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Current Topic: Current Events

Gulf News Online
Topic: Current Events 2:20 pm EST, Jan 22, 2003

This is the website of an English-language newspaper in the United Arab Emirates -- Another spot on the web where it's possible to find out what the Islamic world is saying about itself.

I like getting alternative news sources such as these, rather than having to rely solely on the bits that show up on western news sources such as BBC and CNN. I especially find their "opinions" section interesting, such as the column on, "Al Jazeera can change American Perspective" about the upcoming Al Jazeera English-Language website. That particular column can be read at this URL:

I may not agree with everything they say, but I'm very eager to listen and try to understand why they're saying it!

Gulf News Online

PAPER TIGERS / Anarchy, Vice, War and Gambling
Topic: Current Events 12:30 am EST, Jan 22, 2003

] "I've never been involved in a crime, but I'm still
] worried. If they want me to go back, I will, but it's the
] way they're doing it, with handcuffs and detentions, that
] bothers me."

] Shoaib Muhammad, Los Angeles-based
] 29-year-old computer engineer from Karachi, Pakistan, on
] the Immigration and Naturalization Service's rigorous new
] registration policies .

Various items of note in the SF Gate.

PAPER TIGERS / Anarchy, Vice, War and Gambling

Sign Slogans from Jan. 18th, 2003 SF peace demonstration.
Topic: Current Events 5:55 pm EST, Jan 20, 2003

A list of signs seen at the Jan 18th peace demonstration in San Francisco. Stolen without permission from the comments in a forum. There were many more. Some of them extremely witty. My memory is just bad...

- Gung Ho for Peace!
- United We Sit on Our Asses and Watch TV!
- Got Oil? Got Apathy? Got Terror?
- Who Would Jesus Attack?
- If the Twin Towers were in Baghdad, would they be on the target
- Bush -- an Empty Warhead
- In a free society, some are guilty, but all are responsible.
-- Rabbi Herschel
- Jews say, "Oy vey! Enough war already!"
- Jews and Arabs Alliance for Peace (with website)
- You can bomb the world to pieces but you can't bomb to Peace.
- US-imposed Sanctions are the Weapon of Mass Destruction of
- STOP World War W
- Stop Shopping! Start Thinking!
- the shopping bag flag graphic that appeared everywhere after
Sept 11, 2001, a bomb visible in it, the letters at the bottom
saying, "Don't Buy It!"
- A large flag carried reverently on wooden staff with eagle
finial, pinned to it a sign: Don't Drag the Flag in Oil!
- You Are Responsible for What Your Flag Stands For
- Iraqi and American children need Peace
- held by an elderly man in a carefully preserved uniform: 84
and opposed to war
- Afghan Vet for Peace
- Peace by Any Means Necessary
- Ask survivors of Wounded Knee about domestic terrorism
- Casualties of US Terrorism (double column of countries'
names followed by figures of tens or hundreds of thousands,
or millions), a website credited in the lower corner

Dubya is NOT a Big Oil Man, right?
Topic: Current Events 3:06 pm EST, Jan 20, 2003

President Bush's economic stimulus plan could triple the size of a little-known tax loophole that some small business owners are using to finance purchases of large SUVs

Dubya is NOT a Big Oil Man, right?

Helicopter Pictures of SF Demo : SF Indymedia
Topic: Current Events 3:26 am EST, Jan 19, 2003

AWESOME. The helicopter photos are finally here. You're not going to believe them. Especially the last couple that show Market St absolutely packed for blocks and blocks!

Helicopter Pictures of SF Demo : SF Indymedia

Jan. 18th SF Protest & Rally followup - No to War on Iraq
Topic: Current Events 11:33 pm EST, Jan 18, 2003

I just thought I would follow up with a couple of key items that I heard while listening to the speakers.

The first is that the SF board of supervisors is planning on voting Tuesday for a resolution condemning Iraq, joining many other cities in pursuing this course and showing that local politicians can and do think globally.

Second, the International ANSWER folks who organized the rally hired a helicopter this time to take video footage. This is their answer to a lack of coverage and a media tendency to downplay the numbers. I am really looking forward to seeing this footage which should convey how massive this event was.

I was really quite impressed with their organization of the event which in general, with the exception of the "breakaway march", was well handled.

Interestingly enough the crowd was very diverse and clearly shows that resistance to the war in Iraq is filtering through many walks of life.

Resist War. Resist the War on Iraq.

SF Gate: Multimedia (image)
Topic: Current Events 8:32 pm EST, Jan 18, 2003

Another key picture. Just look at this mass of people.

SF Gate: Multimedia (image)

SF Gate: Multimedia (image)
Topic: Current Events 8:23 pm EST, Jan 18, 2003

A picture from the SF Chronicle. This is a a view from the southwest corner of the plaza in front of City Hall in San Francisco. As you can see the people extend out for just about as far as the eye can see.

SF Gate: Multimedia (image)

Jan. 18th San Francisco Protest - Tens of Thousands Gather
Topic: Current Events 2:34 pm EST, Jan 18, 2003

Tens of thousands are gathering right now on Market Street in downtown San Francisco. I've ducked into my office just off of Market to compose this article for Memestreams.

We made it down to where the march was supposed to gather: Embarcadero and Market St. Gathered here are a good 10,000 people without a doubt. And then it continues on a solid mass for a good 4 to 5 blocks.

I would say the crowd is easily 50-60,000. Perhaps more. Certainly more considering those who are leaving or approaching. This is the biggest protest I've ever been to.

It really makes my heart feel wonderful to see such a huge gathering of people opposed to the War against Iraq.

Power to the People. Down with Bush and the evil Oil Oligarchy.

Helen Thomas Socks it to the White House
Topic: Current Events 11:03 pm EST, Jan 15, 2003

Helen Thomas, the most senior member of the White House press corps, really socked it to Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer on Monday over the issue of Iraq. Check out the hook while DJ revolves it:

Helen Thomas Socks it to the White House

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