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Hulk Smash!
Topic: Humor 3:12 pm EDT, Jun 30, 2003

This is pretty funny.

Hulk Smash!

Spiky Bra - your sexy accessory
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:58 pm EDT, Jun 19, 2003

] You'll really make a statement in this unique bra made
] with soft little silicone kisses. A fun alternative to
] the madonna style cone bra which can be hard and
] standoffish, the texture and touch ability of silicone is
] irresistible.

Spiky Bra - your sexy accessory

Penguin Warehouse, Inc. - Buy a Pet Penguin Today
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:44 pm EDT, Jun 19, 2003

] Welcome to the most respected, domesticated penguin
] dealer on the Internet! Relax and take a look around our
] site where you can find information on our company, our
] products, and what goes into the care of a penguin.
] Penguin Warehouse, Inc. sells certified purebred
] penguins, useful penguin books, and many other items to
] make you and your new pet happy.


Sorry to rain on anyones parade if they were saving up $2,200 for an Emperor penguin, but this is a hoax...

Laughing Boy

Penguin Warehouse, Inc. - Buy a Pet Penguin Today

Why women have breasts
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:43 pm EDT, Jun 18, 2003

They are sexy you fool!!!!

Why women have breasts

KDE on FreeBSD - Alan Eldridge 1961 - 2003
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:04 am EDT, Jun  9, 2003

] Alan Eldridge (AlanE) passed away on 6 June 2003 in
] Denver, Colorado, USA, apparently the result of a
] self-induced overdose.
] Born on 15 December 1961, Alan moved from Iowa to New
] York City some 15 years ago to make a life for himself as
] a first rate Unix programmer. Recently, however, his
] professional and personal life was severely disrupted,
] and as a result, Alan moved to Denver to start anew.
] A member of the KDE on FreeBSD Core Team, both a FreeBSD
] and KDE committer and maintainer of numerous FreeBSD
] ports, Alan will be sorely missed by all those of us who
] knew him personally, by those who knew him only through
] his work and, indeed, by the entire FreeBSD and KDE
] communities at large.

KDE on FreeBSD - Alan Eldridge 1961 - 2003

Yahoo! News - Disney Uses Night Goggles to Guard 'Nemo'
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:04 am EDT, Jun  3, 2003

] ALBANY, N.Y. (Reuters) - With the widely anticipated
] computer-animated movie "Finding Nemo" set to debut in
] theaters on Friday, the Walt Disney Co. has found a novel
] way to guard against people illegally taping the film in
] advance showings.

Yahoo! News - Disney Uses Night Goggles to Guard 'Nemo'

What goes around, comes around!!!!!!!!
Topic: Local Information 5:44 pm EDT, May 31, 2003

] TOMS RIVER -- One of the 18-year-olds accused of
] bludgeoning to death eight birds at a Lacey zoo sustained
] a broken jaw, a fractured nose and other facial injuries
] after he was assaulted by fellow inmates at the Ocean
] County Jail.

Not that I think violence is the answer, but ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!

What goes around, comes around!!!!!!!!

Wired News: Lamo Hacks Cingular Claims Site
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:42 pm EDT, May 31, 2003

] He said he discovered the problem this weekend through a
] random finding in a Sacramento Dumpster, where a Cingular
] store had discarded records about a customer's insurance
] claim for a lost phone. By simply typing in a URL listed
] on the detritus, Lamo was taken to the customer's claim
] page on a site run by lock\line LLC, which provides the
] claim management services to Cingular.
] Normally, this page should have been reachable only by
] passing through a password-protected gateway, but by
] simply entering the valid URL, Lamo discovered that
] individual claims pages could be accessed, no password
] authentication needed.
] Each page contained the customer's name, address and
] phone number, along with details on the insurance claim
] being made. Altering the claim ID numbers (which were
] assigned sequentially) in the URL gave Lamo access to the
] entire history of Cingular claims processed through
] lock\line, comprising some 2.5 million customer claims
] dating back to 1998.

Bet Cingular is embarassed as hell to be exposed by a wandering hacker. Later in the article it mentions that "Lamo, 22, doesn't have a permanent address. He wanders cross-country on foot or by public bus. Spring and summer usually bring him to Northern California. Until recently, he used terminals at Kinko's to perform his hacks. He has graduated to using a Wi-Fi-ready laptop at Starbucks to do his work."

Wired News: Lamo Hacks Cingular Claims Site

Batman seeks deep, meaningful, LTR
Topic: Humor 2:44 pm EDT, May 30, 2003

Ok, this is a *must* read. MUST

Batman seeks deep, meaningful, LTR Daily Log: Ghyslain Pursues Legal Action
Topic: Miscellaneous 1:39 pm EDT, May 30, 2003

] Some unfortunate news, everybody. Ghyslain, aka the "Star
] Wars Kid," and his family may be pursuing legal action
] against the individual(s) who originally posted his video
] on the Internet.

How retarded! Daily Log: Ghyslain Pursues Legal Action

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