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Current Topic: Motorcycles

Miami biker who led troopers on chases had bid in to join FHP
Topic: Motorcycles 9:52 pm EDT, Apr 26, 2005

All I can say is... what a dumb ass.

The Associated Press
An applicant set to take an exam to join the Florida Highway Patrol was arrested Monday, accused of leading troopers on a racing-speed motorcycle chase in rush-hour traffic.

"We told him, don't bother showing up," FHP spokesman Lt. Julio Pajon said of David Carpenter, 24. "Getting arrested is an automatic disqualifier."

Carpenter was to take his physical for the patrol next week, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.

For weeks, troopers and local police have spotted the same biker, cutting through traffic at speeds of up to 140 mph. He managed to flee at least twice and almost caused wrecks involving troopers, Pajon said.

Monday morning, troopers were waiting for him, using an airplane and stationed strategically along the highway. Soon enough, Carpenter was leading a chase, at one point heading south in the northbound lanes and later smashed the cycle's front rim by hurling over a curb to avoid a tollbooth, police reports said.

Carpenter outran troopers in cars, but the airplane shadowed him to his apartment in south Miami-Dade County. When troopers arrived moments later, they saw Carpenter outside, pretending to wash his car.

The cycle was not in sight and Carpenter denied being the cyclist, Pajon said, but it appears his pooch gave him up.

The dog came up to a window, moved a vertical blind and barked at the troopers outside, a report said. A trooper looked inside and saw the motorcycle.

Also inside: Carpenter's application for the FHP.

Miami biker who led troopers on chases had bid in to join FHP

Janklow conviction upheld on appeal
Topic: Motorcycles 6:13 pm EST, Feb 25, 2005

Sometimes, justice does prevail, even if this jerk got off very easy for a wreckless killing of an innocent motorcyclist.

[¶51.] Janklow argues that the cumulative effect of the alleged errors in this case deprived him of a fair trial. “[T]he cumulative effect of errors by the trial court may support a finding by the reviewing court of a denial of the constitutional right to a fair trial.” State v. Perovich, 2001 SD 96, ¶30, 632 NW2d 12, 18 (citations omitted). In light of our determinations on the foregoing issues and from our review of the entire record, we believe that Janklow did receive a fair trial.

[¶52.] Affirmed.

Janklow conviction upheld on appeal

Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident
Topic: Motorcycles 7:27 pm EDT, Aug 25, 2004

Street Stunterz Suxx! GROW THE F*CK UP!

ST. LOUIS, Missouri (AP) -- Authorities are searching for a pack of highway stunt motorcyclists blamed for a wreck that seriously hurt five people in a sport utility vehicle.

A handful of motorcyclists were on Highway 364 Saturday when they changed lanes and cut off a Ford Explorer, forcing that vehicle to swerve to the right and hit a Chevrolet Suburban.

The Suburban tumbled down an embankment, ejecting most of its eight occupants. Five people in that vehicle were seriously injured; the other three sustained lesser harm. Only one was wearing a seat belt.
By some accounts, a chase vehicle was filming the motorcyclists.

Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident

Janklow seeks reversal of manslaughter conviction
Topic: Motorcycles 7:15 pm EDT, Aug 23, 2004

What do you call someone who utterly refuses to accept responsibility for their actions? Asshole? F*ckwad? Chromosonal Trash?

August 13, 2004 – Bill Janklow, the former South Dakota congressman convicted of speeding through a stop sign on a rural road and causing a deadly collision with a motorcyclist, filed paperwork this week to reverse his second-degree manslaughter charge or get a new trial.

According to news stories out of South Dakota, lawyers for Janklow filed the motion Tuesday with the state Supreme Court, saying that Janklow did not get a fair trial. The case will not be heard by the Supreme Court justices, since Janklow had a hand in their appointments, but will be heard by a panel of five circuit court judges appointed by the Supreme Court. It could take several months before a decision is reached.

Janklow seeks reversal of manslaughter conviction

Vanity License Plate Brings Tickets
Topic: Motorcycles 7:26 pm EDT, Aug  4, 2004

WILMINGTON, Del. - A vanity license tag chosen as a gag has left its owner holding the bag. Jim Cara thought the "NOTAG" plate he got for his Suzuki motorcycle would give people a laugh.

Instead, he found that the laugh — along with more than 200 parking violations — was on him.

The new tag arrived in the mail Saturday, along with an avalanche of Wilmington parking violations.

"All the traffic tickets say, 'Notice of violation. License number: no tag,'" Cara explained.

Officials said city computers linked to state Division of Motor Vehicles computers finally found an address for ticketed vehicles that lacked license tags: Cara's home in Elsmere.

"I messed up the system so bad," Cara said. "I wonder if they can put me in jail or something?"

Cara, 43, who works for the American Motorcycle Association, said he's been a lifelong prankster. This time, though, "the cleanup is going to be worse than the joke," he said.


Vanity License Plate Brings Tickets

Dentist Pleads Guilty in Naked Motorcycle Ride
Topic: Motorcycles 6:27 am EDT, Aug  3, 2004

NANTICOKE, Pa. - A helmet would be nice, but police here said clothes would be a good start when riding a motorcycle.

A local dentist pleaded guilty to a summary charge of disorderly conduct for driving a motorcycle with a naked woman on the back. The woman faces more serious charges.

Dr. Joseph P. Gronka, 39, of Scott Township, was pulled over June 12 when police noticed Lisa Drozdowski, 39, of Nanticoke, riding naked on the back of his motorcycle. Since then, Gronka has paid court costs and fines totaling $277.50.

Gronka declined comment.

Police said Drozdowski was belligerent when she was taken into custody and threw a small pipe into her cell toilet, then kicked an officer who tried to prevent her from flushing the toilet. She was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, tampering with evidence, resisting arrest and open lewdness.

Dentist Pleads Guilty in Naked Motorcycle Ride

U.S. Biker Sets 'Iron-Butt' Record Across Continent
Topic: Motorcycles 9:57 pm EDT, Jun 24, 2004


MIAMI (Reuters) - A U.S. motorcyclist made the 5,632-mile trek from the northernmost road in Alaska to the southernmost tip of Florida in 100 hours and set a transcontinental record certified by the "Iron Butt Association" of bike enthusiasts.
"I'm a little tired ... a little bit bruised," biker Gary Eagan said by phone from Key West, Florida, on Tuesday, a day after finishing the journey on his Ducati Multistrada.
He bested the old transcontinental "Iron Butt" record of 114 hours and 49 minutes, set last year by a BMW rider from Maryland.
A few hours after starting his solo journey on a gravel road in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, a truck forced Eagan off the road and his motorcycle flipped over into the tundra, breaking his windshield, one rearview mirror, auxiliary fuel tank and shearing off the saddlebag containing his spare clothes.

U.S. Biker Sets 'Iron-Butt' Record Across Continent

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