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Current Topic: Software Development

Abaddon's Programming Rules v2.1
Topic: Software Development 9:27 pm EDT, Apr  2, 2007

Mike Lynn posted an updated version of his previously posted programming rules. It's a good list. Read it over. Obey.

Abaddon's Programming Rules v2.1

Murder case has plenty of intrigue -- but no body -
Topic: Software Development 2:14 pm EST, Feb 21, 2007

Shortly after Nina Reiser disappeared, police found her blood in her estranged husband's home and car. The passenger seat was missing. The floor was soaked with water. And in the back were two true-crime books about murder.

Hans Reiser was quickly questioned, jailed and charged with murdering his wife.

But prosecutors are going to have to prove it without a body, because they have yet to find her remains.

His lawyer already has tried to explain away Nina Reiser's disappearance by suggesting she simply returned to her native Russia or got mixed up with a sadomasochist or the Russian Mafia.

"You can prove the case, but it's a terrific challenge," said E. Michael McCann, the former Milwaukee district attorney who prosecuted Jeffrey Dahmer. He said he remembers about a half-dozen "no-body" homicides during his 38-year career. "A prosecutor's hope is that something will turn up."

Hans Reiser, a 43-year-old Oakland software developer, is being held without bail while a judge decides whether there is enough evidence to try him. A decision is expected next month.

In addition to the blood in his Honda CRX were a roll of trash bags, masking tape, absorbent towels and two books: "Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets," by David Simon, about the Baltimore police homicide squad, and "Masterpieces of Murder," by Jonathan Goodman, about notorious murder cases.

Reiser bought the books five days after his wife's disappearance last September, according to police. But prosecutors have noted the books included chapters on how to dispose of a body.

Defense attorney William Du Bois has countered by saying the books contain chapters on how police plant evidence and set up murder scenes.

Is someone going to make a joke about ReiserFS being good for storing bodies?

Want to know how to dispose of a body? RTFM!

Murder case has plenty of intrigue -- but no body -

Edgewall Software: Trac
Topic: Software Development 6:54 pm EST, Mar 15, 2006

At the core of Trac lies an integrated wiki and issue/bug database. Using wiki markup, all objects managed by Trac can directly link to other issues/bug reports, code changesets, documentation and files.

Around the core lies other modules, providing additional features and tools to make software development more streamlined and effective. Our goal is to help programmers focus on the important stuff: Developing software.

We've been using Trac internally at Industrial Memetics for about a month now, and aside from one issue with one of the default reports, we have nothing but good things to say about it. The Trac/Subversion combination is highly recommended to anyone currently using CVS/CvsWeb/Wiki/Bugtrac..

Edgewall Software: Trac

Minq Software / Products / DbVisualizer
Topic: Software Development 10:30 pm EDT, Jul 12, 2005

DbVisualizer is a feature rich, intuitive and cross platform database tool for developers and DBA's providing a single powerful interface for a variety of databases. DbVisualizer supports simultaneous database connections, it lets you explore and manage database objects, execute SQL queries, visualize information and a lot more.

This is one of the better DB front-ends I've used lately.

Minq Software / Products / DbVisualizer

'Disruptively cheap' web publishing!
Topic: Software Development 8:32 pm EDT, May 20, 2005

Leading the way in demonstrating that the internet percieves censorship (as well as injunctions) as damage and routes around it, Bram has just incorporated trackerless torrent publishing into a new beta release of BitTorrent. Get it. Use it. Love it.

'Disruptively cheap' web publishing!

Mono .Net Framework
Topic: Software Development 6:48 pm EDT, Jun 30, 2004

] Novell and the Mono project developer community is proud
] to announce the release of Mono version 1.0, an open
] source implementation of the .NET framework for use on
] Linux, Unix, MacOS X and Windows system.

Mono hits 1.0.

Anyone here using it?

Mono .Net Framework

The History of Programming Languages
Topic: Software Development 12:14 am EDT, Jun 18, 2004

] For 50 years, computer programmers have been writing
] code. New technologies continue to emerge, develop, and
] mature at a rapid pace. Now there are more than 2,500
] documented programming languages! O'Reilly has produced a
] poster called History of Programming Languages (PDF:
] 701k), which plots over 50 programming languages on a
] multi-layered, color-coded timeline.

The History of Programming Languages

SubEthaEdit - Collaborative Editing Software for OSX
Topic: Software Development 5:10 pm EDT, Jun  7, 2004

] Editing documents in groups can be a challenge.
] Versioning systems like subversion or cvs help your group
] to keep a consistent copy of your document, but don't
] provide realtime collaboration. Wouldn't it be great to
] edit the same document, live, in realtime, together with
] everyone in your group?

SubEthaEdit - Collaborative Editing Software for OSX

Zoomgraph: Visualizing Zoomable Data Driven Graphs
Topic: Software Development 8:08 pm EST, Feb  1, 2004

Dare I say something like "this is what I've been looking for" ??

I will be taking a closer look at this when I have some time. Great stuff. Go HP Labs!

Zoomgraph: Visualizing Zoomable Data Driven Graphs

monotone: distributed version control
Topic: Software Development 5:20 pm EST, Nov  3, 2003

] monotone is a free, distributed version control system.
] it provides fully disconnected operation, manages
] complete tree versions, keeps its state in a local
] transactional database, supports overlapping branches and
] extensible metadata, exchanges work over plain network
] protocols, performs history-sensitive merging, and
] delegates trust functions to client-side RSA
] certificates.

monotone: distributed version control

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