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Current Topic: Recreation

Eminem sues Apple, MTV over iTunes ad
Topic: Recreation 7:47 pm EST, Feb 24, 2004

] DETROIT (Reuters) %u2014 Rap superstar Eminem, who claims
] he could fetch more than $10 million for endorsing a
] product, is suing Apple Computer on grounds it used one
] of his hit songs in a TV advertisement without
] permission.
] Eight Mile Style, music publisher of the artist whose
] real name is Marshall Mathers III, filed the copyright
] infringement lawsuit last Friday in U.S. District Court
] in Detroit. It also names Viacom, its MTV subsidiary and
] TBWA/Chiat/Day advertising agency as plaintiffs.

NEWS FLASH FOR EMINEM - Just a hunch, but suing MTV PROBABLY isn't going to do wonders for future exposure on their networks.

Eminem sues Apple, MTV over iTunes ad

IFILM - Super Bowl Ads
Topic: Recreation 8:29 am EST, Feb  3, 2004

Commercials from the Super Bowl - without all those damn "game breaks".


IFILM - Super Bowl Ads

Mars Roving: Andy Mishkin's Blog
Topic: Recreation 3:03 pm EST, Jan 14, 2004

] The day before yesterday, my wife came home with a new license
] plate frame for my car: "My other cars are on Mars."
  . . .
] I just finished working the Martian night (which today happened
] to be daytime at JPL), planning Spirit's activities for Sol 5,
] the rover's fifth day on the surface. The uplink team is doing a
] great job of getting a lot done in a short amount of time. The
] rover seems to be getting more sleep than we do...
 . . .
] I'll make additions to this site as often as living on
] Mars time and exploring an alien planet permit...

This is a new blog page that was created by my childhood friend Andy Mishkin. In it he's documenting some of the day-to-day activities at JPL. Fun reading!

Mars Roving: Andy Mishkin's Blog

'Freddy vs. Jason' scares up weekend win
Topic: Recreation 11:33 pm EDT, Aug 17, 2003

] California (Reuters) -- Corpses littered the weekend box
] office in North America, but this time they weren't the
] remains of overhyped, costly flops.
] Instead, they belonged to hapless victims in the top
] three movies, led by teen horror "Freddy vs. Jason,"
] which shocked the industry with a surprisingly strong
] $36.4 million opening.

Damn! $36 million is unheard of for a horror flicks opening weekend. That kind of figure is more indicative of its ENTIRE box office run.

'Freddy vs. Jason' scares up weekend win

Finding trilobites by the bucket, for free
Topic: Recreation 12:07 am EDT, Jun 27, 2003

] A blur of platted hair, arms and legs dives into the pile
] of dirt and rocks, searching for hidden treasures.
] It takes only seconds before the first high-pitched voice
] screams, "I found one!"
] "Hey, here's another one," cries out a young girl. "I'm
] finding lots of them."
] Within minutes, plastic freezer bags are stuffed with
] chunks of gray rock containing trilobites, brachiopods
] and horn corals -- Devonian-era fossils from creatures
] that inhabited the Earth 350 million years ago.
] Fossil Park, which has been built in an abandoned 5-acre
] (2-hectare) quarry about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from
] downtown Toledo, is open for its second full season this
] summer.
] And visitors can keep what they find.


Finding trilobites by the bucket, for free

Sorry, Klingon interpreters, Oregon's not hiring
Topic: Recreation 12:17 am EDT, May 19, 2003

] The office that treats mental health patients in
] Multnomah County had included Klingon on a list of 55
] languages that could be spoken by incoming patients.
] But the inclusion of the Star Trek language drew a spate
] of tongue-in-cheek headlines.
] And now the county has rescinded its call, stressing that
] it hasn't spent a penny of public money on Klingon
] interpretation.
] "It was a mistake, and a result of an overzealous attempt
] to ensure that our safety net systems can respond to all
] customers and clients," Multnomah County chair Diane Linn
] said in a news release.
] County officials had previously said that no patient had
] ever come in speaking only Klingon, but that the county
] would pay a Klingon interpreter in the unlikely case one
] was actually needed.
] In recent years, Klingon has gone from being a fictional
] tongue for the Star Trek television and movie series to a
] complete language, with its own grammar, syntax and
] vocabulary.

Hmmm... I wonder how long before my local jr college starts "Klingese as a second language" courses?

Laughing Boy

Sorry, Klingon interpreters, Oregon's not hiring

Marijuana-scented phone covers cause hangup - May. 8, 2003
Topic: Recreation 2:23 am EDT, May  9, 2003

] SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) - Marijuana-scented cell
] phone covers caused such a buzz in Australia that the
] company selling them had to pull them out of a technology
] fair in Sydney Wednesday.
] Local authorities and New South Wales state Premier Bob
] Carr slammed the green, marijuana-motif covers as
] promoting drug use to young people.
] "A big over-reaction," said Robert Punch, founder, owner
] and CEO of Corporate Phone Covers.
] "It's a novelty. You wouldn't go and buy a big block of
] chocolate after smelling the chocolate one," he said.
] Made in China and arrayed next to chocolate, strawberry,
] blueberry, cherry and rose-scented snap-on covers, the
] marijuana version sold well, though only to the over 18s,
] Punch said.
] "It sells better than the strawberry, much better," he
] said.

Marijuana-scented phone covers cause hangup - May. 8, 2003

Roller coaster lovers get a new high - 420 feet
Topic: Recreation 3:17 pm EDT, May  4, 2003

Road trip anyone? :D

] The much-ballyhooed roller coaster, opening to the public
] Sunday, soars 420 feet - a third higher than the
] current record holder. And it hits 120 miles per hour,
] nearly twice as fast as most coasters.

Laughing Boy

Roller coaster lovers get a new high - 420 feet

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