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Current Topic: Computers

Microsoft, Innovation, and Linux
Topic: Computers 9:27 pm EST, Dec 22, 2002

] "Want to have some fun? Get a copy of Connectix Virtual
] PC and add a few virtual operating systems to your
] computer, without the hassle of dual boot or complex
] incompatibilities. The system, free for 60 days from
], lets you create memory partitions on
] which you can run Linux simultaneously with Windows XP.
] You can run multiple versions of Linux at once to see if
] you like Linux enough to take the plunge."

Microsoft, Innovation, and Linux

XP Flaw Puts MP3, Windows Media Files at Risk
Topic: Computers 2:18 pm EST, Dec 19, 2002

] "Thanks to a newly found flaw in Windows XP, two of the
] most popular audio file formats can be used by crackers
] to take control of remote PCs. Users only need to hover
] their mouse pointers over the icons for malicious MP3 or
] Windows Media files to execute the attacker's code,
] Microsoft Corp. said in a bulletin published Wednesday.
] The vulnerability lies in the Windows Shell, which is the
] portion of the operating system responsible for defining
] the user's desktop as well as organizing files and
] folders and enabling the OS to start applications. An
] unchecked buffer in a function used by the shell to
] extract custom attribute data from audio files enables an
] attacker to create a malicious MP3 or Windows Media file
] and use it to run code on a remote user's machine. "

Man that just awesome.

XP Flaw Puts MP3, Windows Media Files at Risk

Covad Introduces Voice and Data Bundle Designed for Small Businesses
Topic: Computers 12:01 am EST, Dec 17, 2002

] "2002--Covad Communications
] introduced a voice and Internet access bundled service
] designed for small businesses in the San Francisco Bay
] Area. TeleXchange(SM) Integrated Services offers both
] business quality voice and data at up to 40 percent
] savings over phone company providers."

Finally, putting the 'V' in 'VAD. ;)

Covad Introduces Voice and Data Bundle Designed for Small Businesses

Intel's Grove warns of the end of Moore's Law
Topic: Computers 9:28 am EST, Dec 11, 2002

] "While Intel is seeking ways to design chips with
] multiple cores with improved design and better
] insulators, Grove suggested that Moore Law regarding the
] doubling of transistor densities every couple of years
] will be redundant by the end of the decade. Chip makers
] will have to make more efficient use of the transistor in
] order to deliver ever increasing performance, he
] suggested. "

Intel's Grove warns of the end of Moore's Law

HP plans to take Alpha to its omega
Topic: Computers 9:36 am EST, Dec  6, 2002

] "HP is retiring Alpha"

bye bye old friend.

HP plans to take Alpha to its omega

Topic: Computers 10:00 am EST, Dec  3, 2002

] "PGP Desktop for Macintosh 8.0 includes full support for
] Mac OS X (10.2 and later); new enhanced user interface;
] plug-in for Apple Mail that supports PGP/MIME (RFC 3156);
] Microsoft Entourage integration; dock and services
] integration; expanded Unicode support for multiple
] language and country support in keys and data; PGP Disk
] format compatibility between Mac OS X and Windows;
] encrypt using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in PGP
] Disk."


Next Microsoft operating system will be radical change from XP
Topic: Computers 2:36 pm EST, Nov 30, 2002

] "Windows XP has been on the market for a year now, so
] naturally everyone is clamoring for details on the next
] version of the world's most popular operating system --
] or so Microsoft Corp. hopes.
] Details are dribbling out, but Microsoft won't say a word
] on the record, declining to comment for this story.
] Analysts and software developers haven't been briefed,
] either.
] But here's what has leaked out so far."

Go Sun & Apple. :)

Next Microsoft operating system will be radical change from XP

DoveBid - Apple Computer, Inc. Auction Details
Topic: Computers 10:13 am EST, Nov 27, 2002

] "Apple Computers, Notebooks, and Peripherals
] All of the Apple product in this sale is Refurbished and
] comes with an Apple 1 year warranty. You can purchase an
] extended Apple Care warranty from Apple directly.
] 1 Day Online Auction
] Bidding begins Tuesday, December 3, 2002"

DoveBid - Apple Computer, Inc. Auction Details

Microsoft Creating Virtual Brain
Topic: Computers 2:34 am EST, Nov 23, 2002

] "Researchers at Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Media Presence
] Lab are developing a "virtual brain," a PC-based database
] that holds a record of an individual's complete life
] experience. Called MyLifeBits, the project aims to make
] this database of human memories searchable in the manner
] of a conventional search engine."

Microsoft Creating Virtual Brain

DoveBid: Apple to have one-day auction
Topic: Computers 2:32 am EST, Nov 23, 2002

] "Apple is having a one-day online auction of new and
] reconditioned computers, notebooks, and peripherals,
] according to a notice at DoveBid, which handles "business
] auctions and valuations worldwide."
] Bidding begins at 9:00 am (Pacific) on Tuesday, December
] 3, and will end at 4:00 pm. Items for auction will be
] available online on or after November 27 for "online
] preview and inspection only." Bids will, naturally, be
] placed online.
] To participate in the auction, you'll have to create a
] DoveBid account and agree to any event-specific terms and
] conditions. Since bids are accepted and processed by a
] computer server, "your results may differ from
] traditional auctioneer-led sales," according to Dovebid."

DoveBid: Apple to have one-day auction

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