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Current Topic: Science

Sunday Herald | Drugs firms 'cure the rich' claim
Topic: Science 11:44 pm EDT, Apr 19, 2003

] The pharmaceutical industry cannot be trusted to develop
] new drugs for 90% of the world's sick, a Nobel prize
] winner has claimed.
] In an outspoken attack on drug companies, Sir John
] Sulston, who led the British element of the Human Genome
] Project, accused the industry of having a 'hidden agenda'
] of making money at the expense of curing disease.

] 'We are losing trust in science,' he said. 'Personally,
] I think an awful lot of it has to do with hidden agendas,
] and particularly this market-driven hidden agenda that
] more and more science is being funded in this way.'

Sunday Herald | Drugs firms 'cure the rich' claim

Passenger-Carrying Spaceship Makes Desert Debut
Topic: Science 4:23 pm EDT, Apr 18, 2003

] From behind closed hangar doors their stealthy product
] was rolled out today.
] "The event is not about dreams, predictions or mockups,"
] Rutan explained in a pre-debut statement. "We will show
] actual flight hardware: an aircraft for high-altitude
] airborne launch, a flight-ready manned spaceship, a new,
] ground-tested rocket propulsion system and much more.
] This is not just the development of another research
] aircraft, but a complete manned space program with all
] its support elements," he said.
] Rutan makes it clear that the unveiling is not a
] marketing event.

Passenger-Carrying Spaceship Makes Desert Debut e-Print archive
Topic: Science 7:26 pm EDT, Apr 17, 2003

Remember science? Thought it was cool right? Well read what all the *current* research in hard science is doing *right* now... used to be, the official science pre-print server. Every physicist submits his article here *before* it's published. Makes for realtime science.

[Neoteric] will be posting recomendations, with [his] full analysis, on individual articles from arxiv soon. But for right now come bath in the healing light.

Read more about arxiv here: e-Print archive

Chemical Formula Search
Topic: Science 11:06 am EDT, Apr 17, 2003

Well you can put that big heavy copy of the CRC ( down. !Webbook is here, it's great! Research all your favorite chemicals, play w/ neat and interesting graph data for almost any chemical you can think of.

Chemical Formula Search

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Super squid surfaces in Antarctic
Topic: Science 6:15 pm EST, Apr  2, 2003

] A colossal squid has been caught in Antarctic waters, the
] first example of Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni retrieved
] virtually intact from the surface of the ocean.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Super squid surfaces in Antarctic

Japanese Technology May Help Islands Reap Pacific's Waters
Topic: Science 5:24 pm EST, Mar 25, 2003

] A number of Pacific island nations are discussing using
] new Japanese technology that can both desalinate seawater
] for drinking and produce electricity by exploiting the
] difference in temperatures between the surface of the sea
] and the depths of the ocean.

some good news for a change. NYT requires free registration.

Japanese Technology May Help Islands Reap Pacific's Waters

New Scientist | Spider silk delivers finest optical fibres
Topic: Science 6:11 am EST, Mar 23, 2003

Delicate threads of spider's silk are about to solve a major problem in photonics: how to make hollow optical fibres narrow enough to carry light beams around the fastest nanoscale optical circuits.

To make the fibres, Yushan Yan and a team of engineers from the University of California at Riverside give the silk thread a glassy coating, and then extract the silk by baking. They soon expect to be able to make hollow fibres with cores just two nanometres wide - or 50,000 times thinner than a human hair.

New Scientist | Spider silk delivers finest optical fibres

Haiku Periodic Table
Topic: Science 12:43 pm EST, Mar 17, 2003

Move your mouse over any element in the table to learn more about it. The Haiku field will have either a 'Y' or an 'N' to indicate if that element has a haiku associated with it. Click on the element to open a pop-up window and read the haiku.
For ease of use, a "flattened" table of all elements is below the periodic Table. You can click on an element name there to view the haiku associated with it there as well. Additionally, there is a link for browsers that do not support javascript for the pop-up window

Haiku Periodic Table

Creative Loafing Atlanta | COVER | THE BRAIN OF THE FUTURE
Topic: Science 2:18 am EST, Mar 16, 2003

] On the one hand, there is a medical phenomenon growing
] out of Kennedy's work. His electrodes could enable
] patients frozen by disease or injury to circumvent the
] spinal cord, re-establishing a decent range of speech and
] motion. So far, three of Kennedy's six implantees have
] learned to move a cursor across a computer screen and
] spell words just by thinking about it.

Creative Loafing Atlanta | COVER | THE BRAIN OF THE FUTURE

How to cure the guy in Memento.
Topic: Science 8:07 am EST, Mar 13, 2003

] The job of the hippocampus appears to be to "encode"
] experiences so they can be stored as long-term memories
] elsewhere in the brain. "If you lose your hippocampus you
] only lose the ability to store new memories," says
] Berger. That offers a relatively simple and safe way to
] test the device: if someone with the prosthesis regains
] the ability to store new memories, then it's safe to
] assume it works.

This is amazing stuff.

How to cure the guy in Memento.

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