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RE: Unions Pay Dearly for Success


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RE: Unions Pay Dearly for Success
Topic: Business 10:30 am EST, Feb 14, 2006

finethen wrote:

Laughing Boy wrote:

Thats BAD news? Unions are an idea whos time came and WENT.


What rubbish. Thats like saying corporations are an idea that came and went. Unions are unsuccessful because of the illegal union-busting that companies like Wal-Mart and McDonalds practice but the National Labor Relations Board refuses to punish.
Now that more americans than ever work in companies like that (i.e, the service industry) unions are a much needed defense.

The article is rubbish too. If unions were a victim of their own success than Wal-Mart wouldn't have had a 6 million person class action sexual discrimination suit against it, and the number one killer of latinos wouldn't be construction related accidents.

Unions are a victim all right, but not of any kind of success.

no your spewing is rubbish. Unions were established at a time when labor laws were lax at best or totally non-existant. Watch "Hoffa" for a history lesson Re: the Teamsters.

Today, because of greedy unions, corporations have no choice but to close plants and ship jobs over seas because the fucking unions are totally unresonable. Look at the airline industry - corporate profit earnings are DOWN and the fucking stupid-ass unions are still striking for a RAISE??? What part of "earnings down" does not compute???

Or lets sum it up like this - take a pay cut or lose a job. You figure out the lesser of the two evils.


RE: Unions Pay Dearly for Success

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