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Primate Programming Inc - About Us
Topic: Humor 5:24 pm EDT, Jul 31, 2003

] Welcome. Primate Programming Inc. is dedicated to the
] advancement and gainful employment of hominid s and
] monkeys within the United States information technology
] sector. We are the pioneer in Primate Programming (PP)
] worldwide.
] As you explore this website, you will get an
] understanding and appreciation of the economics of
] primate programming. A skilled primate from our firm can
] handle code maintenance and report writing for as little
] as 45 cents per hour. The entire staff receives ongoing
] .NET training and JSP training in addition to training in
] XML, Java and related technologies.

Primate Programming Inc - About Us

Yahoo! News - Hormel Fights to Defend Spam Name
Topic: Spam 1:16 pm EDT, Jul 30, 2003

] The canned-meat company filed two legal challenges with
] the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to try to stop
] SpamArrest from using the decades-old name Spam, for
] which it holds the trademark.

Yahoo! News - Hormel Fights to Defend Spam Name

SWEARSAURUS ::: How to swear in 108 languages!
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:00 pm EDT, Jul 29, 2003

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to it, this is the largest resource of foreign languages swear words and phrases and their English translations ever compiled. Here, you will learn how to insult, swear, cuss and curse in 108 languages.

SWEARSAURUS ::: How to swear in 108 languages!

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
Topic: Science 3:00 pm EDT, Jul 29, 2003

[1] Besides the liquid nitrogen, no special ingredients were used in this experiment. [2] The non-cryogenic ingredients were combined in a mixing bowl. [3] The nitrogen was added a cup at a time. Note the use of heavy cryo gloves—this was not an occasion for oven mitts. [4] The concoction was stirred thoroughly and continuously to keep an unbreakable crust from forming. [5] The ice cream was ready to eat when smooth and free of lumps."

Any recipe with liquid nitrogen has to be good

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:49 pm EDT, Jul 29, 2003

] ATHF is an animated television masterpiece that
] captures the day to day lives of three fast food
] (literally...) detectives and follows them through
] their misadventures as they try and solve the
] hilarious mysteries presented to them in Southern
] New Jersey. 

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Topic: Miscellaneous 2:49 pm EDT, Jul 29, 2003

] There are two ways to play along while
] watching the Banzai TV show. You can
] either log on to and play
] along on a computer, or you can play along
] on your wireless phone.

OK, this is one of the most fucked up TV shows that I have ever seen.

Japaneese men with baddly exaggerated accents host a program in which viewers are asked to bet on silly games of chance.

For example, six "automatically extending style" umbrellas are placed upright on a rotating table. 5 of the six unbrellas have had their springs disabled. There are two contestants. Viewers are asked to pick one. Then the contestants take turns picking up an umbrella, pointing it at their face, and pressing the button. The one that gets faced looses.



Diverging Estimates of the Costs of Spam
Topic: Spam 2:47 pm EDT, Jul 29, 2003

I think this is a very interesting article on Spam, because it addresses the issues about how much Spam actually costs companies. I'm not doubting that Spam costs companies quite a bit of money, but I've always thought that the statements of just how much it costs them were over inflated. This seems to be a practical article addressing both sides of the coin, and the first to honestly assess what it costs to the Spammer to send email.

So many articles make allegations that it costs next to nothing for Spammers to send Spam, and they are quite wrong. There are different tiers of Spammers and different cost brackets for each. You can't lump them all into the same category. Some spammers spend _millions_ on delivery of their email. Some use dial-up connections and actually don't last very long.. nor do they make very much money.

Diverging Estimates of the Costs of Spam

Panoram Technologies
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:27 am EDT, Jul  9, 2003

Oh my god. Want. Want. Want. Sigh.

The Panoram PV290 DSK is an industrial grade, extreme resolution display for demanding and challenging tasks such as command and control, industrial CAD, engineering, molecular modeling, medical analysis, remote vehicle operation and a low-cost trainer display.

Panoram Technologies : Surgeons Work to Separate Conjoined Twins
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:10 pm EDT, Jul  7, 2003

] Neurosurgeons separating 29-year-old Iranian sisters
] joined at the head cut through brain tissue millimeter by
] millimeter Tuesday after rerouting a thick, shared vein
] and stitching in a new one.
] The team of doctors also contended with unstable pressure
] levels inside the twins' fused skulls as they began
] uncoupling the sisters' brains, a hospital official said.
] The risky, marathon procedure which could kill both women
] began about 10 p.m. EDT Saturday and could take four
] days. : Surgeons Work to Separate Conjoined Twins

Microsoft Word bytes Tony Blair in the butt
Topic: Miscellaneous 12:15 pm EDT, Jul  3, 2003

] Microsoft Word documents are notorious for containing
] private information in file headers which people would
] sometimes rather not share. The British government of
] Tony Blair just learned this lesson the hard way.

Microsoft Word bytes Tony Blair in the butt

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