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Current Topic: Local Information

Thinking Man Tavern | Neighborhood Dining |
Topic: Local Information 3:54 am EST, Mar 13, 2004

] Eschewing the trend toward fancier pubs, Thinking Man is
] a throwback to hangouts like Trackside Tavern, where the
] owners most recently paid their bartending dues.

One of the coolest bars I've yet found in Atlanta... They have a bunsen burner collection. And Paulaner on tap. And the jukebox... Pixies, Portishead, mid 80's REM, Luscious Jackson, Thievery Corporation... perfect...

Thinking Man Tavern | Neighborhood Dining |

AP Wire | 03/11/2004 | Net loss shows jobs picture in metro Atlanta not as good as believed
Topic: Local Information 11:59 am EST, Mar 11, 2004

] ATLANTA - Instead of gaining jobs last year, metro
] Atlanta actually lost 16,800, according to the Georgia
] Department of Labor.
] Earlier figures indicated that there had been an increase
] of 67,900 jobs in the Atlanta area in 2003, which
] appeared to make the area a national leader in job
] creation.

AP Wire | 03/11/2004 | Net loss shows jobs picture in metro Atlanta not as good as believed

Music Midtown
Topic: Local Information 11:42 am EST, Mar 11, 2004

Joss Stone, George Clinton, and many others are among the acts set to appear at the 11th annual Music Midtown festival. The event will be held April 30 and May 1-2 on a 42-acre site in Atlanta; tickets go on-sale Saturday (March 13) via Ticketmaster.

Music Midtown - Report: Atlanta more dangerous than statistics indicate - Feb. 20, 2004
Topic: Local Information 11:04 am EST, Feb 21, 2004

] Atlanta underreported crimes for years to help land the
] 1996 Olympics and pump up tourism, according to an audit
] commissioned by police and released Friday.
] Police in this relentlessly self-promoting city of the
] New South routinely altered or suppressed thousands of
] crime reports
in a concerted effort "to improve Atlanta's
] chances for selection," the audit said, citing interviews
] with several officers.

Its even worse then you think! - Report: Atlanta more dangerous than statistics indicate - Feb. 20, 2004

British actor Sacha Baron Cohen in Nashville
Topic: Local Information 12:42 pm EST, Jan 24, 2004

Instead, it was a lesser-known HBO program, Da Ali G. Show, that infiltrated a black-tie Nashville Opera fund-raiser last week at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel. In the show, British actor Sacha Baron Cohen adopts several different personas to goof on people. To target the opera fund-raiser, Cohen turned into the character of Borat, a naive TV reporter from Kazakhstan.

British actor Sacha Baron Cohen in Nashville

Atlanta's Wolfman passes
Topic: Local Information 10:46 am EST, Jan 23, 2004

] Doyle Rodgers, the white-haired, full-bearded furniture
] salesman better known to Atlanta television audiences as
] the "Wolfman," died Wednesday. He was 67.

Atlanta's Wolfman passes

What, We Worry? Yes. (
Topic: Local Information 1:40 pm EST, Jan 18, 2004

] The United States is overextended, not just militarily
] but economically. We are trying to do too much, borrow
] too much, spend too much, and sooner or later we will
] have to suffer the consequences. We are a country in the
] beginning stages of what can best be described as
] hegemonic decay.
Empires take decades if not centuries to
] wither, a process more clearly viewed through a rearview
] mirror; Edward Gibbon's masterful account of the decline
] and fall of the Roman Empire is perhaps the greatest
] example of this truth. But here and now, we're much less
] inclined to Gibbon's viewpoint than we are to Alfred E.
] Newman's. "What, we worry?" is pretty much the national
] motto when it comes to our finance-based economy and its
] future prospects.

Another major investment guru weighs in on the trade deficit.

What, We Worry? Yes. (

Georgia Institute of Technology :: Event
Topic: Local Information 2:01 pm EDT, Oct  6, 2003

] The Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC)
] Distinguished Lecture Series will host Dr. Martin Hellman
] of Stanford University on Thursday, October 9, 2003 at
] 3:00PM, with a reception at 2:30PM prior to the lecture.

Georgia Institute of Technology :: Event

Upturn may be driving Silicon Valley traffic | CNET
Topic: Local Information 7:18 am EDT, Oct  3, 2003

] Anecdotal evidence suggests that a two-year decline in
] congestion is starting to reverse itself, with San
] Francisco Bay Area commuters finding that it's taking
] longer to get to work. While the cause could be any
] number of things, some tech-industry veterans say it may
] be a sign that the economy is picking up.

Upturn may be driving Silicon Valley traffic | CNET

Band's tour manager says he had documents about use of pyrotechnics
Topic: Local Information 11:09 pm EST, Mar  6, 2003

] The tour manager for a rock band that was on stage when a
] deadly nightclub fire broke out told investigators he has
] paperwork outlining the band's general use of
] pyrotechnics, but he said all the documents specific to
] that show were destroyed in the fire.

OK, I blog this just because its a good lesson. The legal documents pertaining to who is responsible for what go in a SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX or at least a FIRE PROOF SAFE. Leaving them lying around in the same place where the event, business, or other interest in question is occuring is abysmally dumb for exactly this reason.

Band's tour manager says he had documents about use of pyrotechnics

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