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Current Topic: Horror

Bollywood 'Oscars' honor David Hasselhoff
Topic: Horror 6:06 am EDT, May  1, 2005

Uhhhhhh. wtf?

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey (Reuters) -- India's version of the Oscars were handed out at the glittering Bollywood movie award ceremony on Saturday that saw a veteran director sweep the top honors and U.S. actor David Hasselhoff named international star of the year.
Hasselhoff received the award for best international star because his successful television series are among the most popular on Indian television.

Bollywood 'Oscars' honor David Hasselhoff

Michael Jackson | I never copped a feel
Topic: Horror 4:58 pm EST, Mar 25, 2005

Funny web animation

Michael Jackson | I never copped a feel

Dental Bliss Spa?
Topic: Horror 6:18 am EDT, Aug 20, 2004

You have GOT to be kidding... Saw an ad for this on the tube this morning.
Too much work... too many errands... too many soccer practices. Too much stress... too much anxiety... too little time! Too little of you to go around. Too little rest... too little relaxation... too little tranquility. You need a little bliss!

Imagine yourself in a beautiful alpine chalet. You’re seated in a soft leather recliner, in front of a roaring fireplace, listening to the enchanting melodies of a baby grand. The mouth-watering aroma of fresh baked breads and cookies is tempting your willpower, and the soothing sound water is washing your tension far, far away. All the while you’re eagerly anticipating your hot stone massage.

This must be a luxurious spa high in the rockies!

No, you’re at Dentalbliss Spa in Franklin. Hard to imagine that dentistry and bliss actually belong side by side. Now for the first time, these seemingly opposite ideas are woven and melded together for the ultimate dental experience.

Everything at Dentalbliss has been meticulously designed as a feast for your senses. You’ll first notice the 2-acre, natural wooded setting of our chalet-inspired facilty, featuring 2 babbling creeks fed by a 150-year-old springhouse with a working spring. Walking trails meander throughout the park-like setting. Once inside, warm woods, natural stone, 60-foot vaulted ceilings and an expanse of glass invite the tranquility of the outdoors in. Ten fireplaces, two high-definition plasma tv’s, nine aquariums, a full range of massage and aesthetic care, live piano music, even childcare... all serve to relax, pamper and indulge you.

Dental Bliss Spa?

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