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Current Topic: Current Events

Alexander stirs up fuss to fight wind energy
Topic: Current Events 5:07 pm EDT, Jun 18, 2005

What an ass clown...

Many lawmakers, both Republican and Democratic, around the country see wind power as a clean, safe alternative to other sources of electricity.

But don’t tell Sen. Lamar Alexander.

The Tennessee Republican has been furiously opposing wind power as the Senate debates sweeping energy policy legislation, saying federal subsidies for wind energy waste money and that the turbines clutter up scenic views such as the ones Alexander grew up near in the Great Smoky Mountains.
Critics also see the possibility of a conflict of interest. Senate financial disclosure forms released this week show that Alexander and his wife own undeveloped land worth between $1 million and $2 million on Nantucket, Mass., near the proposed site of a controversial offshore wind farm that has drawn fierce opposition from residents. The 130 turbines would each be 420 feet tall.

Joined by Reps. Bart Gordon, a Murfreesboro Democrat, and John Duncan, a Knoxville Republican, Alexander has introduced legislation to ban federal tax credits from being used to pay for windmills in national parks or “highly scenic areas” such as seashores. It would also give local communities more say in whether big wind projects are developed nearby.

Alexander stirs up fuss to fight wind energy

86 yr old woman calls 911 with pizza complaint
Topic: Current Events 8:14 am EDT, May 27, 2005

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- An 86-year-old woman was jailed after police said she called 911 dispatchers 20 times in a little more than a half-hour -- all to complain that a pizza parlor wouldn't deliver.

Dorothy Densmore was charged with misusing the 911 system, a jail spokeswoman said.

She told dispatchers Sunday that a local pizza shop refused to deliver a pie to her south Charlotte apartment, said Officer Mandy Giannini. She also complained that someone at the shop called her a "crazy old coot," Giannini said.

Densmore wanted them arrested. Instead, police came to arrest her, and she resisted, Giannini said.

It's unusual for someone to face charges for nonemergency calls, Giannini said. But on Sunday, Densmore kept calling 911, even after she was told to stop, Giannini said.

When an officer arrived at her apartment, the 5-foot-tall, 98-pound woman attacked him, Giannini said. Densmore scratched him, kicked and bit his hand, she said.

86 yr old woman calls 911 with pizza complaint

Newsweek retracts story on Koran under pressure
Topic: Current Events 10:38 pm EDT, May 16, 2005

I thought that reporting a story without substantiation was the sole domain of the blogger, you know... those "journalists without rules..."

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Newsweek magazine on Monday retracted a report that U.S. interrogators at Guantanamo Bay had desecrated the Koran after the story triggered protests in Afghanistan that killed 16 people and the White House criticized it.

"Based on what we know now, we are retracting our original story that an internal military investigation had uncovered Koran abuse at Guantanamo Bay," Newsweek Editor Mark Whitaker said in a statement, a day after apologizing for the report.

Internet Rule #1: Just because you see it in print doesn't necessarily make it true... Unfortunately, newsweek up until now has had unquestioned credibility.

Newsweek retracts story on Koran under pressure

Topic: Current Events 6:08 pm EST, Mar 17, 2005

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Scott Peterson is now on California`s death row. Peterson was transferred this morning from San Mateo County Jail, to San Quentin State Prison. The convicted murderer wore a bulletproof vest to keep him safe on his way to the prison. Peterson is the 644th person awaiting lethal injection. He was convicted last year of killing his wife Laci and their unborn son. The judge pronounced the death sentence on Peterson yesterday, upholding the jury`s recommendation.

Bulletproof vest to keep him safe? On the way to death row? WTF?!?!?!?


Man Can Sue Woman For Sperm Theft Distress
Topic: Current Events 1:18 pm EST, Feb 24, 2005


CHICAGO (AP) A woman accused of using her lover's sperm to impregnate herself without his knowledge can be held liable for the unwitting father's emotional pain, the Illinois Appellate Court has ruled.

In the ruling released Wednesday, a three-judge panel reinstated part of a lawsuit against Sharon Irons, a doctor from Olympia Fields. The ruling sends the case back to Cook County Circuit Court.

Irons was sued by her former lover, Chicago family physician Richard O. Phillips, who accused her of a "calculated, profound personal betrayal" of him after a brief affair they had six years ago.

Phillips alleges that he and Irons, who practices internal medicine, never had intercourse during their four-month affair, although they did have oral sex three times.

His suit contends that Irons, without his knowledge, kept some of his semen and used it to impregnate herself.

