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Current Topic: Computers

iBook screen problems: Injured wires, logic board failure
Topic: Computers 1:36 pm EST, Dec 30, 2003

There is an issue with several iBook units involving failing displays that we first reported on in-depth in mid-March and April of this year. Since those initial postings, Apple's discussion boards and MacFixIt's forums have been inundated with similar reports, leading to the notion that there may be a serious design flaw in Apple's dual-USB iBooks.

The problem most users are experiencing is a design flaw at the hinge to the display. Apparently there isn't enough room for the wires to pass through and handle the friction they receive by opening and closing the lid.


Sound like your issue?

iBook screen problems: Injured wires, logic board failure

Microsoft: Longhorn goes to pieces
Topic: Computers 4:52 pm EDT, May 27, 2003

] In a way, Longhorn, due in 2005, can be thought of as the
] Mr. Potato Head of operating systems:

My favorite quote of this article

Microsoft: Longhorn goes to pieces

Lost in cyberspace - The Bush administration?s war against a bogus threat
Topic: Computers 9:29 am EST, Mar  4, 2003

       HOW ELSE TO explain the credulity with which the Bush administration?s National Strategy To Secure Cyberspace was greeted last month? The 76-page document is chock full of what computer-security experts term ?FUD? ? geek shorthand for spreading bogus ?fear, uncertainty, and doubt.? Never mind that the hype over alleged ?cyberterrorism? has been thoroughly debunked, time and time again. The government?s information technology sages still trot out dubious stats in support of a looming ?cyberwar,? claiming that hostile nations possess legions of computer-savvy shock troops ready to knock out New York?s electricity, zap the nation?s phone lines, or open up the Hoover Dam.

What is your thoughts on Bush's "Secure Cyberspace"?

Lost in cyberspace - The Bush administration?s war against a bogus threat is where you will learn the abuse, fraud, & evil behind the PayPal system!
Topic: Computers 2:08 pm EST, Feb 27, 2003

So, what's wrong with PayPal and why is this site here?

PayPal Sucks is an anti paypal site to expose the nightmare of doing business "the paypal way." Post your complaints, troubles, fraud stories, lawsuits, and other dissatisfaction in the forums. Read the links & faq pages for help in resolving your paypal troubles and complaints. Read the options page to find an alternative to paypal, perhaps even get yourself your own merchant account to access credit cards directly. To enumerate the complaints:

1. Their customer service is horrible. They hide their telephone number, (intentionally - by their own admission) and only provide support via "form" emails:

As for the customer service, Sollitto said they intentionally make the phone number very difficult to find in order to save costs."

If you have a problem, you are at their mercy! (And you will eventually have a problem.)

2. Their terms of service are not completely disclosed upon signup and some key "conditions" are not disclosed. No place do they openly tell potential members that their money is 100% at risk. That PayPal can, will, and has in the past, completely cleaned out customers' accounts, (including your checking or savings account) with no appeals process available.

3. If PayPal feels your actions are questionable, PayPal is the investigator, judge, jury and executioner. "Telling your side" of what happened, in most cases seems to be irrelevant. They also refuse to provide you with the details of their investigation and withhold documents they relied upon to make their decisions. Your only contact will be an email that says:

Thank you for contacting PayPal. We apologize for the delay in respondingto your service request.

After review, the decision has been made to keep your account locked. Thisdecision cannot be appealed.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email.

That will be end of it as far as PayPal is concerned. You can email back, but you'll just get more of the same.

4. If you are a bona fide, up-standing individual with hundreds of successful transactions, but someone pays you with a stolen credit card, your account (by PayPal's own admission) is immediately flagged as being "criminal behavior" and any money in that account is confiscated. If a customer "disputes" the charge, same thing happens. (See email above.)

5. PayPal's fees are now up to 2.9% plus $.35 per transaction. A money order costs $.50 to $1. The bank charges most businesses $.05 to $.12 per check. A good credit card merchant account is about 2.3%. (Plus you can contest chargebacks and have merchant rights.) On a $100 item, PayPal's fee is over $3. At one time, PayPal was the cheapest way to send money, but they are now one of the most expensive, plus you totally at their mercy in regards to chargebacks.

