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Current Topic: High Tech Developments

Supercomputing in the hollow
Topic: High Tech Developments 9:57 pm EST, Mar 30, 2005

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. Mar 30, 2005 — Big orange and white cabinets that will form one of the world's fastest supercomputers for open science research are arriving at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The high-performance units are part of a new Cray Corp. XT3 supercomputer, nicknamed "Jaguar," that could be reaching record speed before year's end.

Nine cabinets arrived Monday, bringing the total to 20, and there could be another 100 on the way in the months ahead.
With its current 20-cabinet configuration, Jaguar is expected to be capable of 10 trillion calculations per second, or 10 teraflops. Tests over the next couple of weeks will confirm that.

Another 20 cabinets are due May 2, raising the performance level to 20 trillion calculations per second. In late June, the total number of cabinets will grow to 56, with a peak speed of about 25 teraflops.

If funding becomes available, the lab and Cray are planning to rapidly scale up Jaguar to 120 cabinets before Sept. 30, when the current federal fiscal year ends.

That setup would drive the power up to 100 teraflops, or 100 trillion calculations per second, and make Jaguar the fastest machine available for unclassified scientific uses. It would have the processing power of 50,000 personal computers.

Supercomputing in the hollow

Congrats to Scott!
Topic: High Tech Developments 6:19 pm EST, Mar 11, 2005


After some fits and starts, Eleanor Jewell Kozicki born of natural
birth @ 10:47am on March 11, 2005. Weighing 5 pounds and 15 ounces and
measuring 19.25 inches.

Mom's doing GREAT!
Dad's still coming down from outer space.

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. They
definitely helped in bringing a healthy and happy girl to the world.

Penny, Scott, and Ella

Cablevision's Voom goes boom
Topic: High Tech Developments 7:10 pm EST, Mar  2, 2005

I came really close to subscribing to VOOM. Looked like an awesome package but the cost of entry was just too high. Too bad they couldn't pull it off.

Cablevision announced last night it is pulling the plug on its Voom satellite TV service and on chairman Charles Dolan's quixotic plan to take the failed venture off the company's hands a nd resuscitate it.

The company, which had signed a letter of intent on February 10 to give Voom to a private firm being formed by Dolan, said discussions with him had ended without reaching a definitive agreement by yesterday's deadline set by the board. "As a result, Cablevision will close down the Voom business," the company said.
In an amended regulatory filing last week, Cablevision, which had said it was slashing its estimated value of Voom by $355 million, added that there may be additional "impairment charges," especially if it could not close a deal with Dolan.

Dolan has blamed the board's defiance on the post-Enron era, in which directors are afraid that they could be held personally liable if they back risky ventures and maneuvers that may backfire. The Cablevision board discussed Voom at a special meeting yesterday.

Bethpage-based Cablevision said yesterday that remaining Voom customers will be given a transition period of at least 30 days before service is cut off and that its employees will be encouraged to seek other jobs at Cablevision.

Cablevision's Voom goes boom

Doctor details new head lice treatment
Topic: High Tech Developments 4:04 pm EDT, Sep  7, 2004

A kinder, gentler way to deal with those nasty head lice... LOL.

CHICAGO, Illinois (Reuters) -- A new method of killing head lice by suffocating them with a lotion that dries on the scalp like shrink-wrap appears to work as well as many conventional medicines, its inventor said Tuesday.

In a paper published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dale Pearlman, a dermatologist in Menlo Park, California, said that with his method nits -- lice eggs -- did not need to be combed out of the hair first, and resistance to some drug treatments was not an issue.

In two tests involving 133 children, the treatment eradicated lice in from 95 percent to 97 percent of cases, he said.

The lotion was placed wet on the scalp then dried with a hair dryer to "shrink wrap" the lice and cut off their source of oxygen, he said.

The treatment "effectively treats head lice without neurotoxins, nit removal or extensive house cleaning," he said in the report published in "Pediatrics," the academy's monthly journal.

Doctor details new head lice treatment

Prototype Honda 50cc Hybrid Scooter
Topic: High Tech Developments 6:09 pm EDT, Aug 25, 2004

Super cool glimpse into the greener future options of 2 wheeling..

During light-throttle cruising or closed-throttle deceleration, the power from the internal combustion engine is used to charge the batteries while the electric motor is left to provide drive. When the batteries are fully charged the internal combustion engine can shut itself down, allowing the vehicle to cruise solely on electric power.

According to Honda "These advanced features allow the hybrid scooter to achieve 1.6 times the fuel economy of the Dio Z4 (when riding on flat ground at 30 km/h) and to produce 37% less carbon dioxide". The Dio Z4 is a similarly-sized Honda 50cc scooter which uses a traditional internal-combustion engine.

Prototype Honda 50cc Hybrid Scooter

The Slacker Gene?
Topic: High Tech Developments 7:13 pm EDT, Aug 11, 2004

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Procrastinating monkeys were turned into workaholics using a gene treatment to block a key brain compound, U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday.

Blocking cells from receiving dopamine made the monkeys work harder at a task -- and they were better at it, too, the U.S. government researchers found.

Dr. Barry Richmond and colleagues at the National Institute of Mental Health used a new genetic technique to block the D2 gene.

"The gene makes a receptor for a key brain messenger chemical, dopamine," Richmond said in a statement. Dopamine is a message carrying chemical associated with rewards, movement and a variety of other important functions.

"The gene knockdown triggered a remarkable transformation in the simian work ethic. Like many of us, monkeys normally slack off initially in working toward a distant goal," he added.

The Slacker Gene?

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