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so not work friendly, don't even try it.
Topic: Arts 11:47 pm EDT, Oct 12, 2001

ok, this is supposed to be art. this is pretty fucking gross, but i'm going to post it merely for the gross factor. we need a gross topic.

so not work friendly, don't even try it.

FBI Press Room - Congressional Statement - 1999 - Threat of Bioterrorism in America
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:35 pm EDT, Oct 12, 2001

i was just thinking about all this anthrax hysteria and suddenly i remembered the dude that had not only the plague, but anthrax in his trunk as well. search on google for larry wayne harris. we didn't freak out when the white supremacist parties had their hands on it. wait, killing black people isn't terrorism.

FBI Press Room - Congressional Statement - 1999 - Threat of Bioterrorism in America

Jedis Boom in Britain
Topic: Current Events 12:47 pm EDT, Oct 12, 2001

i think we should follow the lead in our next census. i'm a jedi in training! do not let the dark side win!

Jedis Boom in Britain

Fist full of puppies?
Topic: Current Events 8:37 am EDT, Oct 12, 2001

Anthrax (the band), decides to give up name.

Fist full of puppies?

Holistic Computer Medicine
Topic: Humor 8:16 am EDT, Oct 12, 2001

i know what to do the next time my computer is sick.

Holistic Computer Medicine - NBC employee tests positive for skin anthrax - October 12, 2001
Topic: Current Events 8:08 am EDT, Oct 12, 2001

This is getting creepy. I know that I'm not really in harm's way, because I don't work for a state agency that opens any sort of email, but I'm worried for the people that do. I just wonder who is behind this attack. - NBC employee tests positive for skin anthrax - October 12, 2001

Unrestricted Warfare
Topic: Current Events 9:00 pm EDT, Oct 11, 2001

Unrestricted Warfare

Published by the Chinese PLA, written by 2 top Chinese generals, a manual of
how to use 'unrestricted warfare' to defeat the US without entering a "real
war." This book redefines warfare. You can bet the NSA is aware of this
material. When Bush talks about a "new kind of war," it's not just rhetoric.
This is what he is talking about.

Unrestricted Warfare

"joshua is still playing the game"
Topic: Humor 8:30 pm EDT, Oct 11, 2001

apparently joshua is still playing the game and u4ea is going to do something about it. cert gets a call and the black hat hacker tries to discuss joshua a bit and turn himself in

"joshua is still playing the game"
Topic: Miscellaneous 8:15 pm EDT, Oct 11, 2001

LEMMINGS! Green haired critters everywhere! LEMMINGS!

how to kill squirrels
Topic: Humor 8:10 pm EDT, Oct 11, 2001

"do not do this at home" from the same guy who brought you lego porn, a do it yourself squirrel killing kit.

how to kill squirrels

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