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Current Topic: Arts

energie in motion
Topic: Arts 11:32 pm EDT, Nov  1, 2007

If you're into LED Throwies, you might like this:

This lightwriting project is the work of LICHTFAKTOR; on their MySpace page, they cite explanatory text from another blog, "colourlovers":

A number of graffiti artists have been tagging everything thought to be impossible without being caught. Well — it’s actually not illegal for them. They’re not using paint. As it turns out, time-lapse photography isn’t just for blooming flowers, skyscapes, or brake lights anymore. Termed Light Graffiti, tag artists are taking their colour to an all new level.

Using an exposure of about ten-to-thirty seconds and a tripod for best results, Light Graffiti artists start at the first click. Glowsticks, flashlights, reflectors, and even torches have been used as mediums to create all sorts of designs and tags, as the artist becomes a ghost of a blur, if visible at all.

Any person, place, or thing can become a central piece of the art. Because all it really takes is less than a minute, light tagging phone booth can be just as easy as something in the privacy of home, though staying home is certainly less fun. Some ‘hardcore’ taggers are set on Light Graffiti not actually being graffiti because it doesn’t have a physical presence, but after seeing photos of it, it’s not too different from tagging a building and having it covered or removed the next day.

See if you can make some yourself. The general rule of Light Graffiti seems to be experimentation and play, so, if your first ‘tag’ isn’t brilliance, keep at it.

Here is "Star Wars vs. Star Trek":

energie in motion

Warning! Warning! Robots rule planet
Topic: Arts 9:02 am EDT, Oct 16, 2007

Featuring more than 100 pieces by local and national artists, "When Robots Ruled the Earth" is the debut show for the Gallery at East Atlanta Tattoo, a new space next door to the long-standing skin art shop. From comedic paintings inspired by "The Jetsons" to 3-D pieces that literally burst from their frames and morph into sculptures, the 'bots range from friendly to menacing.

While robots are the theme in all the works, the interpretations of that theme are as different as C-3PO and R2-D2. Works of pop surrealism by artists such as Samuel Parker and Shane Morton take a retro approach, with giant machines wreaking havoc on puny humans. Others, such as Trish Chenard's series of classic Catholic images and Eric Joyner's "Smackdown," with Rock'em Sock'em Robots in the roles of Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston, put robots into divinely recognizable human roles.

• THE 411: "When Robots Ruled the Earth." Free. 5-8 p.m. Thursdays-Saturdays or by appointment through Oct. 20. The Gallery at East Atlanta Tattoo, 1188-B Glenwood Ave., East Atlanta. 404-226-2279,

Warning! Warning! Robots rule planet

Gigantic Car Crushing Robot Hand
Topic: Arts 4:45 pm EDT, Oct 15, 2007

The eventual takeover of mankind by machines comes one step closer with the creation of this giant robot hand. It was built by untrained volunteers for the Robodock festival in Amsterdam last month, and is actually capable of crushing everything from shopping carts to small vans. The hand itself is 25 feet long, weighs about 5,000 pounds and was built from scrapyard parts including I-beams for the fingers and a digging machine truss as the forearm.

The coolest part is that it has an immersive interface. It actually works as an extension of the user's real arm!

Gigantic Car Crushing Robot Hand

The Most Beautiful Super Computer
Topic: Arts 6:38 pm EDT, Oct  3, 2007

9th largest supercomputer in the world and the largest in Europe, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) installed in a former chapel.

Via Make

The Most Beautiful Super Computer

A Soviet Poster A Day
Topic: Arts 9:58 am EDT, Sep 13, 2007

Every soviet poster no matter the date of creation bears a stamp of expressiveness and graphical quality. The attention to details is awesome. The scope of techniques is endless. Soviet posters are a treasure chest with inspiration for any graphical designer, not to mention the seeing pleasure itself. And what's important, every Soviet Poster has a historical reference essential for understanding the layers of meanings it carries through time.

Fantastic! Get your authoritarian propaganda on. Prints are available for many of these.

FYI there is a metric ton of Chinese posters at this link.

A Soviet Poster A Day

Leck mich im Arsch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Topic: Arts 11:50 am EDT, Sep 12, 2007

Leck mich im Arsch (English: Lick My Ass) is a canon in B-flat major composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, K. 231 (K382c), with lyrics in German. It was one of a set of at least six canons probably written in Vienna in 1782. Sung by six voices as a three-part round, it is thought to be a party piece for his friends.

The song's title and lyrics are a reference to anal-oral contact, and may be more idiomatically translated as "kiss my ass" or "get stuffed". They have been used as evidence to support the contention that Mozart had Tourette syndrome.

Leck mich im Arsch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

French art from 1910 depicting the year 2000 - Boing Boing
Topic: Arts 9:23 am EDT, Sep 12, 2007

The Bibliotheque nationale de France has a wonderful gallery of illustrations by Villemard from 1910 imagining what life would be like in the year 2000. It's part of a larger exhibition titled Utopia: The Quest for the Ideal Society in the Western World.

French art from 1910 depicting the year 2000 - Boing Boing

Q&A: William Gibson Discusses Spook Country and Interactive Fiction
Topic: Arts 7:35 pm EDT, Jul 27, 2007

Gibson: Something that started with Pattern Recognition was that I discovered I could Google the world of the novel. I began to regard it as a sort of extended text — hypertext pages hovering just outside the printed page.

Q&A: William Gibson Discusses Spook Country and Interactive Fiction

A stacked deck
Topic: Arts 11:42 pm EDT, Jul 11, 2007

This seems pretty cool.

As a musician and pioneering turnable player-improviser, Christian Marclay has recorded with such collaborators as the Kronos Quartet, Sonic Youth and John Zorn. He has built "unplayable" musical instruments — including a 25-foot-long accordion — and created such signature works as "Video Quartet" and "Crossfire," film clip remixes powering mind-bending interactions among images, soundscapes and music.

Marclay's new photography book, "Shuffle," packaged as an oversize deck of cards, is an invitation to play along with his view of aural and visual potentialities.


A stacked deck

Little Hokum Rag: Demons- like you have never seen before!
Topic: Arts 1:28 pm EDT, Jun 16, 2007

There is the most amazing collection of fantastic images in the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections of Cornell University Library. You must check it out!

Double click through for a collection of fantastic images that sucked down about an hour of my time this morning.

Little Hokum Rag: Demons- like you have never seen before!

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