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RE: eBay item - Haunted Nintendo Entertainment System - Paranormal NES


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RE: eBay item - Haunted Nintendo Entertainment System - Paranormal NES
Topic: Games 3:21 pm EST, Mar 15, 2005

Rattle wrote:
] ] When I purchased this Unit I asked the owner of the shop
] ] about who brought the System in, and what he actually
] ] told me was that a gentleman had donated it that same
] ] morning and said "It was just sitting in his attic", and
] ] according to him, it supposedly belonged to his son who
] ] passed away years ago.
] ] I brought this System home, and on the first night of
] ] playing, about 10 minutes into the game, I began hearing
] ] sounds similar to human voices, mumbling to the
] ] background music of the television.
] ] On 3 separate occasions I've had the game 'Pause' by
] ] itself, without having my finger anywhere near the 'Start'
] ] button of the controller, and the really suspicious thing
] ] about it was the fact the timing of the Pause always
] ] happened to be during an intense moment of a game,
] ] as if the intentions were made for me to lose.
] ] And not only with me. I've invited close friends and family
] ] members over, and some but not all have witnessed
] ] something strange happen, like the one time the 'Arrow
] ] icon' on the Main Options screen of a game actually moved
] ] down to 2 Player Mode, all while the controller was out
] ] of my hand.
] ] Even my cat won't go anywhere near this System, unless
] ] she's 5 feet away and hesitating to sniff at it, and not
] only
] ] that, she's been running back and forth through the house
] ] in the middle of the night during the past few weeks, and
] ] that's something she's never done in the entire 8 years
] ] that I've owned her.
] ] I sincerely believe there may be some form of strong
] ] connection or attachment between this system and its
] ] previous owner.
] Currently priced at $152.50. This has Laughing Boy written
] all over it.
] Booga-Booga!

NES??? thats so 1988. Why couldn't it be a haunted X-Box??


There are so many "haunted" items on Ebay, word has it they will be starting an entire subcategory for the genre...

Sounds like he ought to invest in a can of electronic switch cleaner. :)

RE: eBay item - Haunted Nintendo Entertainment System - Paranormal NES

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