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Shoot Fireworks Online!
Topic: Recreation 11:10 am EDT, Jul  3, 2007

It's easy to create your very own Phantom virtual fireworks show!

Shoot fireworks over beautiful skylines including NYC, Miami, Louisville, Denver, Cleveland, Paris, France and more!

American Cities Features:
New York, NY
Minneapolis, MN
Miami, FL
Golden Gate Bridge
Baltimore, MD
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Pittsburgh, PA
Boston, MA
Tampa, FL
Louisville, KY
Indianapolis, IN
Jacksonville, FL
Cincinnati, OH
Denver, CO
Salt Lake City, UT

More Cool Places Features:
Pyramids of Egypt
Sydney, Australia
Paris, France
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
San Francisco, CA

This is kinda cool. You can pick the color and add your own fireworks to any show. I suck at the detonate the fireworks game :p

Shoot Fireworks Online!

Scare of something strange or weird?
Topic: Health and Wellness 10:48 am EDT, Jul  3, 2007

Your not alone!!!!!

This page is your resource for highly uncommon phobias -- many of which you won't even find in the most comprehensive of books about Phobias. ALL, however, are 100% legitimate (as far as I know).

Send me descriptions of unusual phobias you currently have or may have experienced in the past. Feel free to suggest a name for it if it's 'unlisted'. This page thrives off your various neuroses!

So my roommate and I were doing some research and typed "things that come in clusters" in to our search engine and got this page full of submissions of people who have a fear of things in clusters. This is intriguing to me....

Scare of something strange or weird?

Blazing car rammed into Glasgow Airport
Topic: Current Events 4:19 pm EDT, Jun 30, 2007

The United Kingdom raised its terrorism threat level to critical, the highest level possible, Saturday after a vehicle plowed into the terminal building at Scotland's busiest airport and burst into flames.

Police at the highest levels are assuming the fiery incident in Glasgow was a terrorist attack, CNN has learned.

Authorities assume the incident is linked to the discovery Friday in London of two explosives-filled cars. They could not yet say whether the same people were involved or whether the Glasgow incident was the work of copycats.

Police and witnesses in Glasgow described an SUV-style vehicle in flames being driven at full speed toward the building.

Two people were arrested at the scene, police said.

It was not immediately clear whether there were any injuries, although unconfirmed witness reports described a man on fire at the scene.

Witness Jackie Kennedy said a man got out of the car, went to the back and pulled out a can of fuel, which he poured on himself and ignited.

"The guy was in flames and seemed to be enjoying himself," Kennedy said.

I really do wonder sometimes how they pick the people to interview

Blazing car rammed into Glasgow Airport

Animal Web Cams at the National Zoo
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:49 pm EDT, Jun 28, 2007

This is a link to live webcams of about 20 or so diffrent animals at the National zoo. I came across the site in research for this weeks unit on zoo animals and it has proved to be very entertaining as we have followed several animals through the week. Their collection of webcams even include a microscopecam which has been interesting to see what they have to offer from the unseen world each day.

Animal Web Cams at the National Zoo

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Cheney - Must See!!!
Topic: Games 2:57 pm EDT, Jun 26, 2007

When I got home from work today I flipped on the TV and caught this on the Colbert Report. You have to see it, it was funny as hell!!

[ Video Link ]

Unfortunately you will have to click on the little linky there to watch. I tried to embed it but it didn't want to work :(

Rock, Paper, Scissor, Cheney - Must See!!!

E.T. returns to the big screen
Topic: Arts 10:24 pm EDT, Jun 25, 2007

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Thursday, June 28 at dusk in Atlanta's Piedmont Park for "Screen on the Green" 2007

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) is more than a movie – it is one of those rare cinematic occurrences that strikes at exactly the right time and place, revealing the cultural zeitgeist of the moment. The film sparked an immediate pop culture frenzy when it was released in 1982; it turned the precocious, young Drew Barrymore into a household name, led to a 65% increase in the sale of Reese’s Pieces and had kids, and even adults, everywhere saying, “E.T. phone home.” The movie grossed $700 million worldwide, making it the top-grossing movie of the 1980s and the 4th highest U.S. box office of all time. Variety called E.T. “the best Disney movie Walt Disney never made.” And Rolling Stone raved that Steven Spielberg was “the most successful movie director in Hollywood, America, the Occident, the planet Earth, the solar system and the galaxy.” But E.T. was never intended to be such a phenomenon.

If you are in or near Atlanta and feel like reliving a part of our childhood here's your chance to watch E.T. on the big screen all over again.

E.T. returns to the big screen

se2600 Canoe Trip
Topic: Recreation 3:04 pm EDT, Jun 24, 2007

A good time was had by all. We should do this more often :)

se2600 Canoe Trip

Keep track of your DVD collection!!
Topic: Technology 11:25 pm EDT, Jun 20, 2007

Keep track of your entire DVD collection

DVD Profiler can manage any size collection. Extensive data collection, filtering and reporting features specific to DVD, and unique to DVD Profiler.

Put simply, DVD Profiler is the best way to track your DVD addiction!

I was looking for a way to make a list and organize our growing DVD collection and Wilpig turned me on to this program. You just put in the UPC and all the info pops up. You can even use it to keep track of who you loan movies to or movies you have ordered. Another helpful feature is that it also has a mobile program so you can access you collection information from your cell phone where ever you are.

Keep track of your DVD collection!!

Pass the Matthew Shepard Act...
Topic: Current Events 11:03 pm EDT, Jun 20, 2007

Americans overwhelmingly approve of legislation to prevent hate violence. In fact, three in four (or 68%) support expanding hate crimes laws to include sexual orientation and gender identity and giving local law enforcement the tools and resources they need to investigate and prosecute these tragic acts of bigotry.

I am confident that you will champion the will of voters in your community and the majority of Americans, and bring our federal hate crime laws into the 21st Century, by ensuring that all of our citizens are protected against senseless hate violence.

While a random act of violence against any individual is always a tragic event, we know that violent crimes based on prejudice are meant to terrorize an entire community.

As Americans, we must defend our neighbors from becoming victims of bias-motivated violence.

So get out there and send a message.
I am not gay or part of any alternative lifestyle but there is no place for violence in our country even if you think what someone else is doing is wrong. There are other ways to express your views and violence is not the way.

More info here...

Pass the Matthew Shepard Act...

Lab Partners T-Shirt
Topic: Arts 3:30 pm EDT, Jun 18, 2007

This made me think of some of you guys :)

Lab Partners T-Shirt

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