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Current Topic: Recreation

How to fly without ID!
Topic: Recreation 12:39 am EST, Feb  3, 2003

How To Fly Without ID

It's Easy If You Know How!

In the last two years, everyone flying on a commercial airline has stepped up to an airline's ticket counter and heard the agent recite a familiar litany. The monologue goes, "has your bag been unattended; have you accepted gifts from a stranger; can I see your identification please?" The traveler docilely murmurs answers, and produces a driver's license or some equivalent.

As a die-hard Constitutionalist, I believe that we still have an absolute, unfettered, God-given right to travel from point A to point B without permission from the state -- in the air, as well as on land. This Nazi procedure of "your papers, please" has never been appropriate for our country. I have had occasion to travel a good deal in the last several months, and on those trips I decided to research and test this issue about the necessity for producing identification. I have talked with agents, and their supervisors, of several major airlines in cities across America, and have gradually pieced together a rather complete picture of the real legal situation regarding our right to travel.

How to fly without ID! - The Scarlet SUV
Topic: Recreation 3:45 pm EST, Jan 23, 2003

] This anti-SUV fervor strikes me as a classic geek assault
] on jock culture. Here are the geeks: thoughtful, socially
] and environmentally conscious. They understand that only
] spiritually shallow people could possibly get pleasure
] from a motor vehicle. Then there are those jocks. They
] cruise through life infuriatingly unaware of how morally
] inferior they are to the geeks. They make money, become
] popular, play golf and have homes that are too large. And
] they're happy! For all the wrong reasons! And so every
] few years the geeks pick on some feature of jock life
] (McMansions, corporations, fraternities, country clubs)
] and get all worked up about it. And you know what? The
] jocks don't care! They just keep being happy. The geeks
] write, protest and fume. The jocks go to St. Croix.

I am geek and I hate the whole anti-SUV thing. I own an SUV. I love my SUV. It gets better fuel milage then my previous car. It served my old office car pool very well. It also serves my friends interests very well, as I'm always moving stuff for them that they can't fit in their cars.

I particularly love it when I hear bitching about my SUV from someone who drives an older car that gets less then 12 mpg. How bout that as an outlet for you eco angst, bitch about people who have old cars! Couldn't afford a new car? You suck! Needed cargo space? You suck!

I wish people would at least get specific with their bitching, and limit it to vehicles that fall into that under 20 mpg class, which is not limited to SUVs.

If there was HEV version of my vehicle, I would have bought it. Sorry, I needed cargo space. I didn't mean to shit on anyone's eco parade. - The Scarlet SUV

New 'Jesus' campaign targets SUVs.
Topic: Recreation 7:38 pm EST, Nov 20, 2002

] "Church and state are getting involved in the
] gas-guzzling SUV debate.
] A coalition of religious and environmental groups is
] launching a "What Would Jesus Drive?" campaign Wednesday,
] hoping to get people to switch to more fuel-efficient
] cars. "

Man, this crap has been all over CNN the past two days. It makes me want to puke.

Everyone knows that the next time Jesus is in town, he is going to be pissed. He will be driving an SUV. And most likely, running people down with it GTA style while shouting "Sinners!!" out the window. (Stop right now and picture this in your head for a minute. It _will_ bring on a smile, reguardless of faith..)

_I_ know. Because I went to catholic high school. I am a vessel of christ (they told me so), I drive an SUV, and I want to run people down GTA style all day long while shouting "Sinners!!" out the window.. Doesn't everyone?

People, their Gods, and their cars. Sheesh!

New 'Jesus' campaign targets SUVs.

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