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Current Topic: MemeStreams

MemeStreams server move complete
Topic: MemeStreams 7:36 am EDT, Jun 25, 2009

If you are seeing this message, you are using MemeStreams on the new server.

Enjoy! Let us know if you spot any problems.

(Seems faster to me...)

MemeStreams server move complete

RE: Decius and Rattle have reached an impass
Topic: MemeStreams 2:30 pm EDT, Jun 20, 2009

As Nick has decided to air our dispute publicly, a response is obviously in
order. On many levels this makes sense, because the consequences of this
disagreement effect the entire community, and because an external perspective
might be helpful. With that, I thank you for taking the time to read about
something that you shouldn't have to get involved with. I'm sorry that we
have not been able to resolve this between us.

Nick and I are equal partners in Industrial Memetics, the corporate entity
that owns MemeStreams. This is reasonable because we've both contributed
approximately equal amounts of time and code to the project. However, since
the beginning I have born almost all of the financial responsibilities
associated with operating the site. The two primary servers belong to me,
I pay the monthly hosting costs, I pay for most of the domain names, and
I file the tax returns.

At the heart of this disagreement is the fact that I've never bothered to
write off my expenses on our corporate tax return. The reason is that in
order to write them off, I'd have to account for them accurately, and
time and effort associated with doing that isn't worth the money to me.

A couple years ago Nick decided to put advertisements on MemeStreams. I
was opposed to this decision from the outset for two reasons. The first
is that you can directly extrapolate the amount of money you are going
to make from the amount of traffic you get, and we were not going to make
a lot of money. The second is that any money we do make must be reported
on our annual tax return, thus generating the paperwork nightmare that I
have been trying to avoid.

Against my objections, Nick proceeded. At the time he believed, for some
reason, that we were going to make more money than we were going to make.
We concluded that we would not book the revenue until we actually received
money from Google. In some respects it was an experiment - how much would
this bring in? As I predicted, it brought in next to nothing. After several
years we have not generated enough revenue to reach the minimum amount
that prompts Google to cut you a check.

However, we have generated some revenue. Obviously, at some point, we're
going to have to take receipt of it and book it. It would be my preference
that we simply take the money, do the paperwork, and shut the ads off
so that we don't have to deal with this anymore. Nick doesn't agree. He
has recently become very concerned about dealing with this now and
dealing with it in his way.

In April, he started the conversation off by proposing that we take receipt
of the money from Google, and spend it as follows:

Part would go to registering the corporation in the State of Maryland
(where Nick lives).
Part would go to Nick's wife (who is a C... [ Read More (0.3k in body) ]

RE: Decius and Rattle have reached an impass

MemeStreams Update
Topic: MemeStreams 12:04 am EST, Mar  3, 2008

Posted a code update tonight with the following changes:
Fixed some minor bugs related to preview and searching for users on the post page.
The interface for adding meme recipients to a circle after a post has been simplified in hopes that it is now easier to understand.
Sorting the memebox makes more sense now. Nickname based sorts are done correctly, you can sort on read and unread messages, sort state survives deletes.
You can see who a memestreams inbox message was CCed to, and you can "reply all."
You now have a sent items folder in the MemeBox. All items you send privately will appear there from now on, but no effort has been made to recreate content from what you've sent in the past. I'll make a few more tweaks to this soon. I realize you'd prefer to sort it based on who messages where sent to rather than who they are from, and I realize the message you are getting when the folder is empty is confusing.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems with these updates.

Another company gets funded to develop a feature MemeStreams has...
Topic: MemeStreams 3:50 pm EST, Feb  8, 2008

"Liad Agmon, CEO of Delver, says that the site connects information about a user's social network with Web search results, "so you are searching the Web through the prism of your social graph."

What a brilliant idea...

Another company gets funded to develop a feature MemeStreams has...

Preview added to MemeStreams!
Topic: MemeStreams 3:14 pm EST, Jan 20, 2008

You can now preview your posts before submitting them. Please let me know if you run into any problems with this.

MemeStreams Update: Acidus Badassness
Topic: MemeStreams 12:18 am EST, Jan  3, 2008

I've posted two updates to the site tonight that Acidus wrote a few weeks ago. I'm sorry they didn't make it out sooner but I've been busy with the Christmas holidays and the like.

The first is an updated set of MemeStreams Bookmarklets. You do not have to upgrade to these if you don't want to, but good testers who report problems are always valuable to us. They should work a bit better than the old ones, particularly when selecting text on a page with a bunch of iframes, and we're now back to one peice of cross browser javascript code, which is nice.

The second is that if you're running IE or Safari you might notice your search bar is glowing. You can install MemeStreams as a search provider with one click now in both those browsers.

Of course, those of you who regularly search MemeStreams may have a complaint or two about the performance. We're fixing that soon. Its entirely a disk I/O problem and we'll be buying a new server with better storage performance in a few weeks. Unfortunately I am going out of the country for two weeks so I won't be able to get that done until I return, but the new machine should be online sometime in February.

Thanks Acidus for the nice bits of code!

Help us pick a new slogan
Topic: MemeStreams 6:17 pm EST, Nov 17, 2007

Industrial Memetics has recently decided to try to clean up our image. So, in spite of the fact that we now have 5000 business cards which say "Information Warfare for the People," we want a new slogan that isn't alienating to uninitiates who don't know what an information war is and don't want to participate in one. We came up with a couple of ideas, but we'd thought we'd throw this up on the site and see if any of you have any suggestions. Here are our ideas so far. What are yours?

MemeStreams: Your Information Society
MemeStreams: What smart people click

BTW, if you have places in your town where you could leave some of those business cards, we sure have a lot of them. Branded bottle openners too. They look nice. We need to get rid of them, and hopefully promote the site. Let us know. We'll mail 'em to ya.

Also, if you happen to know anyone who might be interested in a MemeStreams like system as an Intranet knowledge management tool, please let us know. We think we've got a pretty refined approach to sharing useful links, and we know a lot of professional teams would benefit from have a private system they could use for such a purpose. We're in search of a first customer who can help us get the feature set right for such an application.

MemeStreams Update
Topic: MemeStreams 2:40 am EST, Nov  6, 2007

We posted a significant update to MemeStreams today. There are two primary aspects. The first is that posting is now much more free reigned. You can reply to your own posts. You can reply multiple times. You can post the same url to your blog multiple times. If you do the later, it will not result in the repeated promotion of that url on the main page.

The other aspect is anti-spam. New user registration is now open again. New users will not show up on the main page or in the "recent posters" section of the weblogs page. They are relegated to the "new users" section of the weblogs page until one of the admins blesses them, or someone who already has a good reputation recommends a link from them. So, those of you who can, please watch the new users for interesting people who you might want to bring into the fold.

This is a big update so please, as always, let us know if anything is not working properly.

Registration temporarily disabled
Topic: MemeStreams 7:00 am EDT, Oct 23, 2007

This morning saw the most substantial attack on the site by spammers in it's operating history. I am about 50% done with some changes to the site that will make it easier to use for regular users while preventing new users from getting their content on the main page. I hope to be able to post an update this weekend. Until that time, new account registration has been disabled.

Another Update
Topic: MemeStreams 1:04 am EDT, Oct 16, 2007

As usual one discovers some bugs as a large change bakes in over the course of a day. I fixed a number of issues too minor to mention. Let me know if you find more... More soon...

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