6. Money sent from PayPal account to PayPal account is subject to the exact same fees credit card purchases are. Thus every transaction makes PayPal money, but it's nothing more than an entry in a computer database on their system. No money has actually moved. is where you will learn the abuse, fraud, & evil behind the PayPal system!

Dell saying bye to floppy disk drives
Topic: Computers 3:25 pm EST, Feb 18, 2003

] Apple Computer stopped putting floppy drives in Macintosh
] computers several years ago, but other PC firms,
] including No. 1 personal computer maker Hewlett-Packard,
] still offer them. Dell says the floppy will first be phased out
] on higher end computers because those users are more likely to be
] utilizing flash memory, portable hard drives, and other
] alternative portable storage devices.

Thank you!

Dell saying bye to floppy disk drives

'Selfish' routers slow the Internet
Topic: Computers 11:47 am EST, Feb 16, 2003

That's the conclusion two Cornell University computer scientists came to after finding that computer networks tend to be "selfish" when each tries to route traffic by the fastest pathway, causing that path to become congested and slow.

If the routers that direct the packets of data could be programmed with some altruism, the information might be able to reach its destination a little faster while allowing other packets to also move more quickly.

Damn Selfish Routers!

'Selfish' routers slow the Internet

NetNewsWire: More news, less junk. Faster for OSX
Topic: Computers 8:57 am EST, Feb 12, 2003

] NetNewsWire Pro 1.0 is now officially shipping today. Go
] out and download your copy of this RSS feed-watcher. At
] $30, NetNewsWire doubles as a weblog editor as well as a
] notepad and RSS feed reader. This is one of the programs
] I could not live without. Thanks much to Brent from
] Ranchero for all his hard work

The following features are in both the full version of NetNewsWire and in NetNewsWire Lite...

- Remembers which items you’ve read, and lets you know when there are new items, so you spend less time surfing.

- Reads RSS news files from thousands of different websites.

- Comes with hundreds of sites you can subscribe to with one click.

w1ld: Looks interesting. Check it out.

NetNewsWire: More news, less junk. Faster for OSX

Experts: Microsoft security gets an 'F'
Topic: Computers 11:41 am EST, Feb  1, 2003

Computer security experts say the recent "SQL Slammer" worm, the worst in more than a year, is evidence that Microsoft's year-old security push is not working.

"Trustworthy Computing is failing," Russ Cooper of TruSecure Corp. said of the Microsoft initiative. "I gave it a 'D-minus' at the beginning of the year, and now I'd give it an 'F."'

Experts: Microsoft security gets an 'F'

A Pared-Back Security Initiative
Topic: Computers 7:32 pm EST, Jan  7, 2003

] "The Bush administration has reduced by nearly half its
] initiatives to tighten security for vital computer
] networks, giving more responsibility to the new
] Department of Homeland Security and eliminating an
] earlier proposal to consult regularly with privacy
] experts.
] An internal draft of the administration's upcoming plan
] to improve cybersecurity also no longer includes a number
] of voluntary proposals for America's corporations to
] improve security, focusing instead on suggestions for
] U.S. government agencies, such as a broad new study
] assessing risks.
] "Governments can lead by example in cyberspace security,"
] the draft said."

Would love to hear what you have to say about that last quote. :)

A Pared-Back Security Initiative

Sun Wins, Microsoft Ordered to Carry Java
Topic: Computers 10:41 pm EST, Dec 23, 2002

] "Sun Microsystems Inc. (NasdaqNM:SUNW - news) won a major
] antitrust victory against Microsoft Corp. (NasdaqNM:MSFT
] - news) on Monday when a federal judge ordered Microsoft
] to distribute Sun's Java programming language in its
] Windows operating system.

Go Sun!

Sun Wins, Microsoft Ordered to Carry Java

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