of family members found what appeared to be a
] small humanoid creature. The miniscule being measures
] about 7.2 centimeters long. It has a relatively large
] head, two arms with long fingers, and two legs. The
] discovery was first reported by Mega News Service, which
] is the local news channel in the Santiago area.

Tiny Humanoid Creature Found In Chile

Tsunami - Banda Aceh Shore, Indonesia
Topic: Home and Garden 4:02 pm EST, Jan 11, 2005

] he "Before/After" button below (the one that is currently
] labelled Before. Click To See After.) toggles the image
] between the "Before" and "After" satellite photos. You
] can also toggle the image by clicking on the image
] itself. The "PREV" and "NEXT" links will take you to the
] previous or next image set ... there are 14 sets in this
] series.

God Damn.

Tsunami - Banda Aceh Shore, Indonesia

Science of Cooking
Topic: Home and Garden 2:51 am EST, Jan  4, 2005

Discover how a pinch of curiosity can improve your cooking! Explore recipes, activities, and Webcasts that will enhance your understanding of the science behind food and cooking.

This is useful. My cooking has been compared to laboratory experiments.

Science of Cooking

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