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Current Topic: Business

If you can't beat a dead horse, join him.
Topic: Business 10:09 am EDT, Oct 14, 2010

“According to the RIAA, the Pirate Bay has stolen about 46 times more dollars than actually exist on Earth.”

If you can't beat a dead horse, join him.

Turning a Corner?
Topic: Business 7:28 am EDT, Jul  8, 2009

This is an interesting little graphic.

Amanda Cox:

A chart of industrial production -- the output of manufacturers, miners and utility companies -- suggests that the economy is poised to turn around, but that the climb out of the current downturn will be a long one.

I'm not going to include all of Noteworthy's links in my version of this post, but in light of the graphic, this one is priceless:

Matt Taibbi:

If America is now circling the drain, Goldman Sachs has found a way to be that drain.

Turning a Corner?

Twitpay Raises Seed Funding - AtlanTech
Topic: Business 3:09 pm EDT, Mar 19, 2009

Twitpay has raised an undisclosed amount of angel financing and will launch a service that allows users to order and buy downloadable content, via Twitter.

The Atlanta-based social payments startup, launched four months ago, allows users to make payments of up to $1,000 through the micro-blogging phenomenon that Twitter has morphed into.

Twitpay is part of an eco-system of services and applications that is transforming Twitter from a social media site into a communications — and now an ecommerce — platform.

CEO Michael Ivey was tight-lipped on the details of the fundraise. After some prodding, he ventured to say that seed funding for Internet startups at Twitpay’s stage is generally less than $300,000.

Congratulations to Twitpay, the hottest concept to come out of Atlanta in some time.

Twitpay Raises Seed Funding - AtlanTech

RE: Bear Market's Bite Could Go Deeper
Topic: Business 9:25 am EST, Mar  3, 2009

noteworthy wrote:
I don't mean to agitate, but it's interesting how the public demand for honesty and realism appears to be inversely proportional to the performance of the major indexes. In 2007, when the Dow first broke 12600, I doubt many people were saying: "after a fifty percent increase in the 'value' of the economy it's about damn time these people stopped blowing smoke and come clean about what the situation is so that the rest of us can make informed decisions." And the few people who asked such questions found themselves the laughingstock of Wall Street and Main Street alike.

Thats certainly true. Barry Ritholtz, who I started reading after DMV memed him a few times, called DOW 6800 in 2006, and was "the most bearish position of all 76 strategists in The BusinessWeek Market Survey." His view today on that call is "Prescient: The analysis as to what was structurally wrong in the economy, and what was likely to go eventually cause major problems. But the timing? Not so much." But when you've passed the most bearish estimate, what is left but the estimates being offered by the guys who are stockpiling guns?

RE: Bear Market's Bite Could Go Deeper

The great repression
Topic: Business 7:26 am EST, Mar  3, 2009

Niall Ferguson:

It began as a sub-prime surprise, then became a credit crunch and is now a global financial crisis. At last month's World Economic Forum at Davos there was much finger-pointing - Russia and China blamed the US, everyone blamed the bankers, the bankers blamed everyone - but little in the way of forward-looking ideas. From where I was sitting, most attendees were still stuck in the Great Repression: deeply anxious, but fundamentally in denial about the nature and magnitude of the problem.

The great repression

Scott Burkett’s Pothole on the Infobahn » Wifi Cat: The Backstory
Topic: Business 9:54 am EST, Feb 27, 2009

The following is my account of the Wifi Cat ruse we pulled off last week at Startup Riot 2009 in Atlanta. This is from memory, so the timeline may be a bit off here or there - but it will give you the gist.

This was very funneh.

Scott Burkett’s Pothole on the Infobahn » Wifi Cat: The Backstory

High and Low Finance - Wall Street May Be Looking at Withering Wages -
Topic: Business 4:01 pm EST, Jan 23, 2009

It is one thing when the best-paid people seem to be the smartest and the most accomplished. Those who make much less may not like it, but the differential seems understandable. It is another thing when those people are shown to have committed huge blunders that would have driven their companies out of business, and them into the unemployment line, but for government bailouts.

High and Low Finance - Wall Street May Be Looking at Withering Wages -

Chrysler shuts down all production - Dec. 17, 2008
Topic: Business 8:53 am EST, Dec 18, 2008

Chrysler LLC announced late Wednesday that it is stopping all vehicle production in the United States for at least a month.

All 30 of the carmaker's plants will close after the last shift on Friday, and employees will not be asked to return to work before Jan. 19.


Chrysler shuts down all production - Dec. 17, 2008

Salary Increase By Major | WSJ
Topic: Business 12:49 pm EST, Dec 16, 2008

Your parents might have worried when you chose Philosophy or International Relations as a major. But a year-long survey of 1.2 million people with only a bachelor's degree by PayScale Inc. shows that graduates in these subjects earned 103.5% and 97.8% more, respectively, about 10 years post-commencement. Majors that didn't show as much salary growth include Nursing and Information Technology.

Wow. Things have certainly changed a great deal in the past 10 years. Here is the definition of "mid-career:"

Full-time employees with 10 or more years of experience in their career or field who are Bachelors graduates.

For the graduates in this data set, the typical (median) mid-career employee is 42 years old and has 15.5 years of experience.

I get the impression that in general, there is a stronger correlation between age and salary than there is between merit and salary.

Salary Increase By Major | WSJ

8 really, really scary predictions - FORTUNE
Topic: Business 2:25 pm EST, Dec 12, 2008

Dow 4,000. Food shortages. A bubble in Treasury notes. Fortune spoke to eight of the market's sharpest thinkers and what they had to say about the future is frightening.

Nouriel Roubini, Bill Gross, Robert Schiller, Sheila Bair, Jim Rogers, John Train, Meredith Whitney, Wilbur Ross

8 really, really scary predictions - FORTUNE

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