Man Can Sue Woman For Sperm Theft Distress

Court Rejects Appeal on Sex Toy Sales Ban
Topic: Current Events 6:53 pm EST, Feb 22, 2005

You gotta fight.. for your right... to vibrate? Seems unusual to see a pacifist supreme court.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court rejected on Tuesday a constitutional challenge to an Alabama law that makes it a crime to sell sex toys.

The high court refused to hear an appeal by a group of individuals who regularly use sexual devices and by two vendors who argued the case raised important issues about the scope of the constitutional right to sexual privacy.
The law prohibited the distribution of "any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs." First-time violators can face a fine of up to $10,000 and as much as one year in jail.

The law, adopted in 1998, allowed the sale of ordinary vibrators and body massagers that are not designed or marketed primarily as sexual aids. It exempted sales of sexual devices "for a bona fide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or law enforcement purpose."

Court Rejects Appeal on Sex Toy Sales Ban

Jackson to Call Stars in His Defense
Topic: Current Events 7:05 pm EST, Feb 14, 2005

Objection!... Relevance your honor... WTF?!?

SANTA MARIA, Calif. (Reuters) - Michael Jackson's lawyer told a court on Monday he planned to call a star-studded list of witnesses to defend the singer against child molestation charges, including basketball's Kobe Bryant, actress Elizabeth Taylor and "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno.
Lead Jackson attorney Tom Meserau recited his list of proposed witnesses as jury selection resumed in the high-profile case in which the 46-year-old pop star is accused of sexually molesting a then 13-year-old boy who lived at his Neverland Valley Ranch in central California.

Meserau's list included the boy who accuses Jackson and members of the youth's family. He also said he would call singers Nick Carter, Stevie Wonder, Barry Gibb and Diana Ross, comedian Chris Tucker, talk show hosts Larry King and Maury Povich and lifestyle guru Deepak Chopra.

Jackson to Call Stars in His Defense

Two men fatally shot before college football game
Topic: Current Events 6:18 pm EDT, Sep  5, 2004

The thrill of victory.. The agony of defeat..

RALEIGH, North Carolina (AP) -- Two brothers were arrested in the shooting deaths of two young men at a tailgate party before a college football game, authorities said.

Witnesses said a fistfight preceded the shootings Saturday evening.

The victims, identified as Kevin M. McCann, 23, of Chicago, and Marine 2nd Lt. Brett Johnson Harman, 23, of Park Ridge, Illinois, were tailgating before North Carolina State University's season-opening football game against Richmond. Neither was a student at the university.

Two men fatally shot before college football game

'Dumb-crook' caper swipes 50,000 beers
Topic: Current Events 9:55 pm EDT, Aug 26, 2004

Donde esta mi Cerveza eh?

TORONTO, Ontario (Reuters) -- Somewhere in Canada there are thieves with nearly 50,000 cans of beer they will have a hard time selling, although police said Thursday the truck driver who disappeared with the loot has been arrested.

The shipment of Moosehead beer, worth over C$75,000 ($57,000), was on its way to Mexico from an East Coast brewery when it went missing, along with the driver.

The transport truck was recovered last week -- still running -- in Grand Falls, New Brunswick, but with most of its cargo missing.
The shipment of Moosehead was labeled in English and Spanish for export to Mexico, so it could not be sold in Canada. Nor could it be shipped into or through the United States without proper documentation.

"Its one of these classic, dumb-crook stories," said Joel Levesque, a spokesman for Moosehead.

"They can't sell it anywhere in Canada without giving away the immediate fact that it's been stolen... So we have crooks stuck with 50,000 plus cans of beer that basically they can't fence."

'Dumb-crook' caper swipes 50,000 beers

Bin Laden Chauffeur Faces Guantanamo Tribunal
Topic: Current Events 5:57 pm EDT, Aug 24, 2004

I was not aware you could Chauffeur a Donkey....

Osama bin Laden’s chauffeur was arraigned today in the first US military commissions since the Second World War as the man’s lawyer challenged the very basis of the hearings.

Salim Ahmed Hamdan, a 34-year-old Yemeni, entered the pre-trial hearing without shackles or handcuffs, in a white flowing robe as he put on headphones to hear an Arabic interpreter.

He appeared at ease, smiling and chuckling, even after conspiracy charges were explained a second time.

Hamdan has said he earned a pittance for his family as Osama bin Laden’s driver prior to the September 11 attack, but he has denied involvement in terrorism.

US officials allege he served as the al-Qaida leader’s bodyguard and delivered weapons to his operatives.

Bin Laden Chauffeur Faces Guantanamo Tribunal

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