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Current Topic: Electronic Music

Kraftwerk - Autobahn
Topic: Electronic Music 9:14 am EDT, Jun  1, 2007

A classic.

Kraftwerk - Autobahn

Topic: Electronic Music 3:23 am EDT, Mar 20, 2007

totally awesome...

also vid on youtube


YouTube - Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop
Topic: Electronic Music 12:19 am EST, Feb 15, 2007

This fascinating, brilliant 20-minute video narrates the history of the "Amen Break," a six-second drum sample from the b-side of a chart-topping single from 1969. This sample was used extensively in early hiphop and sample-based music, and became the basis for drum-and-bass and jungle music -- a six-second clip that spawned several entire subcultures. Nate Harrison's 2004 video is a meditation on the ownership of culture, the nature of art and creativity, and the history of a remarkable music clip.

YouTube - Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop

YouTube - Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser
Topic: Electronic Music 7:09 pm EST, Feb  3, 2007

Front Line Assembly's hit track 'Mindphaser' from their 1992 release 'Tactical Neural Implant'

Here is a blast from the past. If you don't know this band you might not be impressed with this but I had no idea they had made music videos. Funny that this is what evokes memories of high school for me. Much less innocent than what my parents listened to, and simultaneously much more innocent.

YouTube - Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser

YouTube - The Bottom Line
Topic: Electronic Music 3:19 am EST, Jan 17, 2007

For some reason I didn't consider this before but YouTube is a virtual treasure trove of plunderphonic audiocollage videos. This is Negativland passing judgement on recent U.S. history in a, well, rather damning way. I'll try to make a point of posting interesting stuff of this sort on a regular basis.

YouTube - The Bottom Line

The Mobius
Topic: Electronic Music 7:19 pm EDT, Aug 30, 2005

there is the theory of the mobius...

a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop

More electronic music on Wednesday nights for those of you in Atlanta.

The Mobius

Topic: Electronic Music 10:01 pm EDT, Aug 24, 2005

MemeStreams user Infinite and his friends do a bad ass Drum and Bass set which is streamcast from here every Thursday night 10PM Central 11PM Eastern. They also host Jungle Nerd Radio which offers more beats every Wednesday at 9PM Central 10PM Eastern. Blast these beatz and show Senator Biden and his camo clad buddies from Utah where they can shove their law and order!


Cloud Factory Mixes - CHILLITS 2004 - t spigot
Topic: Electronic Music 1:23 pm EST, Dec 28, 2004

MP3s from the 2004 Chill music festival, including T vs. T, which is Trancenden vs tspigot, a group I have implored many of you to listen to for years.

Cloud Factory Mixes - CHILLITS 2004 - t spigot

Day by Daydream - logickal
Topic: Electronic Music 11:02 pm EDT, Oct 16, 2003

] Being thusly a collection of mediations
] and exorcisms based on the everyday life
] of one J. Dickens, also known as Logickal;
] whereupon the use of devices, generators and
] recordings of cans, bottles, calculators, Lego blocks,
] microphones, automobiles, candid photographs with
] dialog, weather systems, poems and other
] vagaries were used alone and in combination to
] perform and construct said collection during the
] period of 2002 to 2003 at Ecliptic, which
] is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

This is very overdue. Logickal is a regular MemeStreams poster. I obtained this from him back in July, but for some reason it never found its way into my CD player. That was a mistake. When I got this from him he described it as very experimental and unlikely to be comfortable to listen to. I totally disagree. This is good ambient machine music. Its trancy. For some reason it reminds me of Download. You can focus on it or you can fade it into the background and let it offer context. Its good to code to. Get it.

Day by Daydream - logickal - Add N to X Biography
Topic: Electronic Music 9:39 pm EDT, Jun 30, 2003

] The purely electronic sounds of Britain's Add N to X are
] so specialized, the trio had to create a new tag,
] "Avant-Hard," to describe their style.

Not quite as cool as t-spigot, but highly recommended if you are into industrial music... Particularily Autechre... - Add N to X Biography

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