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Current Topic: Movies

Ebert not happy with new Star Wars film
Topic: Movies 11:23 am EDT, May 15, 2002

"There is a certain lifelessness in some of the acting, perhaps because the actors were often filmed in front of blue screens so their environments could be added later by computer. Actors speak more slowly than they might--flatly, factually, formally, as if reciting. Sometimes that reflects the ponderous load of the mythology they represent. At other times it simply shows that what they have to say is banal. "Episode II-- Attack of the Clones" is a technological exercise that lacks juice and delight. The title is more appropriate than it should be."

Ebert not impressed with clones...

Ebert not happy with new Star Wars film Force Fizzle
Topic: Movies 11:06 am EDT, May 15, 2002

The emotional climax of "Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones" is fabulous. Soaring and majestic, it reaches deep inside you to stroke chords of fond memory, to reaffirm the pleasure and healing power of narrative, to liberate the imagination.

Unfortunately, it comes in the first two seconds.

After that, the movie doesn't go downhill or uphill; it doesn't go anywhere. It flatlines.

Memo to George Lucas: Hire an editor, bud.

... It's too long, it's too dull, it's too lame. Lucas seems to have based this episode on "The McLaughlin Group."

... What little story creeps out in dribs and drabs ... Hmmm, I forget what happens next.

This is now the second "Episode II really sucks" review I've seen; NYT's A.O. Scott said much the same thing in last week's review. Force Fizzle

Wired 10.06: Spielberg in the Twilight Zone
Topic: Movies 4:57 pm EDT, May 14, 2002

"Adorable aliens and menacing dinos made him the biggest science fiction director of all time. With Minority Report he's finally turning to the dark side."

I balked at the previews for this, but it actually sounds like it could be really cool...

Wired 10.06: Spielberg in the Twilight Zone

Yahoo! News - Lucas Offers New Hope with 'Clones'
Topic: Movies 1:14 am EDT, Apr 25, 2002

"Jar Jar has been blessedly reduced to a bit part, appearing only briefly in Attack of the Clones. And 'N Sync, who supposedly shot a cameo for a Jedi battle scene, reportedly wound up on the cutting-room floor.
"George is now much smarter about what he should do and should not do," a source close to the director told Newsweek. "He's not a stupid man. He doesn't want to hurt the franchise." "

Hrm... I remain skeptical. The mushy clones preview on Harry Potter's opening night was booed by the entire audience at the Metreon. I don't think these guys realize just how baddly they fucked up.

Yahoo! News - Lucas Offers New Hope with 'Clones'

Ain't It Cool News - View Article
Topic: Movies 11:23 am EST, Mar 18, 2002

"I saw Star Wars Episode Two: Attack of the Clones hours ago. The ‘how’ of that will be a thing of mystery buried in a passed piece of paper from my book signing with a hotel, a room number and a time listed upon it. You don’t want to know about that room or the person(s) in that room, you want to know about Episode Two. "

As this thing is flying around the net I figured I should link it here too... SWII review by someone who has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. He does a good job of making the film sound interesting, which is likely why he was chosen for this private screening. No mention of N'Sync's roll in the film. :) I have to say I remain skeptical.

Ain't It Cool News - View Article

Waking Life
Topic: Movies 2:33 pm EST, Jan 15, 2002

Highly recommended. A dreamscape in which the character has conversations with his ideas. It reminds me of slacker, but this is much more abstract. Go see it.

Waking Life

Tron's 20th Anniversary / Director discusses groundbreaking computer animated film
Topic: Movies 3:09 pm EST, Jan  9, 2002

Makers look back at TRON...

Tron's 20th Anniversary / Director discusses groundbreaking computer animated film

Top 250 films
Topic: Movies 2:59 am EST, Nov  7, 2001

Don't know what movie to rent? IMDB's list of the top 250 films (voted on by their user base) is a good place to start. How many of the top 100 have *you* seen?

Top 250 films

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