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RE: - Apple opens big store with pomp - Feb. 28, 2004


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RE: - Apple opens big store with pomp - Feb. 28, 2004
Topic: Society 9:50 am EST, Mar  1, 2004

w1ld wrote:
] ] For Ulan McKnight, it's being the first customer to enter
] ] Apple Computer Inc.'s flagship San Francisco store --
] ] after waiting two nights outside the entrance and braving
] ] the rain.
] ]
] ] McKnight, who turned 40 Saturday, was joined by hundreds
] ] of others who wrapped around a city block in the city's
] ] prime shopping district for the opening of Apple's
] ] two-story store, the computer maker's fifth major store
] ] worldwide.
] ]
] ] For McKnight, a self-proclaimed "Mac-head," waiting in line
] for two days was his way
] ] of showing his appreciation to Apple for products that he
] says have improved his life.
] ]
] ] The tab adds to the roughly $100,000 McKnight estimates he
] has spent on Apple
] ] products for himself since buying his first Apple product
] more than 20 years ago.
] $100k?!?!?!??

Well, lets do the math. First, we can postulate anyone so fanatical that he stands in line for 2 days in the rain for ANYthing, let alone a freaking STORE to open just to say "I was the first customer - wheee!" likely = single, 40-something loser still living in mom and dads basement. Lets say 20 years rent free @ a conservative (for SF) $1,000 a month x 12 months x 20 years = $240k in cost of living expenses that he can blow on computer stuff instead.

As for income, even flippping burgers part time for $5k a year works out to $100,000 over 20 years.

Sure - the numbers pan out. -LB

RE: - Apple opens big store with pomp - Feb. 28, 2004

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