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Current Topic: Arts

A triangle with 4 points...
Topic: Arts 11:08 pm EST, Nov 14, 2004

"No, a triangle with 4 points is what Euclid rides into hell"
-Albert Einstein, Picasso at the Lapin Agile

While I was disappointed with the production I saw of this Steve Martin play, the script is extremely funny.

Eminem's Mosh
Topic: Arts 10:37 pm EDT, Oct 27, 2004

I tend to really like eminem. This is good. I think he would have had another secret service visit though if he'd not put the little twist at the end.

Yeah... this rocks. I've never been moved by eminem before... it's infact really really good.

If you can't get it at guerrilla news try this one:

Eminem's Mosh

Google Poem: On the Web, in the heart
Topic: Arts 1:24 pm EDT, Oct 14, 2004

]On the Web, in the Heart
]A poem by Bruce Stockler
] Google search results:
] 101,000 for apple pie.
] 172,000 for hot dogs.
] 2.7 million for mom.
] 7.4 million for baseball.
] 20.7 million for food.
] 24.1 million for money.
] 24.2 million for sex.
] 24.9 million for love.
] 31.1 million for shopping.
] 6.3 million for peace.
] 16 million for war.
] 99,500 for pro-choice.
] 127,000 for pro-life.
] 2.1 million for adoption.
] 849,000 for hard work.
] 4.1 million for connections.
] 506,000 for Bill Clinton.
] 551,000 for Buddha.
] 1.2 million for Britney.
] 5.7 million for Jesus.
] 16.2 million for God.
] 3.5 million for heaven.
] 3.9 million for hell.
] 9.4 million for Florida.
] 43,900 for Harry Truman.
] 310,000 for Harry Potter.
] 11,000 for Howdy Doody.
] 685,000 for Barney.
] 2.2 million for Pokemon.
] 535,000 for rock'n'roll.
] 2.4 million for opera.
] 14.7 million for talk.
] 5.3 million for listen.

] The New York Times, Friday October 13, 2000.

Google Poem: On the Web, in the heart

The Godfather horse head prop pillow
Topic: Arts 2:17 pm EDT, Sep 18, 2004

] This is our little contribution to the Godfather legacy.
] A custom severed horse head pillow that is actually quite
] comfortable to sleep on, albeit a tad on the south side
] of morbid. A great conversation piece for the film buff
] who has everything and whose wife won't let them own a
] revolver. Fans of the Godfather can now unite and sleep
] comfortably, if not uneasily.

The Godfather horse head prop pillow

'We all have out time machines...'
Topic: Arts 4:44 pm EDT, Aug 30, 2004

We all have our time machines.
Those that take use backward are memories.
Those that take use forward are dreams.

American Jesus
Topic: Arts 5:11 pm EDT, Aug 24, 2004

He’s the farmers barren fields
The force the army wields
The expession in the faces of the starving children
The power of the man
He’s the fuel that drives the clan
He’s the motive and conscience of the murderer
He’s the preacher on t.v.
The false sincerity
The form letter that’s written by the big computers
He’s the nuclear bombs
And the kids with no moms
And I’m fearful that he’s inside me

-Bad Religion, American Jesus

Ira Levin Bibliography
Topic: Arts 10:29 pm EDT, Aug 21, 2004

] Ira Levin is the highly acclaimed and internationally
] bestselling author of Rosemary's Baby, A Kiss Before
] Dying, The Boys from Brazil, This Perfect Day, Sliver,
] and The Stepford Wives. Mr. Levin also wrote "Deathtrap,"
] the longest running thriller in Broadway history. He is a
] two-time winner of the Mystery Writers of America's Edgar
] Allen Poe Award. He lives in New York City.

Meme to myself, so I don't forget this guy

Ira Levin Bibliography

Topic: Arts 5:22 pm EDT, Aug 20, 2004

I want to see this, but I am worried. I mean, all the Alien movies, and all the Predator movies have been rated R. Put them together, its needs to be NC-17 or X for it to rule. I won't settle for anything less than hot Alien on Predator action!

Everything Must Cease
Topic: Arts 11:25 am EDT, Aug 17, 2004

Institution on the Hill
like a beacon in the mind of an ancestor
to ignite a people's will

there's a shadowed stain on the west facade
it has spread like decay to enshroud the fraud

and the descendants find oh so odd
(oh so odd)
what pretension! Everlasting peace
everything must cease

grave memorial hewn white stone
like the comforting caress of a mother
or a friend you've always known

it evokes such pain and significance
what was once is reduced to remembrance
and the generations pass without recompense

what pretension! Everlasting peace

Everything Must Cease

Cease, Bad Religion

Topic: Arts 3:56 am EDT, Jul 27, 2004

I'm fairly sure that if they took all the porn off the Internet, there'd only be 1 website left, and it would be called "Bring Back The Porn".

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