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Current Topic: Business

The Problem With Music
Topic: Business 11:02 pm EST, Jan 26, 2003

Steve Albini writes an essay for the Negativland site about how screwed the music industry really is, particularly if you're a young indie band looking for a "Big Break."

Never mind any "artists rights" noise you might hear - examine the hypothetical numbers he includes toward the end of the article and you'll see exactly why the music industry hates MP3s.

The Problem With Music

Andersen Gets Five Years, Fined $500,000
Topic: Business 5:25 pm EDT, Oct 16, 2002

"A federal judge fined accounting firm Andersen $500,000 and sentenced it to five years probation for obstructing justice in a probe of client Enron, a hollow punishment as the auditor is all but out of business.

Since it is a corporate conviction, no one will serve jail time. But the firm, which keeps a minimal corporate structure primarily to settle mountains of litigation, will have to pay the fine and one of its employees will likely have to meet with federal probation authorities.

The conviction meant Andersen could no longer audit publicly traded companies, but it was by then a moot point since the indictment had caused nearly all of the firm's publicly traded clients to leave.

They got a slap on the wrist.

Andersen Gets Five Years, Fined $500,000 Keep Your CEO Out Of Grad School
Topic: Business 8:35 pm EDT, Oct  9, 2002

"NEW YORK - Think formal education helps in business? Think again. Chief executives who went to graduate school don't seem to make any more money for their shareholders than those with no advanced degree. MBAs may actually do worse than those with no advanced degree, although they fare better than lawyers. " Keep Your CEO Out Of Grad School

Calif.: Blackouts Weren't Necessary
Topic: Business 11:08 am EDT, Sep 19, 2002

Most of the blackouts that plagued California during its 2000-2001 energy crisis would have been avoided if power wholesalers had operated at capacity, according to a report released Tuesday by state power regulators.

The analysis by the California Public Utilities Commission ( news - web sites) and Portland-based McCullough Research found that all four Southern California blackouts and four of the seven Northern California blackouts occurred because power-plant operators produced less than they could have.

Commission President Loretta Lynch said the five largest non-utility electricity generators were not operating at maximum capacity on all but two of the 32 days during which the state saw either blackouts or cuts in service to customers that had agreed to give up power during electricity crises.

You have to love unregulated corporations. :-)

Calif.: Blackouts Weren't Necessary

How does the Federal Reserve operate?
Topic: Business 1:46 pm EDT, Sep 15, 2002

Interesting read about how the Federal Reserve operates.

How does the Federal Reserve operate?

The sin of arrogance - Why congomerates fall apart
Topic: Business 6:01 pm EDT, Sep  7, 2002

what goes around comes around. Here's why size isn't a strategy and conglomerates are doomed from the beginning.

[ Originally from w1ld. I'd like to see more specific sources so I could research it myself, but my gut tells me it's true. And, of course, it's already clear that CEOs, of any ilk, are grossly arrogant. --Rek ]

The sin of arrogance - Why congomerates fall apart

Companies that cooked books may be able write off fines
Topic: Business 5:21 pm EDT, Sep  4, 2002

The slew of companies caught red-handed in this year of corporate sleaze face potentially colossal legal claims, but they may enjoy pleasant reprieves next year — huge tax breaks from Uncle Sam.
The IRS’s conclusion: “The amounts paid by Taxpayer pursuant to the settlement are currently deductible.”
“People are going to be upset when they hear companies can deduct these expenses,”

[ This is totally ridiculous. I rant and rant and rant about how corporations have more rights than human beings. Usually I get some crap about corporations being the money generators in the society and they should (of course) have more rights. Bzzzt! Wrong answer. If this isn't enough to convince you that large corporations and the people who run and support them (government leaders) are morally bankrupt, I don't know what is. Steal money from your investors, get fined, then write it off! Hurray for AmeriKKKa! --Rek ]

Companies that cooked books may be able write off fines

BIG-SF: San Francisco Business Internet Group
Topic: Business 4:38 pm EDT, Aug 27, 2002

San Francisco Business Interest Group. Events, information, mailing list, networking. Looks interesting. Apparently they sponsored a panel talking about Web Services with John Hagel (author Net Gain), Todd Hewlin (The Chasm Group), and Lawrence Lessig (attorney/professor/author).

BIG-SF: San Francisco Business Internet Group

Factiva CEO: News will cost in two years
Topic: Business 3:25 pm EDT, Aug  1, 2002

Consumers will be coughing up for all online media content by 2004, according to Factiva CEO Clare Hart, who sees a two-year turnaround for ISPs to get with the paid-for-content program.

“In two years we will see a turnaround in the consumer market. It’s going to take some time for publishers to build the infrastructure to bill consumers. In the meantime, consumers are going to learn that they have to pay, business users on the other hand have know this for a long time.”

[ Originally from w1ld. Bastiges.... --Rek ]

Factiva CEO: News will cost in two years

CEO Sickening
Topic: Business 3:20 pm EDT, Aug  1, 2002

Deadbeat CEOs plague companies
Huge sums lent to executives may never be paid back

[ Originally from w1ld. If you this doesn't clue you into the fact that the country is essentially run by those in elite circles who, effectively, indulge themselves in back-patting and mutual self-indulgence at the expense of the little people then I am not sure what else will. One thing to remember is that most of the Board of Directors are probably current or ex-CxO types of some kind as well. This country is not run by the people for the people. It's run by the elite for the elite. Wake up. --Rek ]

CEO Sickening

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