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Current Topic: Science

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?
Topic: Science 2:34 pm EDT, Sep 10, 2008

Stay current on the issue. More here.

Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

New Study Shows Solar System is Unique
Topic: Science 4:02 pm EDT, Sep  2, 2008

Research conducted by a team of North American scientist shows our solar system is special, contrary to the accepted theory that it is an average planetary system. Using computer simulations to follow the development of planets, it was shown that very specific conditions are needed for a proto-stellar disk to evolve into a solar system-like planetary system. The simulations show that in most cases either no planets are created, or planets are formed and then migrate towards the disk center and acquire highly elliptical orbits.

Why we don't know any aliens.

New Study Shows Solar System is Unique

Aztec Whistles Of Death
Topic: Science 3:49 pm EDT, Jun 30, 2008

MEXICO CITY — Scientists were fascinated by the ghostly find: a human skeleton buried in an Aztec temple with a clay, skull-shaped whistle in each bony hand.

But no one blew into the noisemakers for nearly 15 years.

When someone finally did, the shrill, windy screech made the spine tingle.

If death had a sound, this was it.


On another site, you'll find the MP3 file of the whistles being played, by archaeologists. [Not Safe For Life]

Aztec Whistles Of Death

Space Station inconvenienced as toilet fails -
Topic: Science 8:28 am EDT, May 29, 2008

Nasa has confirmed that the toilet on the International Space Station has failed, leaving astronauts in an urgent need for spare parts.

The problem lies with the fan that draws liquids into the waste chamber prior to being ejected to burn up in the atmosphere.

Damn. That sucks.

Space Station inconvenienced as toilet fails -

AstroVision - Our Business
Topic: Science 6:08 pm EDT, May  3, 2008

I've discussed the need for a space webcam before. These people seem to think there is a business in it.

By delivering the first live, continuous, true color image stream of Earth from space, AstroVision will revolutionize the delivery of weather, news, and environmental information.

We will capture and track catastrophic events such as hurricanes, volcanoes, forest fires, and a multitude of other continuous and unforeseen events—live.

AstroVision - Our Business

Annals of Anthropology: Vengeance Is Ours: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
Topic: Science 8:58 am EDT, Apr 25, 2008

In the Highlands of New Guinea, rival clans have often fought wars lasting decades, in which each killing provokes another.

I haven't read it, but given the author and the subject I'm sure it is interesting.

Annals of Anthropology: Vengeance Is Ours: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

RE: BOINC: For the love of Grids
Topic: Science 3:40 pm EDT, Mar 10, 2008

unmanaged wrote:

Use the idle time on your computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) to cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars, and do many other types of scientific research.
If your group has moderate programming, web, sysadmin, and hardware resources, you can use BOINC to create a volunteer computing project. With a single Linux server you can get the computing power of thousands of CPUs. Organizations such as IBM World Community Grid may be able to host your project (please contact us for information).
Use BOINC to create a Virtual Campus Supercomputing Center.
Use BOINC for desktop Grid computing.

Like but putting it to good use... Lets see if we could get a memestreams user grid going... Tom had some kinda of idea going around....

I'm down for that. How do we organize it? Which projects should we pick up? Have you considered doing a lightning talk on this at Outerz0ne or Summercon?

RE: BOINC: For the love of Grids

Technology Review: The 10 Emerging Technologies of 2008
Topic: Science 7:03 pm EST, Mar  1, 2008

Each year, Technology Review publishes its list of 10 emerging technologies that its editors believe will be particularly important over the next few years. This is work ready to emerge from the lab, in a broad range of areas: energy, computer hardware and software, biological imaging, and more. Two of the technologies--cellulolytic enzymes and atomic magnetometers--are efforts by leading scientists to solve critical problems, while five--surprise modeling, connectomics, probabilistic CMOS, reality mining, and offline Web applications--represent whole new ways of looking at problems. And three--graphene transistors, nanoradio, and wireless power--are amazing feats of engineering that have created something entirely new.

Technology Review: The 10 Emerging Technologies of 2008

Space Sunset
Topic: Science 6:09 pm EST, Mar  1, 2008

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Space Sunset

Drying of the West - National Geographic Magazine Online
Topic: Science 2:51 pm EST, Feb  4, 2008

The wet 20th century, the wettest of the past millennium, the century when Americans built an incredible civilization in the desert, is over. Trees in the West are adjusting to the change, and not just in the width of their annual rings: In the recent drought they have been dying off and burning in wildfires at an unprecedented rate. For most people in the region, the news hasn't quite sunk in. Between 2000 and 2006 the seven states of the Colorado basin added five million people, a 10 percent population increase. Subdivisions continue to sprout in the desert, farther and farther from the cities whose own water supply is uncertain.

"What we have come to consider normal is profoundly wet," Stine said. "We're kidding ourselves if we think that's going to continue, with or without global warming."

This is extremely important. The skyrocketing cost of fresh water is going to have a huge impact on the Southwest over the coming decades, with reverberations felt across North America.

Drying of the West - National Geographic Magazine Online

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