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Current Topic: Tech Industry

Wired News: Ricochet Wireless Rides Again
Topic: Tech Industry 10:15 am EST, Feb 18, 2003

] The resurrection of a bankrupt wireless Internet company
] isn't just a boon for editors dying to write "Ricochet
] bounces back" in a headline. It's also a nod to the
] vulnerability of Wi-Fi, which doesn't offer continuous
] coverage between so-called hot spots.

Wired News: Ricochet Wireless Rides Again

The New IT Job Hunt - Computerworld
Topic: Tech Industry 11:53 pm EST, Jan 22, 2003

] A San Francisco-area database company recently posted 10
] IT positions on It was flooded with more
] than 8,000 resumes. Only 10% of those will be
] scrutinized. And of the people who sent those 800
] resumes, perhaps five to 10 per position will be called,
] and only half of them will be invited for interviews.
] Those lucky few will then wait about a month just to get
] to the point where they can sell themselves in person.

This article is a little dated, but basically, the job market is still fucked.

The New IT Job Hunt - Computerworld

Discouraging signs for IT rebound - Tech News -
Topic: Tech Industry 11:31 am EST, Jan 20, 2003

] The survey of 100 chief information officers at leading
] U.S. companies indicates that average business spending
] on computer hardware and software will decline by 1
] percent this year compared with last year.

Discouraging signs for IT rebound - Tech News -

Half of laid off!!!
Topic: Tech Industry 11:44 pm EST, Dec 15, 2002

This is very very bad for Linux and Apple. For the icing on the cake, read this post...

Half of laid off!!!

IT outlook darkens Sun's revenue view - Tech News -
Topic: Tech Industry 12:20 pm EDT, Aug 30, 2002

""We've not seen any improvement in the current IT spending environment. In fact, some would say it might actually be worsening," Chief Financial Officer Steve McGowan said during a conference call with financial analysts. "

IT outlook darkens Sun's revenue view - Tech News -

A New Model for AOL May Influence Cable's Future
Topic: Tech Industry 9:20 pm EDT, Aug 26, 2002

"A few years out, the question of whether last week's deal was a good one for AOL Time Warner will probably depend on whether the America Online unit can create the Internet equivalent of must-have offerings like "The Sopranos" and "Sex and the City."

Speaking on condition of anonymity, people close to AT&T and Comcast said last week they did not think that America Online could develop sufficient original, proprietary "must have" services to gain that sort of leverage. They say the Internet itself, available to all comers, will be the primary reason why people sign up for cyberspace service — whether America Online's or the house brand.

Of course, America Online is counting on just the opposite. "

A New Model for AOL May Influence Cable's Future inks broadband deals - Tech News -
Topic: Tech Industry 12:43 pm EDT, Jul 31, 2002

"The deals involve distributing's Rhapsody online music service to Hughes Electronics' DirecTV Broadband and AOL Time Warner's Road Runner high-speed Internet services. For DirecTV and Road Runner, the deals will allow the services to offer an added perk for their existing subscribers and possibly an incentive to lure new subscribers. "

Selling music to lure subscribers to broadband... inks broadband deals - Tech News -

Investors May Have Repudiated the Internet, but Consumers Have Not
Topic: Tech Industry 5:53 pm EDT, Jul 22, 2002

"The Internet has turned out to be more of a souped-up telephone than a delivery vehicle for media and entertainment.

The most far-reaching impact lies in the rhythms and habits formed by daily use of the Web's interactive features.

"This is an audience that wants to make their own schedules."

"The move from passive to a more active paradigm in consumer behavior is where the new media has had the greatest impact.

"The media ... is very good at satisfying generic interests but isn't good at satisfying each individual's very unique, specific interest."

Investors May Have Repudiated the Internet, but Consumers Have Not

IT security spending disappoints - Tech News -
Topic: Tech Industry 1:24 am EDT, Jul 17, 2002

"Investors who had hoped that increased security concerns after Sept. 11 would yield an immediate bonanza in the information security sector have been sorely disappointed, according to two new analyses. "

IT security spending disappoints - Tech News -

Silicon Valley Without Trimmings
Topic: Tech Industry 1:49 pm EDT, Jul 15, 2002

"Within walking distance of Stanford, where the economist who coined the term "conspicuous consumption" once taught, a dark reality is playing out. Having already gone from boom to bust, many dot-commers are coming to something worse. Unable to make payments, they are selling luxury cars, canceling home renovations and returning jewelry by the box."

Its hard to feel sorry for someone who has to sell their Lotus in order to make ends meet. Markoff could have talked about how the regional downturn has impacted the middle and lower classes, but would you care? Everyone in Silicon Valley is rich, right?

Silicon Valley Without Trimmings

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