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Current Topic: Computers

Apple - Mac OS X - 200 New Features
Topic: Computers 1:53 am EDT, Apr 18, 2005

A boatload of new features listed.

Apple - Mac OS X - 200 New Features

Gran Turismo 4 - First Drive - Motor Trend
Topic: Computers 2:19 am EST, Feb 26, 2005

] We got it, we played it, we love it. Polyphony Digital's
] latest-generation Gran Turismo introduces a toolbox full
] of new features that'll have you playing for hours,
] sometimes without even driving a single lap. Ever want to
] race in the Grand Canyon? On ice? Around New York City,
] Hong Kong, The Cote D'Azure? How about a drag race down
] the Las Vegas Strip? Now you can take your pick--all over
] the world, on any track, on any surface.
] While GT3 offered 38 tracks and 150 cars from 38
] manufacturers, GT4 offers more than 700 cars from 80
] manufacturers and up to 100 tracks along with a variety
] of race modes. GT Career Simulation Mode and GT Arcade
] Mode are still available, but also added are GT Director,
] B-Spec, and GT Photo modes.

Gran Turismo 4 - First Drive - Motor Trend

Modern Tech Support
Topic: Computers 11:09 pm EDT, Oct  5, 2004

This is so true and funny...

Modern Tech Support

Turn your PC into a Mac
Topic: Computers 2:33 am EDT, Jun 12, 2004

] So, you wanna make your ugly Windows XP interface look
] like Mac OS X, huh? It’s really not all that difficult
] to do, and with a little luck, you’ll be able to
] convince all but the most die-hard Mac users that you run
] an Apple computer. First, here’s a list of the programs
] you’ll need:

This rocks!

Turn your PC into a Mac

German Teen 'confesses' to Sasser worm
Topic: Computers 9:06 am EDT, May  8, 2004

] An 18-year-old German high school student has admitted
] creating the Sasser internet worm, police say.
] The worm spread through an estimated 18 million computers
] across the world last week, continually shutting down and
] rebooting them.
] The teenager was arrested on Friday in the town of
] Rotenburg in northern Germany, and has now been released.

German Teen 'confesses' to Sasser worm

Sony plays up future of video games - News - ZDNet
Topic: Computers 9:29 pm EST, Mar 26, 2004

] But the PlayStation 6 should really rock.
] Some of the biggest changes, they assert, will center on
] the way players control and interact with games. Forget
] mashing the "X" button; future games will use cameras to
] read your body movements and facial expressions, plus
] microphones backed by advance speech recognition
] technology to recognize vocal commands. And perhaps
] they'll all be crammed into your personal entertainment
] robot, so the game sensors follow you wherever you go.

Sony plays up future of video games - News - ZDNet

Apple Launches Repair Program for Some iBooks
Topic: Computers 12:42 am EST, Jan 31, 2004

Cupertino, California-based Apple said it will repair these components for free and offer a full refund for customers who have already paid for the repair. Apple will pay for shipping costs, the company said.

Apple Launches Repair Program for Some iBooks

The FBI HQ runs Macs, so does the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Topic: Computers 3:33 pm EST, Jan 29, 2004

] Dave had some surprises up his sleeve as well. You'll
] remember that I said he was using a ThinkPad (running
] Windows!). I asked him about that, and he told us that
] many of the computer security folks back at FBI HQ use
] Macs running OS X, since those machines can do just about
] anything: run software for Mac, Unix, or Windows, using
] either a GUI or the command line. And they're secure out
] of the box. In the field, however, they don't have as
] much money to spend, so they have to stretch their
] dollars by buying WinTel-based hardware. Are you
] listening, Apple? The FBI wants to buy your stuff. Talk
] to them!
] Dave also had a great quotation for us: "If you're a bad
] guy and you want to frustrate law enforcement, use a
] Mac." Basically, police and government agencies know what
] to do with seized Windows machines. They can recover
] whatever information they want, with tools that they've
] used countless times. The same holds true, but to a
] lesser degree, for Unix-based machines. But Macs
] evidently stymie most law enforcement personnel. They
] just don't know how to recover data on them. So what do
] they do? By and large, law enforcement personnel in
] American end up sending impounded Macs needing data
] recovery to the acknowledged North American Mac experts:
] the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Evidently the Mounties
] have built up a know

The FBI HQ runs Macs, so does the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

luke hates software - Introductory linux hate
Topic: Computers 10:20 pm EST, Jan 14, 2004

] From: Luke A. Kanies
] Date: 06:37 on 14 Jan 2004
] Subject: Introductory linux hate
] Wow, maybe this list will be my saviour.... I've got so
] much software bile it's giving me an ulcer. So much... But this month
] it's linux. I hate most software, and especially operating systems, but
] I reserve a special place in my cankerous stomach for linux.
] I just want two simple things (in this case): Audio, and
] my LCD powered off after a timeout.

Keep reading...this is good stuff! :)

luke hates software - Introductory linux hate

Apple iBook Logic Board (motherboard) problems: Flickering screen? You're not the only one.
Topic: Computers 11:18 pm EST, Jan  3, 2004

Sign up for the petitiion for the class action suit against apple for the iBook problems.

Apple iBook Logic Board (motherboard) problems: Flickering screen? You're not the only one.

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