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Current Topic: Computers

Index of /mavcable/phreaknic-pics/
Topic: Computers 7:40 pm EST, Nov 21, 2002

Check out Mavericks leet pics from Phreaknic!

Index of /mavcable/phreaknic-pics/

Topic: Computers 12:09 pm EST, Nov 19, 2002

] "Now available for PC, Mac OS 9.2, and Mac OS X.
] TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.0 is the most powerful and versatile
] software solution for professional DJ mixing, live
] remixing and mix recording using tracks in MP3, WAV,
] AIFF, and Audio CD* format.
] Unique tools for advanced DJ mixing
] TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.0 exceeds the possibilities of
] traditional DJ equipment by implementing a vast range of
] mixing features that only software can provide.
] This includes graphic waveform displays, tempo
] recognition and automatic synchronization, up to 10 cue
] points and 10 tempo-precise loops per track, and a track
] database with ultra fast search function.
] TRAKTOR DJ Studio 2.0 was developed in cooperation with
] professional DJs and opens up a whole new world of
] real-time mixing and remixing possibilities. "

Very Cool!


Mac OS X: About the Mac OS X 10.2.2 Update
Topic: Computers 5:28 pm EST, Nov 11, 2002

Most interesting feature:

] "Provides a foundation for the journalling filesystem
] (JFS), which may currently be enabled via Disk Utility on
] Mac OS X Server systems"

Mac OS X: About the Mac OS X 10.2.2 Update

Yahoo! News - Notre Dame Math Whiz Cracks Certicom Code Contest
Topic: Computers 4:40 pm EST, Nov  6, 2002

] "Consider the work that went into cracking a secret code
] developed by Toronto-based Certicom Corp. (Toronto:CIC.TO
] - news), which makes wireless encryption software.
] It took the power of 10,000 computers running around the
] clock for 549 days, coupled with the brain power of a
] mathematician at Indiana's University of Notre Dame, to
] complete one of the world's largest single math
] computations. "

Yahoo! News - Notre Dame Math Whiz Cracks Certicom Code Contest

Cheaper, faster iBooks coming this week
Topic: Computers 4:55 pm EST, Nov  4, 2002

] "Apple Computer is expected to unveil cheaper, faster
] iBooks later this week, according to sources, in an
] effort to boost holiday sales of its portable laptop.
] The Mac maker plans to drop prices by $200 across the
] iBook line, bringing the price of the entry-level model
] under $1,000, sources said. The new iBooks are also
] expected to be 100MHz faster than previous machines,
] sources said. "

Cheaper, faster iBooks coming this week

CodeTek Studios, Inc.
Topic: Computers 11:57 am EST, Oct 30, 2002

"Imagine if, instead of having 1 monitor attached to your computer, you had 100 monitors attached to your computer. Then imagine that each of those monitors could display different windows and applications that you were running so that you could dedicate a monitor to different parts of how you will use your computer to accomplish your work. Then imagine that any time you want you could bring one of those monitors right in front of you so that you could easily access the different windows and applications on each monitor. "

CodeTek Studios, Inc.

Report: Apple will go Intel next year
Topic: Computers 11:04 am EST, Oct 29, 2002

"Apple's "continued technical disadvantage" -- which we assume means the race for computer processing speed -- against Intel is expected to force it to adopt x86 technology by the end of 2003, according to a new report by Giga Information Group Inc., a global technology advisory firm. "

Apple prediction...

Report: Apple will go Intel next year

Darwin 6.0.2 for x86 Released
Topic: Computers 5:41 pm EST, Oct 28, 2002

"Apple has released the x86 version 6.0.2 of Darwin, the FreeBSD-based core of Mac OS X. You can download the bootable ISO on Apple's site"

Darwin 6.0.2 for x86 Released

Saddam Hussein's email account hacked!
Topic: Computers 4:02 pm EST, Oct 28, 2002

"It's not clear whether Saddam uses e-mail or even knows how to operate a personal computer. But scores of people write to him each week at, the e-mail address listed on the official homepage of the Iraqi presidency since at least October 2000. "

Saddam Hussein's email account hacked!

Torvalds: Next Linux due by June (and comments about OSX)
Topic: Computers 7:56 pm EDT, Oct 25, 2002

"Still, in his talk Thursday, Torvalds didn't pull many punches.
"I never much liked Macs. All the interesting stuff is hidden away," he said, adding that he does like Apple hardware. Mac OS X is built on an open-source foundation--the Mach "microkernel" in combination with FreeBSD Unix--but Apple still keeps much secret about OS X's inner workings.
"They made the base of the house open-source, but all the rest of the stuff, the wiring, is their own stuff. I don't want that to happen with Linux," Torvalds said. Mac OS X "doesn't give me the warm-and-fuzzies. I actually dislike Mach a lot. I think they made a lot of bad design choices." "

I am starting to dislike Linus.

Torvalds: Next Linux due by June (and comments about OSX)

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