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Current Topic: Home and Garden

Martha Stewart Gets Own Channel on Sirius
Topic: Home and Garden 5:45 pm EDT, Apr 18, 2005

Martha may be the self coronated queen of all media but I can't picture her success in the audio only arena. Glue guns, doilies and potpourri just don't carry well w/o the visual and olfactory input. Of course, she would not have to try very hard to succeed at being better than Opie and Anthony; whom XM now give me for free with their recent subscription increase :-( .

NEW YORK Apr 18, 2005 — Six weeks after being released from federal prison, Martha Stewart has reached a deal with Sirius Satellite Radio Inc. to create a 24-hour channel featuring cooking, gardening and entertaining programming for women.

Martha Stewart Gets Own Channel on Sirius

Intelligent toilets according to TOTO
Topic: Home and Garden 7:53 pm EST, Mar 29, 2005

From this week's chapter of the WTF dept....

Yamato house industrial corporation in collaboration with TOTO Ltd. corporation will start selling the toilet of the future from April 5th onwards.
Aside from the regular functions, you can also check your health status with 4 parameters:

-glucose level in your urine
-blood pressure
-fat precentage in the body

Needless to say that all this information can be transferred to your PC.

Intelligent toilets according to TOTO

Average Manhattan apartment above $1M for first time.
Topic: Home and Garden 6:51 pm EDT, Jul 13, 2004

Not that I would *EVER* want to live there but WTF?!?!

I want to ride to the ridge
Where the west commences
And gaze at the moon
Till I lose my senses
And I can't look at hovels
And I can't stand fences
Don't fence me in...

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - The average price of a Manhattan apartment has topped $1 million for the first time, according to a new survey. The average sale price for a Manhattan apartment rose to $1.05 million in the second quarter, up 4.9 percent from the first quarter and a whopping 20.9 percent from $866,970 a year earlier, according to New York-based real estate brokerage Douglas Elliman and appraisal firm Miller Samuel.

The median price, or mid-point of prices paid, rose 7.8 percent from the previous quarter to a record $674,000, indicating strong demand at the higher end of the market, the real estate firms said in their report.

Average Manhattan apartment above $1M for first time.

Penny for your thoughts? How about a million pennies?
Topic: Home and Garden 7:05 pm EDT, Jun 30, 2004

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- A California man who collected 1 million pennies for a bet is having a hard time cashing in on his $10,000 fortune.

Ron England has amassed 3.6 tons of copper in his garage in the Los Angeles suburb of Granada Hills after making a bet with his brother 30 years ago that he could collect 1 million pennies.

But neither the U.S. Mint, the U.S. Comptroller of Currency, coin collectors nor the local bank is interested in cashing in his stash -- at least without a charge.

"I've been working seriously for the past two weeks to get rid of these pennies," England, 60, told the Los Angeles Daily News. "It's kind of frustrating. Nobody will take them without charging me."

What's worse. England is still waiting for his brother to honor his side of the bet -- a meal in Paris.

"I don't remember making the wager. Am I still good for it? I'm not going to answer that question," Russ England told the Daily News.

Penny for your thoughts? How about a million pennies?

Why is Mr Happy Crack so Happy?
Topic: Home and Garden 10:14 pm EST, Jan  9, 2004

This is just too bizarre not to meme...

Apparently, this company does concrete and foundation crack repair but the opportunites for innuendo are just too damn good...

Mr Happy Crack (along with his trademark slogan "A dry crack is a happy crack") was introduced to the world in early 2002 and immediately achieved the type of fame usually reserved for rock stars, corporate whistle-blowers, and conjoined siblings.

Our Mr. Happy Crack line of apparel can now be purchased through this website, but please check out for information on our contracting services, franchise packages, and products for the do-it-yourselfer.

Why is Mr Happy Crack so Happy?

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