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Current Topic: Local Information

Another gelatinous blob, but this one stinks
Topic: Local Information 6:43 pm EDT, Aug 13, 2003

"LITTLE EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (AP) -- It smells like rotten eggs at best, decomposing flesh at worst. It looks like the pods from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."
"It's frightening," said Eileen Masterson. "We can't swim because the odor is so horrible and we won't crab here because we don't know whether it's safe"
" The substance, which was noticed about two weeks ago, consists of jelly-like bulbs that undulate with the waves just below the surface. "

What is it...These things just keep popping up...Figures the one from jersey smells like shit.

Another gelatinous blob, but this one stinks

Police find robbery suspect naked and bound with duct tape - Thursday, 07/10/03
Topic: Local Information 1:37 pm EDT, Jul 11, 2003

] The attempted robbery suspect was already subdued when
] Metro police arrived on the scene; he also was naked and
] bound with duct tape.

] The suspect, Gregory Leon Bell, 38, of Ward Street was
] arrested and charged with five counts of attempted
] aggravated robbery. He was being held in Metro Jail last
] night in lieu of $250,000 bail.

How much did he expect to get from the dollar store? But the bigger question here is why did they strip him?

Police find robbery suspect naked and bound with duct tape - Thursday, 07/10/03

Asbury Park Press | Official: Plant did not kill any fish
Topic: Local Information 12:06 am EDT, May 28, 2003

] At least 100 dead fish were seen yesterday floating in
] the Oyster Creek by the nuclear power plant here, a
] veteran fisherman reported.
] Plant investigators saw four dead fish by the Route 9
] bridge that crosses the creek and another near the
] plant's property line, but officials here said the plant
] did not cause them to die.
] "We've checked all of our systems and we've done
] nothing," said Ernest J. Harkness, site vice president at
] the Oyster Creek plant.

] The plant was shut down since Tuesday following an
] electrical malfunction. Power generation should resume
] within the next two days, Harkness said.
] In December, the largest fine ever assessed on a New
] Jersey nuclear power plant for causing a fish kill --
] $372,912 -- was levied by the state Department of
] Environmental Protection against Oyster Creek.

Oh yeah.. The plant is _never_ killing the fish. Not this time, not earlier this year, not every six months this happens.

This time it was only a few hundred (or the offical number of "four"), last time it was thousands. Does this mean they are getting better?

The workers are still striking too..

Asbury Park Press | Official: Plant did not kill any fish

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