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Current Topic: MemeStreams

billy's bachelor party
Topic: MemeStreams 10:20 am EDT, Apr 29, 2007

Tabblo: billy's bachelor party

Good times. Hrm... If anyone wants a copy of an individual photo just ask.


billy's bachelor party

Survey Question
Topic: MemeStreams 3:38 am EDT, Mar 14, 2007

On my Mac the new MemeStreams design looks great, but on my Dell laptop the colors seem slightly too dark. I want to take an opinion poll. With regard to the grays in the title bar behind the logo and in the posts, is the new design too dark, just right, or not dark enough, in your opinion?

Google Ads
Topic: MemeStreams 11:49 am EDT, Mar 12, 2007

We are doing a test of Google Ads on the site. These are only going to stick around if they generate enough revenue to be worth it.

Feedback is welcome.

Google Ads

MemeStreams Look and Feel update
Topic: MemeStreams 1:54 am EDT, Mar 12, 2007

We've made an update to MemeStreams that hopefully improves the look of the site. There are also some security fixes in here, as well as some new features which should help us fight spam more effectively going forward. In addition, Acidus contributed some improvements to the MemeBox to make it easier to sort and keep track of new messages. We'd also like to thank Eric White for some HTML input that helped us improve the look of the site and Terratogen for some graphics work.

As always, let us know if you discover anything that isn't working right...

(Safari users may find some color misalignment. We're going to address that in a future update. We wanted this out and we decided to optomize for FF and IE for the time being. Safair literally displays some colors differently in some contexts.)

Yes, we know the Inbox isn't lighting up when you have new memes. We should have that fixed up soon. Fixed!

GoDaddy outage impacts MemeStreams
Topic: MemeStreams 3:23 pm EDT, Mar 11, 2007

When I woke up this morning none of my domains were resolving. My websites, including MemeStreams, and email, were down. Ironically, GoDaddy told IDG on Friday that they don't need to apply DST patches to their machines because they are located in Arizona. I'm not sure why lack of DST patches would cause such a total outage. Its possible that there is another explanation, but regardless, this outage adds to other concerns about the reliability of GoDaddy has an operator of critical infrastructure.

The time is now 1:16 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time (newly adjusted), on Sunday, March 11, 2007 - and it appears to me that none of my dozens of domain names registered and/or served at are working.I strongly suspect the problem is related to today's change to Daylight Savings Time. A recent story in PCWorld described some concerns that had been raised about's readiness for the time switch.

Slashdot coverage of the outage.
Update:Godaddy was DDOSed!

GoDaddy outage impacts MemeStreams

Social Networks and Social Information Filtering on Digg
Topic: MemeStreams 1:03 am EST, Feb 23, 2007

Rather than being a liability, however, social networks can be used to personalize and tailor information to individual users, and drive the development of new social search algorithms.... Digg can create personalized front pages for every user that are based on his or her friends’ readings. This will finally free individuals from “tyranny of the majority” which results from viewing a common global front page.

We've been doing that since 2001.

Social Networks and Social Information Filtering on Digg

I beleive we have a fix in...
Topic: MemeStreams 12:29 am EST, Feb  2, 2007

For the parser bug that has been screwing up "quotation marks" and hrefs in forwarded posts. Please let us know if you run into any further buggyness...

Thanks very much to Acidus who took time out to dive into some hairy code and find this bug. We're sorry for any inconvenience it created.

Reply bug fixed
Topic: MemeStreams 6:36 pm EST, Jan 14, 2007

Our recent update went out with a bug that sometimes cropped up when replying to posts which resulted in a 500 server error. This bug has been addressed. Please let us know if you see anything odd with the site.

Image Posting has been re-enabled!
Topic: MemeStreams 5:21 am EST, Jan 14, 2007

Image posting has been re-enabled! Post away. We've tested on IE, Firefox, Safari, SideKick and Nintendo Wii, and the feature seems to work on all of these platforms. We still have some bugs we're still tracking with the most recent update, but we should have those cleared up over the course of Sunday...

Image embedding temporarily disabled
Topic: MemeStreams 3:42 pm EST, Jan 11, 2007

We've temporarily disabled image embedding because we discovered that it causes a serious problem with an oddball build of IE6. We'll have it working again shortly. Please bare with us. If we were a real software company and we got paid to do this stuff we'd have a QA lab and set a test cases that discover these things before we ship, but this is a nights and weekends project with a few developers and so sometimes we miss a beat and it can take us a bit of time to catch back up. We'll having everything working shortly.

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