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Current Topic: Recreation

Topic: Recreation 9:20 am EDT, May 13, 2005

] It is just a name. I got the idea to change the name of
] the board game "Monopoly" to "Blog-log-poly" and then to
] "Blog-poly".

] It is just a game. It is fun to use the board to lay out
] the Blogosphere Ecosystem. It helps me to think and learn
] about blogging culture by transforming the original game
] into this version. I had to think about which company and
] enterprise to choose and set up first on the board. The
] space is limited, so I picked well known names in
] blogging industry.

] If you do not like to use AIM then choose the Chinese QQ
] to replace it. If you do not like to use Instant
] Messenger for a railway station then choose browser to
] replace it.


Share your Gaming History
Topic: Recreation 8:17 am EDT, Apr  9, 2005

] We're creating a history of video games, not just with
] input from experts (we'll use some of course) but
] primarily using a lot of real players' experiences with
] the role of video games in their lives.

] So what did you play? What games stand out in your memories? Did
] you play in groups, or by yourself, did this change over time, or
] from game to game? What skills do you think you learned from each
] game? Has a videogame ever helped you in "real life"?

Share you insight

Share your Gaming History

Topic: Recreation 9:17 pm EDT, Apr  3, 2005

Great shirt


Library Shuffles Its Collection
Topic: Recreation 7:45 am EST, Mar  3, 2005

] This week the South Huntington Public Library on Long
] Island, New York, became one of the first public
] libraries in the country to loan out iPod shuffles.

] For the past three weeks, the library ran a pilot program
] using the portable MP3 devices to store audio books
] downloaded from the Apple iTunes Music Store. They
] started with six shuffles, and now are up to a total of
] 10. Each device holds a single audio book.

] The few library patrons that have checked them out seem
] to have had positive experiences.

] Lee Jacknow, 61, a retired professor of engineering who
] currently has one iPod shuffle checked out with the new
] John Grisham novel on it, said that having the iPod has
] changed the way he listens to audio books.

] "It's changed the books on tape from a car-only
] experience to a bring-it-with-you experience," he said.

] Ken Weil, the library's director, said that the library
] had been looking for a way to share digital audio content
] with its patrons for some time, and that until recently,
] the existing iPods were far too expensive.

] "It's the right product with the right price," he said.
] "We said that this is a great way of getting these out to
] the public."

] Instead of having an entire book take up several CDs, one
] book fits within several MP3 files, usually ranging from
] 150 MB to 350 MB, he said. The library currently stocks
] both of the two versions of the iPod shuffle -- six of
] the 1-GB model, and four of the 512-MB model.

] In addition, the library has the potential to save a
] great deal of money. Latini said that most titles on CDs
] cost the library around $75, whereas in MP3 format, they
] range from $15 to $25.

] "In the end, obviously, we're literally saving money," he
] said. "The units are paying for themselves."

] The library even throws in a cassette adapter and an FM
] transmitter for use in a car.

Library Shuffles Its Collection

Avoiding Tolls On The Massachusetts Turnpike
Topic: Recreation 7:41 am EST, Mar  2, 2005

] Recently, while giving away yet another $1.00 of my
] hard-earned money for the privilege of driving into town,
] I wondered: how flexible are they about the tolls? So I
] decided to undertake a series of experiments.

] There are three ways to pay tolls on the "Mass Pike," as
] we call it:

] 1) You can drive through the "Fast Lane," which is a
] computerized system that detects a small device that you
] keep on your windshield, while pelting your car with
] gamma rays and slowly giving you cancer of the prostate.
] All Fast Lanes require that you slow your car to 15 mph,
] and some make you stop completely, giving new meaning to
] the word "Fast."

] 2) You can pay cash to the friendly toll booth operator,
] who will give you change, and, if you're lucky, a surly
] grunt.

] 3) If you have exact change, you can use the "baskets,"
] which are big scoop-shaped buckets into which you throw
] your money. The money slides down a chute, where it is
] then processed by either highly efficient money-sorting
] machinery, or financially astute elves. It's a mystery.

If you have a few minutes read through it. It is rather funny. I especially like the last experiment and letters.

Avoiding Tolls On The Massachusetts Turnpike

Chattahoochee in Atlanta
Topic: Recreation 8:03 pm EST, Jan 18, 2005

] Cochran Shoals Unit

] Joggers, walkers trail bikers, and dog walkers make this
] one of the busiest park units in the CRNRA. At 9:04 a.m.
] on a Friday morning, 46 cars were counted in the parking
] lot as health and fitness enthusiasts started their
] routines. An expansive floodplain and wetlands area,
] often 2,500 feet wide, parallels the river. Here a 3-mile
] fitness trail has been installed with 22 exercise
] stations. This unit also provides access to the only
] bicycle trail in the CRNRA, a yellow-blazed trail which
] winds through Cochran Shoals and the neighboring Sope
] Creek Unit. Biker speed limit is 10 mph.

] Facilities: Picnic area, hiking trail, fitness trail,
] bike trail access

] Directions: From I-285, exit west onto Northside Parkway.
] Turn left onto Interstate North Parkway. Cross the river
] and turn right into Cochran Shoals parking lot.

This might be worth a try since it is not very far away

Chattahoochee in Atlanta

Darth Tater
Topic: Recreation 9:55 am EST, Jan 14, 2005

] Hasbro's latest Star Wars toy is total genius: a Darth Vader version
] of Mr Potatohead called Darth Tater!

Kinda cute

Darth Tater

I Gave My Word To Stop At Third
Topic: Recreation 11:02 pm EST, Jan 12, 2005

Teen Abstinence Day shirt

I Gave My Word To Stop At Third

Meet the Cubes
Topic: Recreation 7:06 am EST, Jan 11, 2005

] Bob, Joe, Ted, and Ann spend eight hours a day, five days
] a week, at tiny desks in tiny cubicles in a giant room
] packed with countless similar cubicles in a giant
] building filled with countless similar rooms.

] Each set has one 2-3/4" posable plastic figure and all
] the necessary plastic parts to build a classic corporate
] cube: four walls, desk, chair, file cabinet, in/out box,
] phone, and computer. Comes with a sticker sheet of decor
] for your cube, complete with graphs, charts, screens for
] the computer and pithy office posters.

Meet the Cubes

The GeekTest
Topic: Recreation 10:59 am EST, Dec 18, 2004

if you have not ever taken this test you should. I think you all probably qualify in some way shape or form.

The GeekTest

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