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CNN | U.S. warns North Korea against nuclear test


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CNN | U.S. warns North Korea against nuclear test
Topic: International Relations 2:17 am EDT, Oct  6, 2006

The U.S. envoy to stalled North Korea nuclear talks says the United States will not tolerate a nuclear North Korea and has warned Pyongyang not to test a nuclear weapon."

We are not going to live with a nuclear North Korea," Assistant Secretary of State Chris Hill told the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University Wednesday. "We are not going to accept it.

"North Korea "can have a future, or it can have these weapons. It cannot have both," Hill said. The U.S. and its allies "are in a very tense time" in dealing with Pyongyang, Hill added.

South Korea, meanwhile, warned North Korea's stance could trigger a regional atomic arms race that could upend the balance of power in Northeast Asia.

The security infrastructure wants North Korea to test a nuke. It will signal the green light for nuclear bunker busting capability testing. When you've got underground infrastructure that deep, you present an engineering problem for which a solution is desired.

Plus, the entire security situation in the region goes into flux. Who wins? All parties that even remotely have a shot are either strong allies or allies we practice treating as enemies. North Korea's game is flawed.

If North Korea does conduct a test, it "will realize that they had a bad day when they made that choice," he said.

After his appearance, Hill told reporters, "if they think that firing off a weapon will somehow make them a part of some sort of nuclear club, they should think again."

"If they think that by exploding a weapon, that somehow we will come to terms with it, we won't," he said.

This is the quote I'm waiting for: "We don't negotiate with nations that export strategic instability."

Let's just get down to it already.. The people need to understand the strategy layout. This is going to hurt if/when it comes down. There is a good chance the entire world economy is going to feel the gravity. I think there is a plan, but I certainly don't understand it, and I'm smarter than most.

"The field of scientific research of the DPRK will in the future conduct a nuclear test under the condition where safety is firmly guaranteed," the statement said.

That's some nice wording. Remind me to see if the DPRK offers study abroad programs for lunatics. I'd like to see the syllabus for "Impulse 101".

Where the hell are the raw releases for this crap?

Is North Korea's logic in fact all based on the idea of crashing the economy they are not a part of? It's certainly the best way to account for the presence of a rationale.

"I think it is important for the international community, through the council, (to) let North Korea understand that noncompliance would involve some consequences," [Japan's U.N. Ambassador Kenzo ] Oshima said.

And the worst of those consequences will befall South Korea... So much for any illusion of Korean unity that doesn't involve the pure suffering of both nations. If there is a gun North Korea is holding to anyone's head, it's aimed at South Korea. And not just figuratively either... The nuclear blast will just be a test, a warning, a sign of pain inevitable... Any blasts from North Korea capable of causing immediate death will likely all be from conventional artillery just north of the DMZ. If Seoul is shelled, we will all see it on TV. At which point, no one will doubt why we went easy on troop deployments to Iraq. No one will say we shouldn't step forward and do something. The world economy will be under threat, and that WWII mentality will suddenly appear.

In the major cities, Korean BBQ will take on new meaning, every meal becoming a strategy session. Trips to that city's local connivence stores will become a reflection on the connectivity of supply chains, in a way that Spike Lee never had the clue/balls to address. MASH will go into even heavier syndication, breaking every known record for such a thing. Past viewers of the West Wing will understand why Alan Alda was running for president.

And no matter what happens, it will be a shock. We could watch the North Korean regime collapse without a single shot fired in a strategic offensive, favoring merely a naval blockade and an unbreakable wall of stationary PLA troops. We could also see full on war. Either way, there will be field hospitals necessary.. And the cost to humanity will be of the greatest pain...

So what do you think? Am I on a trip with the ghost of destruction future? Or just walking with the spirit of overreaction..

CNN | U.S. warns North Korea against nuclear test

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