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Current Topic: Surveillance

[Politech] Speed cameras main purpose? To raise more revenue [priv]
Topic: Surveillance 12:30 pm EST, Oct 28, 2003

] This is concrete evidence of the direct financial
] incentive that so-called "safety advocates" have to
] promote red light and speed camera technologies. The
] Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the
] leading U.S. proponent of the technology, is directly
] funded by the top 66 insurance companies.

[Politech] Speed cameras main purpose? To raise more revenue [priv]

DontSpyOnUs :: What You Can Do To Stop CAPPS II
Topic: Surveillance 1:44 pm EDT, Oct 10, 2003

] For the past seven months, I have been fighting for the
] right of all Americans to travel freely in our own
] country. CAPPS II, the Soviet-style internal border
] control system being pushed by the Department of Homeland
] Security, will strip us of that right, and make air
] travel a 'privilege' granted by government.

One cause probably worth donating to.

DontSpyOnUs :: What You Can Do To Stop CAPPS II

TSA May Order Airlines to Share Data
Topic: Surveillance 8:23 am EDT, Sep 30, 2003

] Transportation Security Administration Chief
] Administrator James Loy said Friday if no airlines
] voluntarily provide data for a 180-day testing period of
] the Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System
] (CAPPS II) scheduled for later this year, he will issue a
] security directive mandating the airlines provide the
] information.

TSA May Order Airlines to Share Data

[Politech] How does Goldshield find credit card, phone call info on you? [priv]
Topic: Surveillance 10:52 am EDT, Sep 26, 2003

] I've attached a list of some of the other types of
] personal data that Goldshield sells such as credit
] card statements, telephone bills, unlisted phone
] numbers, and license plate information. My question:
] How is the company able to obtain this kind of
] information from banks, credit agencies, and
] telephone companies?

Buy anyone's phone bill!?

[Politech] How does Goldshield find credit card, phone call info on you? [priv]

Mexicans LOVE tracking chips
Topic: Surveillance 8:02 am EDT, Jul 21, 2003

] The microchips, already available in the United States,
] could tap into a growing industry surrounding Mexico's
] criminal concerns. Kidnappings, robberies and fraud are
] common here, and Mexicans are constantly looking for ways
] to protect themselves against crime.

If Americans aren't stupid enough to get ID chips implanted in them, go south of the border! The most brilliant thing here is that it turns out they aren't putting any actual DATA on the chip itself. Its JUST a serial number. You have to cross reference it with a database, which would presumably be easy to get access to as they want readers all over the place. Hack the database, switch the records, and your vitcim disappears.

Mexicans LOVE tracking chips

NY Times | The Road to Oceania
Topic: Surveillance 11:26 pm EDT, Jun 25, 2003

] In the age of the leak and the blog, of evidence
] extraction and link discovery, truths will either out or
] be outed, later if not sooner. This is something I would
] bring to the attention of every diplomat, politician and
] corporate leader: the future, eventually, will find you
] out. The future, wielding unimaginable tools of
] transparency, will have its way with you. In the end, you
] will be seen to have done that which you did.

A matter of fact observation about the future of privacy and the public mind made in the context of Orwell's birthday.

I used to beleive that by being able to communicate better we would understand more, and by understanding more, we would find peace with eachother.

But I increasingly find myself confronted with the fact that no matter how much cold, hard data you exchange people still see exactly what they want to see and people almost never change their minds about things that they care about. People have to learn to separate their sense of self worth from the accuracy of their beleifs, their cultural mythologies, etc... Technology is not going to solve that problem.

NY Times | The Road to Oceania

Conferees in Congress Bar Using a Pentagon Project on Americans
Topic: Surveillance 8:19 pm EST, Feb 12, 2003

] House leaders agreed with Senate fears about the threat
] to personal privacy in the Pentagon program, known as
] Total Information Awareness. So they accepted a Senate
] provision in the omnibus spending bill passed last month,
] said Representative Jerry Lewis, the California
] Republican who heads the defense appropriations
] subcommittee.

The House follows up with the Senate. There seems to be a broad base of support of this, but its a non-decision. It doesn't really restrict TIA. It says that Congress will restrict TIA if the DOD doesn't provide a report on it within a certain period of time. Its easy for Congress to agree that Congress has authority.

Conferees in Congress Bar Using a Pentagon Project on Americans

Senate limits Pentagon 'snooping' plan - Tech News -
Topic: Surveillance 11:39 pm EST, Jan 23, 2003

] The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted unanimously to slap
] restrictions on a controversial Pentagon data-mining
] program that critics say would amount to a domestic
] spying apparatus.

Lots of good news today...

Senate limits Pentagon 'snooping' plan - Tech News -

SacTicket // Nightlife // Taking license
Topic: Surveillance 11:42 am EST, Jan 23, 2003

] Proponents of the machines assert that any invasion of
] privacy is not alarming because there's not much privacy
] left to invade. Grocery stores already track customers'
] personal information with loyalty cards, for example.

Bars in Northern California start collecting your detailed personal information in the process of doing an age check. The arguement above is particularly disturbing.

SacTicket // Nightlife // Taking license

RFID Journal - Michelin Embeds RFID Tags in Tires
Topic: Surveillance 1:02 am EST, Jan 22, 2003

] Michelin this week revealed that it has begun fleet
] testing of an RFID transponder embedded in its tires to
] enable them to be tracked electronically.

This is EZpass on steroids. These will essentially allow you to track people's movements in a very scalable and automatic way. RFID does offer the ability to track serial numbers easily without having to worry about damage. I don't see an easy answer that gives the tire industry what it wants without enabling tracking. We'll probably need a law against reading these without permission, which will, of course, work about as well as jay walking regulations....

RFID Journal - Michelin Embeds RFID Tags in Tires

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